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include(“config.php”); ???

Sorry, you can remove that line. I forgot to remove it. config.php contains some default debug sets. I’m gonna upload a version without that line.

Ok, many thanks!


The file exemple.php is corrupt in zip file.

Do you have a valid file?

Thanks again!


Hi Mick,

I updated the script yesterday, i downloaded the file and it seems the update went wrong. I’m gonna upload it again. Can you send me an e-mail so you can get the correct version directly.

Done by your profil on Codecanyon.


You got an e-mail! Sorry for the inconvenience.

Can you provide a complete example that shows out of cookie printed to screen?

Hi Maurice,

Thanks for your purchase. Here an example how it works.

Setting a cookie for 10 days:

$cookies->set("MyName", "Peter", 10, "days"); 

Print a cookie:

echo $_COOKIE['MyName'];

The current file contains a little bug, i uploaded the updated one. The file is still onder review. It’s probably gonna be approved today or tomorrow by an envator reviewer.

Use my profile to send me a email so i can reply it with the file.

Update approved

Can you provide a complete example that shows output of cookie printed to screen?

Hello, is this code compatible with FF, IE, Safari, Chrome ???

The code is server-side. So yes it does as long the browsers accept cookies.