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Is this no longer supported? I purchased support two days ago and submitted a ticket, as of yet nothing from support.

[responded via support desk]

Thank you, I can confirm that I am now receiving excellent support.

Hi, any updates on the new cooked release date??

No problem at all! I’m really looking forward to it!! Any ideas on when it will be completed??

I’m hoping within the next month!

Awesome! Thanks a bunch for the great work!!!

I am waiting 3 days for help with the plugin still no reaction on my ticket

So sorry about the delays, I responded a little bit ago!

Thankyou worked like a charm!!!

Can you give any realistic time frame for when the new cooked PRO plugin is ready – and the theme to go with it? :-) I can’t wait much longer.. :-D (It must be nice to have customers lined up waiting to buy!)

I’m so sorry about the delays with Cooked Pro. I have a good day or two of work left on getting things buttoned up for release, I’m just trying to find the time to get it done. I plan on working a lot on it this week!

how to apply envato birthday sale 50% discount?

it was already applied at the $24 price. The normal price is $49.

My pagination has never worked for this plugin. I had support, but tried submitting a ticket a while back but your ticketing system was “down for maintenance”. I really don’t want to pay for support again when this problem has been from day 1.

Be sure to update to the latest version, pagination was adjusted again recently: http://boxyupdates.com/changelog.php?p=cooked


TXTFox Purchased

This plugin is great! Any way you guys can get it working with Buddypress? Or an add-on? Then it would be EXCEPTIONAL!

Hi, I’m wandering if it makes sense to buy the plugin now or to wait for the 3.0 version that you said should be released this month?

Does it work on side of woocommerce because I would like to create a new section that will not impact my shop buttons and options.

Is it possible to start creating my recipes section now on the current version and then to update to the 3.0 version with all the recipes or do I will have to do it all over again?



I would suggest installing the free version here: https://wordpress.org/plugins/cooked/

Then upgrade to Cooked Pro when that is released in a few weeks.

Hello. Is it possible to include recipes into a normal blog post?

Yes, you can use the [cooked-recipe id=1234] shortcode, where 1234 is the ID of the recipe post.

Can we link the ingredients to Woocommerce products?

Not yet, but soon with Cooked Pro.

Does it support WP AMP wp plugin?

Not yet, sorry.

Hi there, the plugin is crashing the site since last update. How can I downgrade to last version? It is breaking the visual composer… Thanks! (btw, when I download the plugin from themeforest from downloads and the item page the folder is about 27July… maybe the new version is not really uploaded?) Thanks!!

Very strange… unfortunately I cannot provide support without access to your site. You would need to extend support and then submit a ticket here: https://boxystudio.ticksy.com

Just a note on support extensions… Keep in mind that providing support & updates in perpetuity is just not a sustainable business model for any software developer. The support extensions are a step in the right direction to keep development moving in a positive direction. I would personally like it if Envato required license renewals each year to get updates as well. If every customer paid $50 and got continuous support and updates for 10 years, the developer would essentially end up paying the customer to use the product.

I extended support, thanks.

[responded via support desk]

have a couple presale questions. i’m hoping Pro gets released soon, but i’d like to start loading the recipes. will both the paid codecanyon version and the free version work for the upgrade to Pro? would one of them work better? also, is it possible to edit the layout of the Search for Recipes section (Categories, Cuisines, Methods, Sort) without having to get into the code? i’m looking for a way to easily break out gluten free for the different categories.

I would suggest using the free one for now, it will upgrade much easier to Pro when it’s ready. It’s far more customizable as well, but it doesn’t include some of the features that this one does (Pro will though).