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Hi ! the plugin is incompatible with my site because it doesn’t appear. That’s my link.


Thank you

It is compatible with all sites. Looks like it was just a tiny syntax error. Have replied to your email and provided guide on how to fix it exactly. You should be up and running smoothly soon :)

Hello, where can I translate it with WPML?

Let me know if you need more support via email. :)

Thanks, I guess it is under string translation right?


Just a quick question regarding the WPML for each language.

We have changed the text for this but unfortunately it’s still brining it through in English.

Have you come across this before?

Many Thanks

Hey, sometimes WPML might not be correctly configured. Cookie Info is a WPML verified plugin so the WPML team would be happy to help you resolve this issue for you ASAP. :)

is it possible to Optimize CSS Delivery of the following: CookieInfo/css/cookieinfo.css?ver=1.0 , i am testing a site through google page insights and only have a couple things to fix to get a 100% score, i am using WP rocket for minification, etc

Yes you can. If you are using WP, you can easily use any optimization plugin that would minify and combine CSS files from all your plugins that are active on the site.

Hello, is it possible to set the bar visible only in homepage?

I don’t see the CSS on the page’s source. Is there a particular CSS file where the custom css was added?

The theme is Jannah: https://themeforest.net/item/jannah-wordpress-news-magazine-theme/19659555 i removed your css from the theme admin panel because does not work

Aha. Would you be able to leave the CSS on the site for a while when I test and provide a fix? It might work on the demo there but hard to ensure it will still work on your site due to other CSS from other plugins that could influence this CSS.

Presale question:
When is the next update?

Soon. Improving usability & small bug fixes.

This plugin is causing issues with Tap Target Sizing on mobile, i don’t want to hide it on mobile as that defeats the purpose, can you advise a solution to code the plugin to cause errors like this ?

Could you share with me the link to your website that I can investigate and provide you with a possible fix? You can email me the website URL if you wish.

Sorry, just yesterday bought, installed and not working on www.bewegungsfelder.de. Where my failure?

Hey, looks like you do not have jQuery included in your HTML. It needs to be included before the js files as the plugin depends on jQuery.

Hello, i’ve this error with your plugin:

(index):472 Uncaught SyntaxError: Invalid or unexpected token

How can i resolve it? Many thanks

Could you try pasting this sentence into the text field from this text below on the application setting again please? Looks like there is a syntax error based on some special characters.

Il sito utilizza cookie propri e di terze parti per fini statistici e per fornire ulteriori servizi. Proseguendo se ne accetta l’utilizzo. E’ possibile modificare le opzioni di utilizzo anche tramite le impostazioni del browser.

Ok, with this text it works.

Hi, it doesent work. https://www.2mol.swiss can you help me?Thanks

Hey, look like on the code there seems to be a syntax error. Could you try adding the more info text in one line without line breaks? Might fix the issue. :)

We have a wordpress website with 4 languages which is setup for multi domains in WPML. Meaning with different languages is on different domains.

.de .dk .eu .us

It’s on the same wordpress installation. So my question is if it is possible to make 4 different links for the “read more” button. Eg. so we can link to the german version of the cookies on .de etc. ?

Yes. So all the strings in the plugin are translatable with WPML so you will have no problem adding a different “read more” button text and the contents for the text. The plugin is also WPML verified plugin so the WPML team will be able to support you as well if you are having any issues getting it working :)