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In selecting a recipe plugin, I am down to yours or WP Ultimate Recipe (paid version) ( Do you have a comparison available?

Not a direct comparison no. Right off the bat, Cooked looks a lot nicer:



I have a problem to load more content and on pagination. The slash does not start. (page 1 | page 2)

You: Http:// it’s good.

Me: Http://

How can I fix this problem so that the slash is generated?

Another question : The administrator + members can not put stars to recipes? Only members can do it.

Another question : How to use comments by default on recipes and not those of the plugin?


(i’m french)

For paginatiokn it’s good finally.

Rating Stars: You can have Guest ratings or Admin ratings, not both.

Comments: You would need to disable the Cooked comments with some custom code. This would be out of scope for support, however.

I have seen that the last version is 2.4.1 and when I download the plugin the version that appears to me is 2.4 Please I need you to check it because the latest version is not downloaded.

I would also like to know when you plan to release version 3.0.

a greeting

Try to update Cooked through the WP Dashboard instead of downloading here.

3.0 is in the works, and coming along really nicely! I should have it ready in a few months.


nice1987 Purchased

Is it possible to have a sidebar on single recipe page?

Yes, it depends on the theme you’re using on how you go about doing it. Shoot me a ticket if you end up purchasing and I can give you a hand:


charper Purchased

Hi, is there an ability to import recipes? I have about 1,000 offline. I can format them in any way necessary to get them into the plugin. I’d rather not have someone create 1,000 posts in WP. Would that be something that I would need to go to WP Kraken for? Thanks!

Not impossible, but definitely a major customization project. WP Kraken might be able to write an import tool for you that would handle this type of thing:

nice1987 Purchased

I created a page and added [cooked-browse] shortcode but its giving me following errors on the page…

“Warning: require(/home3/......./wp-content/plugins/cooked/templates/views/.php): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home3/......../wp-content/plugins/cooked/includes/shortcodes.php on line 90

Fatal error: require(): Failed opening required ’/home3/........../wp-content/plugins/cooked/templates/views/.php’ (include_path=’.:/opt/php56/lib/php’) in /home3/........./wp-content/plugins/cooked/includes/shortcodes.php on line 90”

What could be wrong?

Please submit a ticket so I can take a look at this for you. Send along your WP admin information and FTP access as well if you can:

nice1987 Purchased

Thanks, i have updated the details in ticket. PRIVATE TICKET #999713.

is Cooked has its own blog exactly like Basil Recipes – A Recipe-Powered WordPress Theme founded here

Cooked is a plugin that handles the recipes, Basil is a theme that works well with Cooked. They are not both themes. If you buy Basil, you get Cooked with it.

Hello! Everything is working well, except I cannot find how to display the tags (taxonomy) I am using for each recipe.

I have it selected in the Admin to use the taxonomy, however it is not displaying on recipe cards, or on the full recipe page. I also referenced the documentation, and I am not finding any shortcodes for Tags taxonomy.

Any idea of how to get this information? (I’d at least like to offer a browse-by-tag option in a custom page. It’s where I’m referencing main recipe ingredients, which is a useful browse option). But I’m pretty confused about why it’s offered as a Taxonomy in the admin and such, but not used in any layout or shortcode that I can find. Thanks!

Right now tags are only used for search related uses. You cannot display them at the moment. However, this is changing in a major update (Cooked 3.0) in the next few months.

Cool, thanks! I figured out a workaround for now. At the moment my star ratings are not showing, and pagination is throwing a 404. I will look at it a bit more first, but I reckon opening a ticket at your site is the way to go? Thanks!

Yep, open a ticket! :)

Hi there, please I’m looking for a mealplan wpplugin compatible with cooked. Any idea? Really thanks, I love this plugin!!

Cooked 3.0 is in the works and will eventually include these types of features (meal plans, shopping lists, etc.)

Hi, I have a presales question and I would use your help very much. Offcourse, we have a food blog (why else would I need this plugin ;) ). Also, we have other users submiting posts. For now (7 years) we did not have any recipe plugin… I think this plugin has all that we need. But…always but. I am not sure how it would implement with our current theme (which is to stay for a long time…). We are using Newspaper theme and this is our website: So, what is my question? My question would be how is this plugin compatible with different kind of themes? Sory for maybe not very clear question and thank you in advance for an answer!!

Yes it is compatible, but you might run into some minor issues that I would be able to help you with after purchasing. You can submit a ticket here:

Thank you very much for an answer! We shall definitely consider your plugin!

Hi. I am looking at purchasing this plug-in but I have two questions.

1. Is it compatible with WP 4.7? 2. can you generate a printer-friendly page for people to print out recipes? I have read previous comments with people requesting the ability to print without images etc. Has this been added yet?

Many thanks John

I have now purchased the Basil theme and i am unable to find Cooked in the install files (this was supposed to be included). Can you please advise asap. Thanks

To continue, I have now activated the plugin and have been busy populating it with recipes. My problem is the search doesn’t work. Can you advise me as to how to set up the search results page please? Loving it so far though!

I have sent in a ticket.

hi BoxyStudio, Just a quick pre purchase question, my customer would like to have some kind of membership for her clients to view her recipes, I was looking at your demo and there is no option for it, basically anyone can view the recipes, please advise on how to allow only members to view the recipes. Thanks a million, Happy New Year

Hi :-) I have been using your awesome plugin for a while now, and it has worked perfectly… I have now switched themes, and it looks like it will work, but the sidebar of the individual recipes shows up underneath the recipe, and the recipe now stretches dull width… I’m hoping it’s not a compatibility issue, as I really love the theme and your plugin. The theme I switched to is this one: Thanks so much :-)

Oh, and the new theme has custom sidebars for recipes, categories, tags, etc…

Probably an easy fix, but I will need to take a look at your site via a support ticket:

Note: you will need to purchase another license or extend support.

I just renewed support, and submitted a ticket, thanks :-)

Pre-purchase question: Is it possible a backend demo?

Not at this time, but soon!

Can you provide a link please where I can view the HTML on a non-recipe page?

I have a website where recipes are only 3% of content and therefore, I don’t want unnecessary code loading on the other 97%. The problem with WP recipe plugins I’ve seen (at least those which are popular and regularly updated) is that even on non-recipe pages, they load dozens of lines of code on every page.

My goal is something like TablePress but for recipes – where I can enter a shortcode to add a recipe to a post on a selective basis. On pages not using TablePress, there is only 1 line of code linking to TablePress CSS. I want something like that.


In addition to above questions, could you please also provide a screenshot and/or tell more about the options for linking to text within the ingredients list and instructions. Specifically…

(1) Can links be added in ingredients and instructions? (2) Can anchor text be chosen for these links? (3) Can links be set to open in a new window? (4) Can links have rel=”nofollow” added?


I would suggest waiting for Cooked 3.0, due out in a few months. All of these will be included. ;)

Hello, Thanks for a great plugin. I’m using this for a client that have brought the plugin. However, I would like to do a “heads-up” for a conflict when using the plugin together with the theme “Socialize”. When activating the plugin and tries to login to the site, if typed wrong password no error message are shown, instead the page loads in a iFrame in the login dialogue.

I’ve seen that you are releasing a version 3.0, this might help the problem. When are expected release date?

I’m aiming for a March release for the new version of Cooked. It’s a complete rebuild, so everything has been redesigned and recoded with compatibility, SEO and UX in mind. :)