CornADS 1.5.2 - Multipurpose Smart Advertising Wordpress Plugin

CornADS 1.5.2 - Multipurpose Smart Advertising Wordpress Plugin

CornADS name of Smart Advertising wordpress plugin can help you to create a automatic advertisment system.

CornADS Features:

  • Unlimited Zone For show Banners.
  • Fully Manage Zones.
  • Simply manage banners and editing all details.
  • Wordpress Shortcode And PHP Functions ready For Every Zone.
  • Wordpress Widget Ready.
  • Paypal And Stripe Gateway Integrated. ( other gateways in next update … )
  • Email & Sms Notifications Template With Tags for User And Admin .
  • Users Can Renew their ads.
  • Users Can Send Edit Request For Chang Ad Title , Link Or Banner.
  • Users Can View Their Ads Statistics. ( impression + click )
  • Admin Panel Powered By AngularJs Framework.
  • Admin Panel With Ajax Management.
  • Admin can add ad code (ex. googleadsense and )
  • Dashboard With Statistics , Incomes And New Banners Widgets.
  • and …. ( in next updates)

CornADS Changelog

v1.5.2 - 27 June 2015
Change banner upload directory
Fix some bug in add and edit zone
Add "Ad manager" role for users
Add CornADS admin links in adminbar
v1.5 - 20 June 2015
add CPC,CPM Method For Payment
Ready & Custom Templates For Show Ads 
4 Template For Order From (Default,Bootstrap,SemanticUi,UiKit)
Translateable Order Form and User Panel Simple & Quickly
Imporve Performance
Improve Statistics Performance
Improve Admin Ui Panel 
Improve Settings Panel

v1.1 - 21 February 2015

fix bug banners admin page.
fix bug banner sizes in admin verify banner.
improve zones admin page .
improve payments admin page.
improve cornads widget.
improve ad view statistics .
developers hooks 'cornads_before_widget','cornads_after_widget' added.
v1.0.2 - 8 February 2015
Fix bug send sms for new ads.
Improve zones admin page details.
v1.0.1 - 4 February 2015
Improve payment admin page details.
Improve banners admin page details.
Fix bug database Error On Activation & Deactivation Plugin.
v1.0 - 2 February 2015
Initial Release