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hi, how do I get support?

Hi there, please send an email with all the details to

Hi ! I see it’s possible for the plugin to disable cookies until the visitor has accepted these cookies.

But is it possible to disable cookies until the visitor accepts the cookies OR continues his visit (click a link for example) ?

Thanks !

Hi there, no you have to explicitally click on the accept link to enable them.

Ok, thank you for your quick answer !

No problem at all :)

Hi there,

Really interested in this plugin for a client site which needs cookies to be allowed on iOS devices for some functionality to work. I take it that this plugin, on clicking Accept, would enable this to happen?

Also, is the plugin still being updated? e.g. for Wordpress 4.2+?

Many thanks in advance,


Hi Shane,

You can’t specifically target devices with this plugin (I’m not sure if you’re asking that or not). If you read through the info at it explains all of the functionality available in the jQuery version which is mirrored in the WordPress version.

PS. We support all new versions of WordPress – although we haven’t released an update for a while, it works fine on 4.2+ as far as we know!

Hi, sorry but I can’t understand how to block the cookie until the user accept them. I am testing on a local machine, but when the bar come out, the page already inserts the cookies from facebook, twitter etc…

Do I am setting something wrong? thanks


Essentially you will need to wrap the the code which sets those cookies (or most likely the whole FB/Twitter fragment within their script tags) in the ‘if’ statements shown in the documentation – there are a couple of examples here.

If you can send us a link to your site, or post on our forum at I can try to help you a little more :)



I have just sent you an email to have support on how to block an adsense ad until the user accept the cookies.

Another question I have is how to use the syntax you indicated if($.cookieCuttr.accepted) { .... } inside a widget ?

Thanks in advance

Hi – I’ve just answered your email, which I think may also answer this, but essentially because it’s a bit of javascript, you can run it inside script tags wherever you need to.

If you get stuck let me know and we’ll try to help :)

Hi Cookies Cuttr! I’ve a problem… I’ve installed your plugin with FTP. I’ve configured it but it doesn’t work… Can you help me? The site is: Thank you

Hi there, looking at your source code it appears as though you’ve uploaded to a folder that doesnt exist…

The best bet is to delete that folder, then upload the plugin via WordPress > Plugins > Add New.

If you are still having issue please email with administrator level login details and we’ll take a look

Thanks for purchasing :)

Hi, is it possible to have the cookie bar in a transparent way by default or is that something that needed to be added to the CSS manually? Thanks a lot.

Hi! There’s no default option for this, but you could potentially add it to the CSS. If you drop us a line at, I’ll see if there’s an easy way for you to do this :)

Is this plugin still maintained? There hasn’t been an update for a very long time?


CookieCuttr is still being maintained and supported, although you’re right – we haven’t updated it for quite a while. This is partly because it was considered ‘finished’ at one time (although some legislative changes have happened and some work is planned to make it even better) – but also because we’ve just been really busy!

Is your plugin capable to get information once a user successfully signed up from a form using their first name and email? And get those first name and email to store it on a cookie?

and when a user comes back to register again, the forms will auto populate. is that possible?

Hey there, I think you may have got confused here. CookieCuttr blocks cookies and provides a consent message. It doesn’t do what you are asking at all, what you are asking for seems to be entirely different to what CookieCuttr does. Good luck with your search for a suitable plugin.

ohh sorry! thanks for the reply!

No problem at all :)

Hi, does CookieCuttr work with Ajax? Has it been tested with the “Ajax Load More” plugin? I tried another EU Cookie law plugin which doesn’t work. Once “Load more posts” is clicked the cookie alert disappears. Thanks!


We haven’t explicitly tested with ‘Ajax Load More’ (nor has anyone mentioned this to us, so that could mean it works – or not!).

CC essentially provides JS wrappers which can go around code to stop it running if cookies have been denied – and the methods used for the button itself shouldn’t be affected by an Ajax plugin – although the caveat is that if that plugin is rebuilding all the html on the page, then it might cause CC to disappear as well.

If you wanted to download and try, I’d be happy to look at any potential incompatibilities and see if we can fix them :)


is it possible to enable the cookies by scrolling the page instead of clicking in the “Accept” button?



This has been requested quite a few times and is definitely something we want to add – unfortunately we’ve been really tied up on client projects and haven’t put out an update for some time. It might be worth joining our forum at just so you can see when we get to it?



I have your plugin on a non SSL website and it works great.

My new website is all SSL and your plugin doesnt work.

I have the sentence at the top but not the bar, I can’t click on accept or decline.

Is there something to do to configure it so it works with SSL ?

Thank you !


Sorry to hear you’re having trouble with CC – very odd; it could possibly be a config or subdomain problem, but it might be best if you could drop us a line at with the link to your site and some login details so we can double check everything is as it should be?


Great thanks ! I send you an email right away :)

Have a nice day !

Hi Is this plugin compatible with WPML? Thanks

Hi, thanks for asking. At the moment CookieCuttr doesn’t support localisation through WPML – it’s something we are looking at adding when we do some further development as there have been a few requests. Cheers!

hi first thanks for this great plugin. I love it! I need to know, if your plugin is php7 ready. Thanks!

:-) I know this is not about your plugin, but if I need more months support, I must buy your plugin again, right?

More info here – – but there should be an ‘extend support’ link under the buy one; I think it should be cheaper to extend than to purchase fresh? :)

I understand now! I have one month support remain, so I can’t buy “only support” . Your plugin is cheap! :-)

In jquery.cookiecuttr.js you hardcoded a mouseover text about the all about cookies link. That’s not a good idea, because the link itself can be changed in the settings (but the mouseover text can’t).

That is the intended behaviour, on desktop there is more screen real estate so a fixed bar is used, on mobile where there is far less, the bar defaults to the bottom of the page. It could be overidden with some CSS if you need a fixed bar on mobile.

OK, that makes sense, thanks!

No problem :)

Hi Is this plugin compatible with WPML? Thanks

We have not tested CookieCuttr with WPML so could not guarantee compatibility

Is there a reason why this plugin isn’t loaded on the login page? I’ve got a social login feature there wich should be hidden untill cookies are accepted, but it is showing. Also, the cookiebar asking for acceptence isn’t showing on the login page. Is this for any obvious reason?


Good Afternoon! This is something we could have a look at for you in more detail. Could you email us at

Many thanks Ciara

I have some issues with the plugin WP Super Cache and CC. Cookies (google analytics) are disabled until the visitor click on Accept. But when I accept, ga cookie are not present until some minutes and I need to go on another page to enable them.

Good Afternoon! Could you please send an email to for more help.

Many thanks Ciara

First try with “disable Page elements” and it doesn’t work! If the “Enable the page element disabler” is set, the element will hidden with an message…that’s ok. But not in source! If there is an adsense banner, the code will be loaded! The only different ist the hide feature, for privacy really bad :-/

Thats not support, that’s an bug! Can you fix this please? Elements with “Enter the CSS Selectors” can not be loaded in source code!

Hi there, is it possible to adjust the position of the message?.. for instance I use a cookie plug-in that unfortunately covers the socket and therefore the terms & condition links, that are also important (Germany), are invisable… I am not just referring to placement of the message on top or bottom of the screen, but also with addiitional padding etc or similar… thanks