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player works great http://radiosibenik.hr/test/index.html but I have one possible bug or modification needed befor we go live with it.

Problem is when in playlist is song that is not in Last.fm database, than cover from previous songs is displayed and that just looks wrong :) We cant go live with player that way.

Is it possible that when song that has no cover is played, default image is shown? That would be normal looking :)


hello. sorry for late answer. On the configuration page you can choose defaultCover

How to decrease the buffer time of the player I have a live radio online and how much I give stop in the player it gets aidna with the old transmission in the memory

I’ve sent 3 emails to the author. No e-Mail support. I see that he answers on this forum, but not to my emails. Although they were read! What’s up?

A JS question: How can I stop the cover from moving to the left? I just need it to stay where it is at the beginning. Where is the line of JS code I need to change?

In my implementation, the total time isn’t visible, just a “infinity symbol” – but it’s a normal mp3! Also, I cannot use the song’s timeline because of this. Please help!

Someone can help me to implement in wordpress website please?


1. Progression bar not updating by click on that

2. The player doesn’t start playing next track after it finished first one.


Radio logos and radio shoutcast IP I want to be able to make a short video on this player how to do it and wort pres can not make friends

Radio logos and radio shoutcast IP I want to be able to make a short video on this player how to do it and wort pres can not make friends radio ıp : http://dinle.arabeskradyo.biz:7446/ radio logo :http://i.hizliresim.com/691yQW.png

I have made you aware of my problem with this player. I do not like commenting because it can cause future clients to not purchase your product. I think this product is potentially a great product but if I am still under you support license and I can not get a response to my problem after a week; that begs to send a comment to see if that will help you help me? -Meryl Dee 3 Still need your assistance. Look for my previous email to you. Today’s Date is May 26th, 2017

I am trying to add your player to my website, however, I have run into a couple problems. It is a Shoutcast online radio station. The URL for the stream is http://alice95.com:9996 The website address: alice95.com

’/plate/’ folder is uploaded to server alice95.com/plate

Using the config page, I have created the following, however, when I try to insert it in the page, it doesn’t work. Do you know what I am doing wrong?

1. What is the code that should go <head> </head> ?

2. What is the code for the player that i will insert where the player belongs to play my online shoutcast 2 stream ?


jQuery(function(){ jQuery(’.you_div_class’).plate({ playlist:[ //{title:’track title’, artist:’artist’, file:’/file/path.mp3’, cover:’/cover/path.jpg’, buyLink:’http://example.com/'}, //{title:’Your stream’, artist:false, file:’;', cover:false} ], controls: [‘cover’, ‘vinyl’, ‘trackInfo’, ‘playlist’, ‘volume’, ‘play’, ‘buyButton’], coverEffects: [‘opacity’], coverAnimSpeed: 300, skin: ‘light’, width: 320, playlistHeight: 200, plateDJ: true, changeTrackChangePlate: true, onStart: { pause: true, repeat: false, random: false, volume: 50, speed: 1 }, useCookies: false, preloadFirstTrack: true }); });

i send answer on your email

Hi verify my Radio Stream Link, Grab Last Fm Photo? http://17793.live.streamtheworld.com/CIDADEDROPROCKAAC.aac

Hello, i have sent 2 emails from 17/1/2018 but you havent answer me. Why?

Hi I have installed your player on my website all working fine apart from when the player first loads it has your default cover, my cover displays when i click each track, how do i make my cover load first ? thanks

I cannot install this player on my website, please can you help. I’ve tried via filezilla and still no success.

No response response from you. Please can I refund as this plugin is not working on my website

Can I put my own covers, ie files hosted on my site as in the media library?