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Live preview link is broken.

Yes, I’m sorry, preview file has been removed for security reasons.

Can you provide executable program so that I can see it how it works?

Also, I hope you have vb.ne version for this.

I cannot provide executable any more for security reasons but I posted preview video of it which may be accepted soon. Until then check this link which I used this lib in one of my latest project: http://youtu.be/_vfBLi934-I

Class library is written in c# but you can simply reference output dll from your vb.net project

So, I just purchased it. Have a few questions. Could suggest a way to animate and show 8 images on the screen at a time (say they are 250 pixels wide x 50 pixels tall). There will be a left arrow button on the left side of the screen, and a right arrow on the right side of the screen. Each time you click the left or right arrow, I want to bring in (and animate) a new set of images each time. So I am hoping to use your library to help me do this animation. It sounds like your library will work for this.

There are about 400 images to show from a folder on the PC (Windows XP is target machine), and I would like to show 8 images at a time on the screen. Kind of like the idea of how Windows 8, has tiles on the main screen. But instead I will use images that can be clicked on. So there would be two columns, with 4 images in each column.

It looks like since you support .net 4.0 that it will work on Windows XP, correct?

Hi there, It will work nicely on Windows XP. I would suggest you adding 8 pictureboxes on a panel. Disappear the panel with one of animations, change picturebox images and appear the panel. Do not forget to disable right-left buttons in this process not to get exceptions. Good luck.

I figured it should work in XP too, as long as .net 4 client was on there. Glad to hear confirmation. I am opening up the sample code now, to see how it works. Thanks for the fast reply. You could have just saved me a few months of work :-))))

I bought one other software library for HTML5 animations from here, codecanyon, and it saved me oodles of time :-))) I will be coming back to this marketplace next time I need a tool, and look here first. Very affordable tools Thank you!


In the image says “Try now for free”

I registered in this site only to test and buy your product, could you supply that free sample of the library, please?

Hi, is there a way that I can animate one control, wait until that animation finishes, then animate another control? For example, how could I fade out PictureBox1, then after it has finished, fade in PictureBox2? I tried using Async=false, but it does it in the wrong order, fading in PictureBox2 before fading out PictureBox1. Thanks!

Hi there, of course you can. Simply use: Animation.FadeOut(p1); Animation.FadeIn(p2);

This way you can fade out p1 control and p2 control synchronously. If you want to use packed animations, use following:

Animation.Pack.SwitchOff(p1, callback: () => { Animation.Pack.AppearRight(p2); }); Good luck :)


Hi again, do you have a changelog that has a list of changes for the latest update?


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Hello, I am unable to use the library, you have to put a using?

sorry i do not speak English

Excellent GLWS

Is it possible to re-position the controls at runtime? I need this functionality because I want to present the user the arrangement of tables in a Restaurant POS, or can you recommend a product like this on how to re-position controls at runtime in Winforms? Thanks very much!

Yes, you can move the controls (re-position them) with animation using this lib.