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Thanks for this games!!

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Nice game but i don’t know how to use Corona…

The template itself is really easy to modify and/ or change the graphics :) we put the most important game variables in a single file so you can change them even without coding skills. As for corona if you have prior programming experience it should pose no challenge (it is written in lua).

Thank you!

I don’t have any programming experience that why I stick with iOS which I am more comfortable with. Hmmm….I will see how then. Anyway, is a nice game…

thank you!

Wasn’t there a game like this on here a week ago?

This is our second published game and it got approved yesterday…one week ago we only had the Endless Runner for Corona in our portfolio (which is really different from this)

do i need a paid dev account to complile an ipa?

Yes, admobs will work :) you can check here http://docs.coronalabs.com/daily/plugin/ads-admob/

does it have “share to facebook” highscore ?

Yes it does :)

Nice app. Can we open it on xCode? What is Corona?

Hi, Xcode can be used as a text editor, but you will need corona to build and test the files. To edit the files using Xcode as a text editor simply drag them over the xcode icon and they will be open to edit, but you will still need corona to compile them.

Corona SDK is a multiplatform SDK that allows you to publish apps for both iOS and Android from a single code base. You can know more about Corona SDK on http://coronalabs.com/products/corona-sdk/

Good job! Only one issue, in IOS8 the score/credits/highscore disappears!

Thank you so much! Also is there a way to add game-centre or is that not possible through Corona?


hi we will get back to you :)


Hi.. What does the Facebook / Share integration look like? Can’t fint it in the video nor in screenshots.


And what about the gamecenter integration discussed above? Can you include it?

Is a free corona SDK not available anymore? Can’t seem to find it on their webpage, the cheapest is $16 a month?

Corona SDK Starter is always available, just not reported in the pricing page as it is free :) when you download corona (you need to register with your email to download…it is free) you will automatically have a free registration. The first upgrade is the Basic version, but you will always have the starter :)

as for the gamecenter integration, it is not available yet.

There seems to be a problem with the Facebook message part again. This time the orientation is portrait but in a landscape view so its now appearing sideward when you play the game. Is this an iOS 8 bug? it was working fine before.

Hello, I see the admob plugin at build.setting still the old admob. Please fix cause I cannot show ad in game

In game.lua go to row 591 and modify the x value :)

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Hello, Does this app support for admob mediation? Thankyou

is it simple to add more bad items ( diferent bomb styles ) ? Cheers

It should be fairly easy, take as a reference the different candies color and try to apply the same structure to the bombs.

Is there a planned update or some directions on how to change the Admobs that is built into this to the new version?

if you modify the import in the build.config all should work with v2 already

Hello, how to have more bomb? because games like this is easy. thanks

Thanks mesto1974!

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Hello guys, just another question, there is bomb and fireball if i want to add another type, exemple : adding star or coin in + of bomb and fireball, it is always in game.lua?. thanks

Hello mesto1974,

yes, everything you need to modify is in game.lua.

Thanks :)

Hello, the ads is showing at the top, how i can move at the footer? Thanks

hello mesto1974,

to change the position of the banner, change the code at row 591 with this:

ads.show("banner",{ x=display.screenOriginX, y=display.screenOriginY + display.actualContentHeight - 100})


GReat!! its work, your support is very good. thanks!!

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Hello, im having issues with the build in iOS, i’m in the process of builiding it and it suddenly crashes without any alert or message, i’m using an iphone 6.

Hello sergiogarza182,

does the log show any kind of error?


No, it suddenly crash when it is copying to the device, and then it shows a Report that says “error for object : pointer being freed was not allocated “

Hello sergiogarza182,

we submitted today a new version of the game. It will be approved in the following days. The error you are describing though seems unrelated to the problem that there was. When the update will be approved, please make sure to download the latest version of corona to compile it.