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How it works?

Very simple, after downloading follow this documentation :

how does this work? do you have to pay for a service (third party) to copyright the posts? or this just display certificate?

You need to open an account before using the plugin. You will get 3 copyright protection credits 100% FREE of use without engagement. Any contents will be protected in real time in the 171 countries of the Bern Convention. The 3 credits will give to your posts, articles or medias selected a full protection in 171 countries and give you a proof of ownership on these contents.

how do i use this on my clients? If they have an existing WP website can this plugin be imported into to their site? – or it needs a separate WP install?

So the 3 credits. if my WP site has 10 pages can i use the 3 credits on any page of my site?

Yes you need to select the content you want to protect,remember that the free credits are 100% free but have an estimation of 45$ for each credit, copyright-office are offering these credits to promote the digital protection of content in the wordpress community.Enjoy in.

I mean that the price of the plugin is symbolic.

thank you for your support !

fantastic work, wish you big sales ;)

We are very happy to read this message…

Nice work, thank you!

But.. They ask some 300 USD per month for their unlimited plan? Unreal..

May be, I dont understand. I have 10 sites with many pages, blogs, medias – how much I must pay for copyright protecting of all content?

Thank you for answer!

Well, it is about of the 3-5 thousands only of photos.. On the each of my sites..

Ok, I see. It is more cheap for me to continue without of this copyright protection of this stuff :)

If you do a calculation it will cost you per month : 299 / 3000 pictures = 0.09 cent per picture per month to copyright each items. I think that securing your ownership on your work worldwide in 171 countries cost better than 0.09 cent per picture ;) Thank you for your interest !

I have a great solution for you : You can create articles or posts than contain on each post 100 pictures so you will have finally, 30 pages to protect ! You can have a board of images to protect your protection will work as well. ;)

Looks like an awesome product! Keep up the good work!

Thank you we try to make awesome plugin, we are publishing one more for prestashop community very soon.

how can i use this as a saas ( software as a service ) for my customers? Can I co brand it with my brand?

If I purchased this plugin and used the 3 credits. Is the cost of this plugin pays for the actual copyright number? or do I have to pay that as well?