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Elegant piece of work Good Luck with sales :)

Hello, thank you very much.


How does the script handle the security of credit card numbers?

Hello, our security manager said that by enabling an SSL certificate there is no problem: the inputs are hidden from attack. In case you do not trust, you can always turn off the auto-save data of credit cards.

Seems like there’s no validation.

Departure Date: 5/11/2013

Return Date: 14/10/2013

Hello, in different months there is no validation, but in the same month, yes. In the next version will be enabled.

do you help with integrating it into a site, small tweakings to adapt it to the site, and what rate do you charge if you do?

Hello, can you contact me privately by email, maybe giving me more info? Thanks

Hello, Does this script have a mobile version? if not are you planning on creating one soon. A competition script on evanto have mobile versions

Looks like a clean script. How does someone create a new hotel owner user? I cant see that option in the demo. Also how easy is it to replace the check date to become time instead of calendar?

Hello, currently there is not a mobile version and we are not going to do it because of the small number of sales. This is the page to register a hotel: . Sorry, we did not understand your last question, can you redo it, please?

matdemarchi, can I use other money, like Brazilian Real? Is is possible to pay without the Paypal, just w/ credit card? If no, how can I improve it w/ a plugin?

Hello, you can also use other currencies. You can also use the credit card, but not for the automatic payment.

Dear friend

I would need your booking script for my agency. Let’s say for now that we offer 5 products:

- a visit to a capital city - a visit to a historical city - a castle tour - a boat tour and - a gourmet tour

I would like to have a reservation script on each/every product web page separately (the reservation is meant just for that specific service). I don’t want a client to go through a selection process every time she likes to to a booking.

My question is: Can the script be set up to do this ?

Thank you.

Does your script has connection with, and

Does this script work? I see it is not supported by the author