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This looks pretty fantastic thus far. I have a couple questions:

- how can i make the default view portrait vs. landscape? - is this iOS8 compatible?


one more quick question. how could I add functionality for a sound to play when a player dies?

at row 95 you should add something like this:

and then call it at 445:
audio.play( gamesounds1) where instead of 1 you should write the position in the array where the sound you loaded at row 95 is.


that’s excellent, thanks!

hey i got this error about key hashes, any ideas? http://i60.tinypic.com/2vnfhgx.png

Hello pollosxe,

I suggest you take a look at here where it is also explained how to generate them :)


But the URL that the error provides is good too!


is there a way to include more than 4 ennemies into the game?

Hello pollosxe,

yes adding more enemies is really easy. Just add the picture you want in the images folder and name it enemy5.png (and so on…) and modify line 207 of game.lua changin random(4) with the number of enemies you have.


hi guys just wondering if this is going to be 64bit compatible soon? app store is throwing up possible compatibility issues? not sure if it with code or corona?

Hi bhillsboyoz,

corona has announced the 64 bit sdk version for january, of course our code will be compatible :)


You’re welcome!

I’m getting the following error when i’m trying to edit the credits section:

File: error loading module ‘gameconfig’ from file ‘gameconfig.lua’ Error loading module ‘gameconfig’ from file ’/Users/MichaelGrabowski/Desktop/DoughyZoe/EndlessRunnerTemplate/gameconfig.lua’: /Users/MichaelGrabowski/Desktop/DoughyZoe/EndlessRunnerTemplate/gameconfig.lua:20: unexpected symbol near ‘‚’

stack traceback: in function ‘error’ ?: in function ‘gotoScene’ menu.lua:30: in function <menu.lua:29> ?: in function <?:221>

Hello pivotr,

the error seems like you put a ”,” where it should not be. (at the end of line 20 probably). Please make sure that it is properly written…thanks!

Hello! I love your game but I have this bug with FaceBook share for Androide devices (see pic in the link below)... I double checked my FB app ID and modification to the script and everything seems to be well configured…

Pic: http://extru-d.com/FB_bug_ER.jpg

Thank you for your help

Yes, I triple checked to be sure. I followed excatly all the steps you describe in your documentation…

Ok so I think I find the solution… I think you sould really do an update

#1 build.settings change because older version are not supported
MinimumOSVersion = "6.0",
#2 build.settings you need to add inside settings
plugins =
        ["facebook"] =
            publisherId = "com.coronalabs" 
#3 game.lua at—Facebook listener setup you need to add
local facebook = require( "facebook" )


Hello extru-d,

those changes are probably due to the recent facebook switching to plugin in corona. We will update the game soon!

Thanks for post!

hello, i’m getting the following error when trying to upload to the app store:

ERROR ITMS-90208: “Invalid Bundle. The bundle does not support the minimum OS Version specified in the info.plist.”

i’m looking at just releasing this for iphone only. not sure why this is an issue.

hello pivotr, we have to update that file ( and we will release an update today) but the only thing you have to correct is in the build.settings file change the MinimumOSVersion = “4.3” to MinimumOSVersion = “6.0”.


Can you post a link to your app on the App Store that I can test? Or a link to an app one of your customers made with your code?

Is it 64 bit, iOS 8 compatible? Also, is it full Retina HD at iPhone 6+ resolution? Is it universal or iPad optimized?

Thanks! I look forward to hearing from you.

Hello brettwharton,

here is a link to an app based on that code: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/fartocalypse/id830674228?mt=8

The app is 64 bit and iOS 8 compatible provided you use the latest version of Corona SDK. The application is set to scale and it works fine on iPhone 6/6+ too. Not optimized for ipad but the resolution will scale too.



Does it use Composer API or Storyboard ?



Hello Paolo (Ciao Paolo),

yes the project is using the storyboard.


Tried the demo and it looks like a great template. But I have some questions (I’m new to Corona SDK) 1) Can I make the enemies walking instead just standing (with walking animation)? 2) Is it possible to add another platform type (floating platform)? 3) And, make the coins has rotated animation

do you have skype?

Got it! Changed magTextureFilter value ‘nearest’ to ‘linear’ :D

hello izandi, yes that is used for the rendering of the pictures on the screen. we put nearest because we were doing a pizel art game and we wanted it to be rendered without blurring.

hows it going? Im trying to publish the app to itunes connect and it is saying that the code does not support x64 for iOS I know you mentioned the code is compatible but do I need to change anything to get it to work?

are you using the latest version of corona? the support for universal build is from version 2015.2543 onwards :)

Yes I found my mistake thank you!

you’re welcome!

Hello Again, I didn’t know if it would be possible to integrate game center and google play leaderboards into the app?

Hello poison423,

yes it is possible to integrate them. As for how to do it depends on you level of coding. There are many tutorials that explain how to use leaderboards/gamecenter in corona, you should start from there!


Thank you again I am currently working on that and adding more characters as well as starting to use the FB share. I have installed the app with the facebook id on both android and ios, however when tapping on the icon on the game over screen on ios the app crashes. Android works fine though. Any ideas?

would have to check your code to see why it is crashing….no idea from just those lines :(

Hey, I’v purchased a couple of your templates in the past and I really like them. I was wondering though is it possible to make it so the platforms don’t just generate randomly. I want to make like a set game level but I cant seem to figure out a good work around for it. Do you have any suggestions? It would be very appreciated!

Hello Bkove,

to have a level the game would have to be radically changed as you would need to write a level file and a parser for that. for now it is all randomly generated.

Hi, great corona template i just purchased it.. I was wondering if i could hire you to make a few changes to the template..thank you.

also, i have not modified anything

Hello aasulli1, we will reply you in the private mail, thanks!

Ok thank you very much! I will keep a lookout

Can I implement in-app purchases wit a regular license?

Hello SixWingedPhoenix,

to implement in app purchases, Envato states that you should purchase the Extended license.

If you want to distribute your app for free and just implement banners, then a standard license is ok.


So I’m back, I bought full license because I have included in-app purchases. Thank you so much! Take a look what a monster I have made from your template, what do you think about it. It’s called “The Runniversal”. I have some questions:

Can I use ArcadePix font in it? I’ve made platforms in some levels from the original one, but they are not the same colors and patterns, is it ok?

Hello SixWingedPhoenix,

congratulations for publishing your game! Looks really nice! And sure no problem for the font and the platforms.


Your template works on any screen size? (Iphone 4, 5, 6, Ipad and Android)

Hello jandernunes,

yes the template works on any screen size.


Can I make it vertical? Thanks!

Hello vantinike,

it will require quite a bit of coding, but yes, you can make it vertical.


Hi, I’m wanting to create an Apple TV tvOS version of this game and am having an extremely hard time figuring out how to make the controls work with the Siri Remote. PLEASE HELP.