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I used SQLiteStudio. I don’t know how to use.

Hi. Open the pre-populated database cookbook.db in the editor. There are 3 SQL tables: categories, recipes, ingredients. Click on the data tab in the editor and you’ll be able to modify data or add new rows. This way you can change categories and add recipes. Please do no change the structure, modify only the data. Just see the demo table and get inspired by it. Once you make any change, you have to click on commit button. That’s it. It is simple.

Hi, I have a request Please add Facebook ads also on your next update…or can you make it separate for me. Now days ads restrictions on admob. And please add admin panel it’s very hard every time updates. Please do the needful. Thank you

Hi. I have it in my TODO list. I cannot promise, but I will consider it. Thanks for your feedback.

Hello dear friends, is there a way to put the recipes in 2 or more languages? I mean that in the same app the user can change the language according to their preference

Hi. Sure, you can do that. Our app supports multiple languages.

Hi, I have a request Please add Facebook ads also on your next update…or can you make it separate for me. Now days ads restrictions on admob. And please add admin panel it’s very hard every time updates. Please do the needful. Thank you

Because when we send an update on Google Play its taken long time for updation.

Please let me know when you will provide online data update

Hi. That’s how this app is designed – it uses local database. It is on purpose. We don’t want to give any promises regarding the future updates. Thanks for understanding.


mataksi Purchased

How can I change the font size? in instruction

Hi. You can do that in fragment_recipe_detail_content_instruction.xml. Use textSize attribute. Thanks.

You can also find all default dimensions in dimens.xml.

I need this application with simple modifications, I have a restaurant and I need to present to my customers a menu through the tablet that will contain the types of dishes with the image of the dish and a description of the dish and the price of the dish, can you do this

Hi. Yes, it shouldn’t be a problem. You can easily modify the app to your needs. Thanks.

Can you send your email ?

Do yo own this too..? >>>>

Hi. It seems like someone stole our code. Thanks for the notice.

Tiene intenciones de dar soporte para Android 10?

Hi. Sure, it is supported.

In this new update online data update is available

Hi. Please see the changelog what has been changed. Thanks.

Hello, is there ready recipes included (in database), if yes – about how many? thx!

Hi. Yes, there are 34 recipes – just to demonstrate the app. You can add your own recipes. There is no limit. Thanks.

hello bro i buy your code im working in right now i need your help pls i have some error msg (plugin with id not foud ) and also what i must change in builde gradle i must rewrite some code there!!please im lost i read your explication i try lot but now im blocked

Hi. I recommend to read the documentation. Everything is described there step by step. If you see any error, please try to google it first. 99.9% errors that occur can be resolved with assistance. Let me know if it helped. Thanks.


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i have problem in categories. When adding icons in categories they appear black

Hi. Did you use transparent PNG format? Please use the same format and size of icons as the original app.

The problem is that your icons are colorful. The original icons are grey (monochromatic) as they are tinted. Colorful icons cannot be tinted. That’s why it doesn’t work. You have 2 options: disable tint in the config or use monochromatic icons. More info in the documentation – I highly recommend to read it. Hope it helps.

Does it support the Arabic language Menus and submenus And cooking topics

Thank you

Hi. Yes, our app supports unicode and also RTL. Thanks.


aang99 Purchased

I have read this question => problem with colored icons in categories. I’ve read the document, but I still don’t know how to disable tint in the configuration so I can use colored icons for categories?

please help me ..


Hi. Having image as a splash screen is not recommended because of various resolutions of devices. Google guidelines recommend to use a logo. You can try to edit splash.png and you can change image dimensions in splash_bg.xml. Thanks.


aang99 Purchased

Oh okay, how do I change the background color of the splash?

You can do it here: splash_bg.xml

app looking good on demo. how would someone go about if support is needed

Hi. We provide support to our customers. Let me know if you need any help. Thank you.

Hi Support, Having issue using the emulator 11, 10 or 9 with android studio.. The cookbook app builds without error (note this is the base build no changes made yet) however if i try to build and run it with a emulator (anyone of the above) it crashes the emulator and it want start. Any help much appriciated. note all updated to latest versions but no changes.. I checked online but no info found does help with the issue.

solved it myself, is a problem in android studio emulator (HW -> SW) acceleration, on SW it works

Perfect, thanks.

HI Robo, just to say code works fine on app. Also multi language works also well on the app, DB function also work well so a good app in total… If i may suggets for your next update. Within the DB i would suggest reverse the ingrediente e.g so that you havea sepparte column within the recipes table (ingredients) which allows you to backlink to the relevant ingredient. This would save tone of duplicated entries on ingredients. reason: e.g lets say salt (as it is used mostly all the. At the moment you could have salt entry 1000 times if you have 1000 recipies. If you have an extra column in the recipes table to cross ref to ingredients then you only would have 1 entry.. The advantage is that you only need to list the ingredients once and refer to it :)

Hi. Thank you for your feedback. We will consider it. The main issue with this is actually quantity – each recipe has different quantity of the ingredient. Also many-to-many relation is more complex and might be confusing for some users. Otherwise it is a good idea. We will think about it. Thanks.

Hello, I love your app but before i purchase i want to add payment gateway here can you please do that…? Ex: if user like my recipe then user should be able to order the specific food from my app itself (Food Delivery App).

Hi. That would require a lot of changes. This is a recipe app. We do not plan to add food delivery functionality. Thanks for understanding.

Hello, I want to buy. But I don’t know very good code. I’ll do it by looking at your help file. How to add a new recipe before purchasing, If it has a photo, can you share it.

So I will add new recipes, I will enter adsense information and change the name and icon of the application. I will make and publish them. So I want to be sure.

Sure, you can modify categories as you need. You can categorize recipes by Country.

I want to buy. But I want learn how add recipe ör add category. Please give support PDF or example video

Hi. Manual is part of the ZIP file. I just sent it to you via email.

getting error for 2 java code need help pls


exp1red Purchased

refund my amount its been so many days since i asked for refund

Please see the explanation. Thank you.


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