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I was going to purchase this slider but I wanted to ask a few questions before I make a purchase.

1) Can I use the slider with a custom PHP site? 2) Can I use this slider without HTML5 and CSS3 ? 3) What files are included when I make a purchase?

Hi mate,

1. Yes you can, that is simple. 2. Yes, css3 is the shadow effects, that is compatible also with old browser but you will don’t have a cool effects, that is normal. 3. The files will be: html, javascript, css and nice html documentation :)

Then if you need i can give a little support about.



I want to decrease the height and width of the slider

Width: 700PX Height: 500px

I am not able to do this size.

Yes you can, you need to set your prefer size.

I’ve already purchased this from you

The slider is too slow… How can I increase the speed of it?

Your slider doesn’t seem to work on Internet Explorer or Chrome.

Give a link.



Send you the link

I have fixed it myself. It’s working on IE9 now.

But chrome is still a problem.

The preview tabs are shifted upwards somehow.

Hi, i try your link, i think that work ready, layout problem is like you set that. For the time you can set duration, there is a documentation about it.

Have you other problems?



But the problem persists in Google Chrome.

Hi, i send you a mail, do you have some skype contact ?

does this wrok on ipads, iphones?

Yes, it work :)


This script don’t work on IE7 (so many errors detected…), and the shadow is still here whereas I set this option on “false”. Too bad…however this script works well on other browsers.

I have testing the live preview on IE7 and it doesn’t work either…


IE7 is so much old, this script work with IE7 but some effects don’t work, example shadow is css and IE7 don’t support that.




Thanks for your reply, but if some effects don’t work, why do you assure that IE7 is compatible ?

Because the core work, some layout don’t work, that is compatible with transition.


quick question for you before i buy it. Does it have a public method that ican call and refresh images that are being rotated ?

Hi, i don’t understand very well your question, you can call all methods you need, if you want get some custom method you can.



Hello this slider support autoplay video? If yes, can you show me please just one example running of : slides(autoplay)-vimeo(autoplay)-othervimeo(autoplay)—slides(autoplay). I tried a lot of times but dont work for me. Thanks for all

Hi man, in html5 autoplay is a little problem, in other is same because if you change the slide then the video needs to autostop, and all these aren’t supported :/

thanks mr-j u founded a slider with video autoplay working? layer slider works , with vimeo and youtube buit it dont have lazy load for a lot of images

Hi ! I am not a professional webmaster or web designer, I just own a blog on a blogger platform, and I wonder if I could insert that slider simply by adding the code in my blogger code ? Is it possible, is it simple for a non professional ? Thanks for your answer, I will buy it sure if it is compatible !! Thanks in advance ! Bibulle.

Hi man, yes it is compatible, there is wordpress version if you want, wordpress is a blog platform. If you prefer a no wordpress version it is compatible with all code, but you need to read the howto (it is into file). So I don’t think you need to be a webmaster, but you want I can give a little bit support ;)


I am interested in buying this plug in but before I have a question.

Is it possible to add a pub which will launch itself before a YouTube or Vimeo video ?

In a nutshell, I need to add some pubs in overlay before a video hosted on my YouTube channel.

Yes you can

Is it possible to add a hover effect to pause the slideshow with mouseover?

Hi, it’s possibile, but you need to write some code, or if you want i can do it. If you are interested you can send me some email. Thanks.