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Hi, can I set it to disappear after five seconds, when the user don’t presses any button? Regards,

Hi, you can set a javascript timeout function which will run the script in 5 seconds. Inside it you can set it to hide the #cookieInfo id. :)

Lightweight and effective, it’s simply what I needed for my Website “”.
No need to change the CSS, it goes perfectly mine style :-)
Thank you!

Great! Glad you like it :) Thanks.

on Internet Explorer on Windows Phone It appears every time even if you agree

I did several tests, this problem persist on every Internet Explorer version (desktop and mobile), if you close the browser and re-open the cookie return.

I also tried to put it into a blank page, this is not a conflict problem.

Have replied to your support email. Looks like it could be a client side issue. Could you make sure that you have set your browser settings to accept cookies too? I was not able to replicate the issue on my end.

Hi Daniel,

I’m struggling with this as my knowledge of scripts is fairly limited.

Could I send you an email with a link to the site I’m working on so you can see what I’ve done wrong?


Hi, sure. Send me a support email with the link to your website and I will help you get it up and running :)

Have emailed you, Daniel. Thanks for the quick response! :)

Hello, sent a mail still no response from you thank you

Hello, problem solved provided for update? 2016 thank you

Hello, problem solved provided for update? 2016 thank you

Hey, I had a look earlier but there are no traces of the plugin on the site and doesn’t seem like the plugin is doing anything. It’s general javascript error that you are having on your site – nothing to do with the plugin.

Hello, do you still support this script? Is it safe to purchase?

Yes, the script is still supported.

Hello Daniel. I recently purchased the script and I am quite happy the way it works. I am using a Typepad hosted blog. So I do not have much chance to play with my blog’s codes. I want the cookieinfo bar to appear at the top of the page. I set it to the “top” via css but it covers my blog’s header and logo when it appears. I want it to appear at the top before header. I mean the out of the border of my blog at the very top. Is it possible to do it via editing the css file? Thanks!

Ok never mind, I solved it. Thanks again for this great working script!

Aha great to know that you have it up and running :) Let me know if you need any help.

Hi, can i translate this script to have 3 language text?

Hey, you can pass the string for the messages in any language so you can use it with any translation plugin you are using on your site for making it multi lingual. Let me know if I can be of help further.

Hey there,

just want to ask if this plugin is still supported? “Last Update – 20 June 13”.

Cheers, Steve

Ok thx. Another question but for the wp-version – this is also last updated 29 January 15, does it support the latest wp4.8 version?

Yes it does :)

Let me know if you are having any trouble with setup.

I wanted to tell you that the plugin uses a link to an external js that is often similar to that used by some html templates. The difference is that being more updated conflicts with templates. File is:

Aha. Thank you for informing me.



I would like to know what do I need to do in order to get this a GDPR cmpliance or it is possible, sells me a GDPR version of this already pre-configured and ready to customize and implement. Thank you!

Hey, it depends on your website’s privacy policy. If you only allow cookies to be set once the user has accepted, then you can listen for the callback from CookieInfo.js before setting the cookies.

Hi, I have a pre sale question. Is this plugin able to stop all cookies until the user accepts the use of cookies? Regards & Thanks, David

Hi David, the plugin does not prevent cookies from being set from your site. The plugin is more of information to the users.

You can however program the cookies to be set once the user has accepted cookies using the CookieInfo.js plugin. But this has be done manually as opposed to the plugin preventing cookies automatically.


Possible that you add the function GDPR? Since June 20, 13, there is more update of the script

Thank you

Hi, this has not been updated yet. We hope to give more flexibility around how we pass back permissions but the plugin will not be automatically blocking cookies for GDPR.