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Nice. What font did you use for the infographic ?


What infographic?

The preview visual features one.

Yes, but you can do so much things, I try to give other preview. Thanks ;)

Hi, off the wall question…

Would it be possible to not use it as a countdown timer but say use it like a fundraiser goal? If you set a specific dollar amount (goal) and amount collected (raised) you take that percentage move the graphic.

Just an idea.

Yes you can, you need to connect with you php script or other ;)

Thankssss :DD

Hey there. Very interested in this item. Does the loader auto update over time? For example, if I want this to be on a coming soon page, can it auto update itself so that by the launch day, it’s full? Let me know asap. Thanks.

I have insert other examples ;)

What if I want it to be fixed, and so it is always on 60%?

Yes, because is a sample, you need to set the start and end date

can you set this to load say over 12 seconds?

i was hoping you can open the page – then the loading screen animate over 10 to 12 seconds and then redirect to another page…

perhaps it is possible if you add the start time as now and the end time 10 seconds from now….

Hi man, yes you can, you need to know some js to set into callback function.



thanks ill take a look – would be cool to have this as a built in option

Hi, Can I use it like PreLoad Page, for my Site?

Hi man, what do you mean with preload?

I Have website and want to have page with % preload, until my website be completed load then display it

yes you can


Can it be set as a count up timer?

Yes you can

Can this be added to wordpress widget area?

Yes you can

How do you embed in a wordpress post/page?

Hi, you need to set the code into webpage, isn’t very hard, you can think like normal webpage with different you set this into template wp page.

what happened to the other sample from before?

Hi, sorry i don’t understand your question.

my questions is: It’s possible using with other countdown script ? second: i won’t show time and date just % and image

my customer want your logo up with % and circular countdown below its possible ?

Hi man,

this is possible to use with other countdown, but you need the js lib (like jQuery) doesn’t go to conflict with the code. You need to try to know.

You can change the text percentual and data, all you want. It’s all in documentation.

For the circular countdown it doesn’t work in circular.

Sorry for my late. Yes I think, the code work with jquery, you can try. Thanks.

Hey. Very cool source! Thanks a lot!! Short question: is it possible to change the positions for the “up” option (example 5)? I want to have the font and line on the right side and the picture on the left. Hope for a reply. Thanks a lot!!!

Hi man, sorry for my late, I hope in the future to be then fast. So.. Thanks for your comment, you can change the position with css style.



Is there an option to redirect the page after the timer has completed?

Hi, isn’t option, but it can developed.

Hello, great script!

It seems like the time is ignored? I am using tStart: d.y + c + a + b + e + f and tEnd: "20150221192700" but it seems it only counts down to midnight no matter what time I input for tEnd.

(var c, a, b, e, f all add a leading “0” if < 10)

Example here:

This is the complete setup.js:
$(window).ready(function() {
    var b = new Date();
    var d = {
        y: b.getFullYear(),
        m: b.getMonth() + 1,
        d: b.getDate(),
        h: b.getHours(),
        i: b.getMinutes(),
        s: b.getSeconds()
    var c = d.m - 1;
    if (c < 10) {
        c = "0" + c
    var a = d.d;
    if (a < 10) {
        a = "0" + a
    var b = d.h;
    if (b < 10) {
        b = "0" + b
    var e = d.i;
    if (e < 10) {
        e = "0" + e
    var f = d.s;
    if (f < 10) {
        f = "0" + f
        direction: "up",
        duration: 3,
        effect: "easeOutQuint",
        tStart: d.y + c + a + b + e + f,
        tEnd: "20150221192700",
        pStart: 0,
        pEnd: 100,
        imgB: "img/imgB.png",
        imgH: "img/imgH.png",
        cW: 250,
        cH: 1,
        cMl: -140,
        cMt: -90,
        cC: "#00C2F5",
        cLive: true,
        tTextP: "%P%",
        tTextD: "%D days, ",
        tTextH: "%H:",
        tTextI: "%I:",
        tTextS: "%S",
        tGMT: -8,
        loadLink: "",
        callback: function() {}

Hi man,

sorry for my late, I’m very very busy in my last time. So maybe you can use global var, out of ready jquery function.

Let me know ;)

Thanks J.

Hi, I just bought the cooloader script. I wanted to use it with a background image on the body tag. the image proportionally scales and filled the entire screen. is this possible? Thank’s for your answer. richard

Hi Richard,

It isn’t possibile with normal background tag. You need to create a div tag with z-index lower then other tags. You need to create a custom html and css settings.

I hope to give right answer :)