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Live preview link is broken.

Yes, I’m sorry, preview file has been removed for security reasons.

Can you provide executable program so that I can see it how it works?

Also, I hope you have vb.ne version for this.

I cannot provide executable any more for security reasons but I posted preview video of it which may be accepted soon. Until then check this link which I used this lib in one of my latest project: http://youtu.be/_vfBLi934-I

Class library is written in c# but you can simply reference output dll from your vb.net project

So, I just purchased it. Have a few questions. Could suggest a way to animate and show 8 images on the screen at a time (say they are 250 pixels wide x 50 pixels tall). There will be a left arrow button on the left side of the screen, and a right arrow on the right side of the screen. Each time you click the left or right arrow, I want to bring in (and animate) a new set of images each time. So I am hoping to use your library to help me do this animation. It sounds like your library will work for this.

There are about 400 images to show from a folder on the PC (Windows XP is target machine), and I would like to show 8 images at a time on the screen. Kind of like the idea of how Windows 8, has tiles on the main screen. But instead I will use images that can be clicked on. So there would be two columns, with 4 images in each column.

It looks like since you support .net 4.0 that it will work on Windows XP, correct?

Hi there, It will work nicely on Windows XP. I would suggest you adding 8 pictureboxes on a panel. Disappear the panel with one of animations, change picturebox images and appear the panel. Do not forget to disable right-left buttons in this process not to get exceptions. Good luck.

I figured it should work in XP too, as long as .net 4 client was on there. Glad to hear confirmation. I am opening up the sample code now, to see how it works. Thanks for the fast reply. You could have just saved me a few months of work :-))))

I bought one other software library for HTML5 animations from here, codecanyon, and it saved me oodles of time :-))) I will be coming back to this marketplace next time I need a tool, and look here first. Very affordable tools Thank you!


In the image says “Try now for free”

I registered in this site only to test and buy your product, could you supply that free sample of the library, please?

Hi, is there a way that I can animate one control, wait until that animation finishes, then animate another control? For example, how could I fade out PictureBox1, then after it has finished, fade in PictureBox2? I tried using Async=false, but it does it in the wrong order, fading in PictureBox2 before fading out PictureBox1. Thanks!

Hi there, of course you can. Simply use: Animation.FadeOut(p1); Animation.FadeIn(p2);

This way you can fade out p1 control and p2 control synchronously. If you want to use packed animations, use following:

Animation.Pack.SwitchOff(p1, callback: () => { Animation.Pack.AppearRight(p2); }); Good luck :)


Hi again, do you have a changelog that has a list of changes for the latest update?

Hello, I am unable to use the library, you have to put a using?

sorry i do not speak English

Excellent GLWS

Is it possible to re-position the controls at runtime? I need this functionality because I want to present the user the arrangement of tables in a Restaurant POS, or can you recommend a product like this on how to re-position controls at runtime in Winforms? Thanks very much!

Are they going to stay on their new Position the next time I login on the application?

Nope, you will have to save their location manually and load their position at next startup.

What do you mean by save their location manually? You mean I will position them at design time? My purpose suppose to be is to design a Restaurant table setup, I will initially position the tables ( I would use buttons for this as an image to represent a table) , then when the manager will modify the position or transfer some arrangements then they can do it at runtime so that I wont need to design it manually again? This is my question, can this be done using your project? Thanks!

hi, there is serious bug in your MoveLeft/MoveRight methods. When I try synchronously to slide off screen one panel and one to slide in in same time at higher speed(50), the second one misses its designated coordinates. Can you provide me code to debug it? Or how you can help me, I brought this licence because I’m working on very important project.

Please contact me through support page so I can help you. Thanks.


Thanks for great library. It have proved very useful. In future I plan to buy more licences. The problem occurs when I move one panel to the Right and one to the Left at same time (asyc is set to true), the second one misses it’s spot for a bit or for large distance, it depends on screen resolution. Panels are slided off screen to the right. Distance entered is slideName.Width. I don’t have example code, and I cannot send you whole project. Can you provide me at least Code for Animation.MoveLeft to debug it?

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Source code is included in the package. I guess the problem is speed. Try to change speed to 10 and decrease latency to 1 and see if you get what you need. Speed is the pixel change per frame. So when you give higher speed than 1, you have to calculate how many pixels it needs to move per frame. I will fix this in a future release but for now try this alternatively:

var frames = 30; Animation.MoveLeft(control, control.width, 10, speed: control.width / frames);

So the animation will complete in 30 frames. Check the width of control and set frames to something that can divide with it. Thanks for feedback.

Thanks I will try that!