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Is possible translate to spanish?? you can give the suppot?

You can use a plugin like Loco Translate to create your own translation:

Here’s a guide for that:

Does the Cooked plugin work with any wordpress theme – or only when used with the Basil theme?

It works with any well-coded WordPress theme.

Hello, When I scroll down the recipes page, it shows the same recipes again and again. Old recipes can’t be seen. You told me it was a bug and that it will be fixed. I would like to know when it will be fixed, as it is a major issue and this plugin it’s supposed to work with any Wordpress theme, that’s why I bought it! Many thanks.

This should be fixed now with a recent update. In order for me to help you get it resolved though, I will need you to submit a ticket (which means you need to renew support).

I had support two months ago and received the same answer: it will be fixed with the next update, so I don’t understant why should I renew support if you didn’t fix the issue when I had it.

Pre sales question: Does your plugin work with the WordPress Virtue Premium theme?

Regards Rob

I haven’t tested it with that theme, but it should work!

I have bought the plugin and got a purchasing code, but when I go to your website to try to file a support ticket, I get a message saying I haven’t bought any product and can’t file the ticket. I only got one Envato account, and that’s the one I try to connect through, but still my purchase is not found.

Strange… Can you try connecting again?

As a food blogger I have to have schema compatibility for SEO, Pinterest Rich Pins etc. Do you have a timeline on when this will be available or will it not be a feature of the plugin?

is there a way to upload multiple images on the frontend? Also your upload image on the demo isn’t working.

Loving the plugin, thank you very much.

Is there a way to bulk upload recipes? CSV upload?

Regards Rob

No, sorry.

Does this plugin interfere with my Blog / posts? I want one page with recipes and one with my blog and it seems like a lot of the recipe plugins on the market interfere with the blog. Thanks.

This hasn’t been updated in some time. Still compatible with new WP version?



FRUITEL Purchased

Hi, i have 2 recipe pictures on my recipe detail page. How i could delete (hide) the first ? Please see screenshot :​

The theme you’re using is displaying the featured image. Looks like you got this working though judging by the way the site looks now!

Hey Where I can See the Demo of Custom Recipe RSS Feed

Will schema markup compatibility for SEO, Pinterest Rich Pin etc be a feature?

Cooked current supports schema, Rich Pins are coming in 3.0

Is there a timeline on that release?

Cooked 3.0 (Free Version) will be out in the WP repo in less than a month. The “Pro” version of that will be ready soon after. I would say within 2-3 months.

Hey there! This plugin looks amazing, but I wanted to use it for another niche and not for recipes. Would it be possible to use it for something else? :)

You certainly can, but I wouldn’t be able to help with that change. I would suggest using Loco Translate for text-based changes though:

For example, to change “Recipes” to “Books”, etc.

Will users be able to easily upgrade from Cooked 2.0 to 3.0? Or is it best to just wait for 3.0 if we haven’t started using Cooked 2.0 yet?

Best to wait. Cooked 3.0.0 will be a brand new plugin released for free on You can then upgrade to the Pro version for the additional features like ratings, favorites, profiles, etc.

This is a presale question: I looked at the preview theme and it appears that there’s only one image per recipe. Is it possible to post multiple images for each recipe?

I just bought the plugin. is there a way to load more images in the text? I would like to show more than just one small image :(

The next version of Cooked has galleries, so no but soon!