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I just bought the plugin and want to confiugre it, but if I choose the “Top” widget I can not see the text of the Widget “Read more” description. I only see the Widget description, with one button either Allow or Disable. And on the Live preview I can see a pop-up with the confirmation that I allow the cookies on my I site I don’t. (WP 3.9?) Thank you

Can you please send me a link?

The top version doesn’t support read more as there isn’t enough room though, so I’d imagine that answers your question.

Hi, After installing the plugin I see that the administrator, editor, author and contributor have the opportunity to change the settings. Like most plugins only the administrator is allowed to do so, how can I change it so that only the administrator can change the settings?

Unfortunately this is not possible, there’s no access control built in.

Hi, I have been able to translate most of the text that the plugin outputs except “You have already accepted cookies. Click the button below to disable them.” I see this text in both cookiecompliancy.js and cookiecompliancy.min.js but changhing it there does not help.

How can I translate this text?


That’s where the text lies, after changing the text you will need to clear your cache or it’ll use the cached JS and you won’t see the changes.

Hi, I purchased the pluging “Codecanyon-3509174-cookie-compliancy-for-wordpress” and will not let me install it. I upload the compressed pluging from wordpress and tells me the following: Decompressing …

Installing the plugin …

Could not decompress the packet. No plugins were found.

Failure to install the plugin.

help me You? version wordpress 3.9.1

thank you very much, I have the following problem, the accept button is bigger than that box of cookies

I downloaded two plugins by mistake (codecanyon-2291351-jquery-cookie-compliancy) . This does not get installed following the steps above, the other if.

That’s becasue it’s a jQuery version, which naturally won’t install on a WordPress installation via the normal method.

Have this plugin a integrated Google Analytics function like Cookie Cuttr?

Afraid not.

Does that blocks all cookies until user acceptance?

Nope, you have to manually enter the “restricted” JS code in to the admin panel so that it’s only inserted once cookies are accepted.

Hello, It does not seem to catch up with updates

What do you mean by catch up with updates?


It disable all the cookies until the user accept?

In Italy i can’t enable AT ALL cookies (analytics, adsense, amazon affiliation and more), until user accept that…!

Let me know if this plugin can handle that ;)


Yes i am! Top version. But how i can set a width if my theme is responsive? it should accept % values, but i can just put pixels… If i set 500 px, on mobile is cutted.

Another question please.. How i can delete the button to show again the bar (after user accept)? The square with little “C” logo. Can you tell me which file i have to edit?

Thanks for support.

I’m afraid it’s not responsive. That will be in the .js file that’s in the plugin’s folder.

I’m afraid too…. :D BTW, thanks for your support..