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Hello this plugin is compatible with wordpress 4.9 ? Please test it. Thank you.

Hi, please go to and see up-to version 4.8.3 is available. Let them release 4.9 first!

Hello wp 4.9 will be released tonight if plugin is compatible with 4.9 i will buy, thank you so much for fast reply.

Yes, we this PlugIn works with WordPress 4.9

Hi! Could you please put a changelog on the items details page for version update history. Thanks!

Oh, ok then. On the right side with plugin information it says last update 19 November.

It was tag, not PlugIn :-)

Please update plugin so we can right click on internal and external links!

Do you plan to introduce right click for internal/external links? I am waiting for this feature so i can buy the plugin!

You have a major advantage over the no.1 seller of wordpress copy protection in that you block reading mode. You should take advantage of this fact by finishing up the presentation/functionality of this plugin and you could take the no.1 spot.

2 people have asked about this feature already who would buy your plugin if you were more responsive with feature requests!

People want good support from author and to know that their plugin will be regularly updated when needed. This gives them faith in making the purchase! Do you want to sell your plugin? Because at the moment it seems like you aren’t really bothered about selling it or not.

Hi Marty, Thanks for your interest. We are a technology company, and work on different projects all time. We are just busy right now, but we have your feedback in our mind. When we work on this PlugIn next time, we will add the feature. But we can’t give you specific deadline. Thanks for your patience.

Great plugin. One thing is missing. A custom text box that appears when someone tries to download image etc. I would love to be able to put some text in saying No Right Click Here ! :-)

Thanks for your suggestion. We will keep that in mind. When we update next time, we shall try to add this proposed feature

Have a nice day!

Hi for pre-sales questions,

I haven’t try to use the camera yet to take screen shot and few others features.

But just these 2 for now, It say it can’t print correct me if I”m wrong? I still can print it and saved it as PDF?

Using I.E ya, I can’t right click it. BUT I will can use the menu VIEW > SOURCE to view it?

Can it protect the right click or drag and drop those moving animations? Like emoji , those smiley happy faces, weaving bye bye, rolling LOL those types?

I am using buddpress, users upload profile photo and other photos. Can it protect drag and drop, block right click, etc etc too? Or it’s ONLY protect images/photo that was uploaded by the admin back-end ONLY?

Please advise before buy.

Hello, It does not let anyone press Ctrl+P command, and view source is blocked.

Our advice is to visit the Live Preview link and test all features yourself. Thanks

Hi, we would like to purchase but has not been update since last year. When is next update releasing by(ex. In days, weeks, months)? We would by immediately then. Thanks

Hi there, as the security system is not updated since last, so we did not see any reason to bring update. Thanks

Hello I hope you can add new updates So that we can prevent theft of the image of other iPhone devices

They can use the Safari browser And steal all the information they want

I hope this problem will be resolved as soon as possible (: I wait for you and thank you

Awesome plugin

Hello, I want to ask you a few things:

1. Can the images that appear on Google search engine images be copied?

2. If the article is shared on Facebook, can it appear?


Thanks for purchasing the PlugIn

1. If you let Google-bot copy your website’s image to be appeared in Google Search result, then it can be copied. ........................ You can update your robots.txt and .htaccess file to block Google to copy images. This PlugIn protects people who directly visits your website. But when you allow search engines to enlist your website, then it makes own copy in their server.

2. Yes this is sharable in Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter.


hi nice plugin, only thing it lack is iphones can copy everything.need to stop that .otherwise its a really good plugin.

Wordpress 5.0 is out, any future updates coming out soon ?

It works in latest version of WP