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Why there is no ;usic on the game play and no banner for coin number ..??? please if that available i will purshase immediatlly

and why the player stuck when it run ??

Hi, this is the first version of the game, updates are coming to fixe bug and adding some features :) thanks for your feedback

eclipse or android studio ?

no PSD files ?

there’s psd files, just send me an email :)

Have you a plan to make IOS version soon and when?

next week

The gameplay of the game is not the best, but it’s still a good game, missed the inclusion of a score and achievements, as well as integration with Google Analytics. I hope these features come in the next update.

all those features are coming soon :)

Hello Is there a Libpng problem ? and give me APK demo Because those in Description not work with me

The apk from description doesn´t work

Eclipse or unity? What i get if i purchased it? The demo isnt work