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Hi, I am new to swift can i upload this app to store? I need without ads can u give? How difficult to add more sound effects?

Hello thanks for interest. about removing ads: the interstitial ads are designed to be optional so removing them is very easy, but the banners are integrated in the app design so removing them will require some knowledge in auto layout so their place does not look odd when they are not there. About adding more effects: i can explain how effects work and you can add what ever you want, but you need to edit the layout yourself. If you buy the item post your email and i will explain these. Good luck!

can u customize app without ads and 6 more effects? how much it will be?

I found a couple of issues with the app and the developer was quick to respond with fixes. Five star support! Product is as described.

Hi, can i add other than 7 predefinited effects by default? Thanks

Hello, thanks for your interest. In each effect, we change either speed or pitch. Speed value can be from (0.1) to (2) and pitch can be from (-1000) to (1000). The app includes a custom effect button that shows sliders which can be used so the user makes his own effect. If my answer is not accurate enough mail me please.

Thanks for answer. I mean if i can insert other pre recorder voices with icons. Thanks

Well if you know how ios Auto Layout works you can add more effects but you need to know your way around xcode and swift. you need some experience to do it because the app layout was optimized for all screens and changes are going to need some work.

Apple rejected this app due to iPad compatibility… can you fix it?

2.10 - iPhone Apps must also run on iPad without modification, at iPhone resolution, and at 2X iPhone 3GS resolution

2.10 Details

We noticed that your app did not run at iPhone resolution when reviewed on iPad running iOS 9.1, which is a violation of the App Store Review Guidelines. We’ve attached screenshot(s) for your reference.

Next Steps

Please revise your app to ensure it runs at iPhone resolution on iPad.


For information on iOS device screen sizes and resolutions, please see the iOS Human Interface Guidelines as well as the Points versus Pixels in the View Programming Guide for iOS.

If you have difficulty reproducing a reported issue, please try testing the workflow described in Technical Q&A QA1764: How to reproduce bugs reported against App Store submissions.

If you have code-level questions after utilizing the above resources, you may wish to consult with Apple Developer Technical Support. When the DTS engineer follows up with you, please be ready to provide: - complete details of your rejection issue(s) - screenshots - steps to reproduce the issue(s) - symbolicated crash logs – if your issue results in a crash log

Hello and thanks for buying. my application comes with this feature when downloaded, i just double checked that. I think you changed the “Devices” option in general settings of the app to universal. go back and turn it to iphone.

It would be great if a slight modification can be done to support iPad as well. The app still works great when I switched from iPhone to Universal, just the top record button gets covered up a little bit. Thanks.

It would be great for you if you can do it yourself. You just have to play with the constraints for the button. Good Luck!

Hi, Any Appsote link? Which ad networks integrated?

Hello. Only admob is integrated, the App comes with two banners and one interstitial. In the app store search for “Voice Recorder with Effects” and you can try the app.

Hi, i try your app on the store, works fine but if i send a file by email the file delivered without extension..any solution?

Hello, i made another share function that works better, it will allow you to share on IM apps that support sounds (e.g. Facebook Messenger, Telegram)

you need to go to listenView.swift and use command+f to find a method called (shareApp)

remove or comment the code in it and paste the one

let uu = NSURL(fileURLWithPath: selectedPath)
       let activityViewController = UIActivityViewController(activityItems:
applicationActivities: nil)
       activityViewController.popoverPresentationController?.sourceView = sender as! UIView
let excludeActivities = [
activityViewController.excludedActivityTypes = excludeActivities;
self.presentViewController(activityViewController, animated: true,
    completion: nil)

If anybody is interested, update your apps!

The code should look like this image: http://www.palwork.com/wp/wp-content/uploads/2015/12/Screen-Shot-2015-11-18-at-10.33.20-AM.png

On the phone it should work like this: http://www.palwork.com/wp/wp-content/uploads/2015/12/IMG_0229.jpg

Will not work properly on the simulator.

Hello , your app is good but there is problem with sharing .. when share the voice its shared the normal voice only , for example if I select robot effect or any thing and press share its still sharing the original voice . I tried the old (share app) method and put extension by add .caf to the file name to be like this “MyRecording.caf”) . and then also I tried your new method from comments but still its sharing the original voice . please help how I can share the voice with effect in the email . Thanks

My app got rejected twice due to lack of “a clear visual indicator that the app is recording”. I guess something like sound wave or something blinking is required. Perhaps, I just need more luck. Anyway, the code is good and the document is well-written. Great job.

hi .. interested to buy this code. can you give me any live link?


We want to integrate the different voice changing features of your app in an existing App of ours, in which we already hanldle the recording part.

=> Is it easy to just “call” the voice file change feature, since we don’t need the UX? Do you provide documentation for this?


is it possible phone call voice record?

iPhone doesn’t allow access to real time voice call voice effect change. Does it?

Hi, Looking to purchase this. Could you fix the following as reported by another buyer
iPhone Apps must also run on iPad without modification, at iPhone resolution, and at 2X iPhone 3GS resolution

Hi, can you please advise how to show admob interstitial ad at the start up?

Hi, please help me~ apple reject PLA 3.3.8

We found that your app records the user, but does not have the proper indicators that the app is recording, as required by section 3.3.8 of the Apple Developer Program License Agreement.

Specifically, your app records audio, but does not have a clear visual indicator that the app is recording.

Next Steps

Please revise your app to implement the required means of indicating the recording activity to all parties. Please note that the recording indicator cannot be disabled and your app cannot go blank during recording.

Your app crashes on iPad running iOS 9.3.4 connected to an IPv6 network when we: Tapped on the Share button. This occurred when your app was used: - Offline - On Wi-Fi


Your app crashes on iPad running iOS 9.3.4 connected to an IPv6 network when we: Tapped on the Share button. This occurred when your app was used: – Offline – On Wi-Fi


Is it supports Xcode 8.1 & iOS 10

Need Code without ads & Inapppurchse Can you provide?