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Pre question: Do poeple to update the application every time I add a recipe? Because what I see here is DB file? If yes, is there anyway to connect to a mysql server and add/update or remove recipes from there?

Hi. Yes, app has to updated if you modify the database. Data is stored in a local SQLite database. It is just a DB file which you can edit with any SQLite editor. Internet connection is not required. There is no REST API backend nor admin panel. Everything is well described in the documentation. This app does not support REST API. Thank you.

Hi, i am hiring a developer to customise this app for me. Do i need to host my recipe databases on a server if i requires a CMS for adding and removing recipes. Is it possible to have a offline app and still able to modify the datatbase through CMS.

Hi. It is possible, but implementing this will be more complicated. You can implement a synchronization with your server via REST API and store data locally in the SQLite database for offline use.

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Hi i have presale questions,

Do users need internet connection all time to view the recipes. If i update an recipe it will be automatically loaded in app when users connect to internet or they need to updated the app to view newly added recipes or categories.

Sure. UTF-8 is supported.

Hi, is the shopping list, intro, servings, calories, shopping list can be disabled? i just need ingredients without check box and the description for the recipes, with add to favorites and sharing options.

is this is possible.

Hi. It is possible. If you set servings or calories to 0, it will be hidden. If you want to remove the check box, you have to modify the layout and change it to a TextView. It requires some changes in the code.


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Hello, I have followed all instructions regarding setting up app in Android Studio. everytime I go to do a build I get this::

Error:Execution failed for task ’:mobile:mergeDebugResources’. > Error: com.android.builder.internal.aapt.AaptException: Failed to crunch file C:\Users\Folder\Desktop\codecanyon-10747654-cookbook-recipe-app-for-android\cookbook-1.2.1\mobile\build\intermediates\exploded-aar\com.google.android.gms\play-services-base\8.4.0\res\drawable-xhdpi\common_google_signin_btn_text_dark_pressed.9.png into C:\Users\Folder\Desktop\codecanyon-10747654-cookbook-recipe-app-for-android\cookbook-1.2.1\mobile\build\intermediates\res\merged\debug\drawable-xhdpi\common_google_signin_btn_text_dark_pressed.9.png

Please assist!


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Google’s tool chain still an issue, I just moved the file path up one folder and the error went away!

Hi. Try to clean the project (Menu -> Build -> Clean project) and invalidate cache (File -> Invalidate Caches). Also see this link: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/30764604/execution-failed-for-task-appmergedebugresources-crunching-cruncher-png-fa Thanks.


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I’ve decided to buy cookbook. Does it matter what version of Android studio i will install? What about Android studio 2.2, or should i install earlier version? – Thank You!

Hi. I recommend to install the newest stable version 2.2.3. Thanks.

I have 2 questions before i buy please. 1st. This is the only place i can ask for support? 2nd. It supports also other formas of advertisement right? I mean i prefer to use other networks other than Admob. If the network doesn’t provide a guide on how to implement the code is it something i can get help here ?

Thanks in advance!

Hi. Yes, this is the best place to ask for the support. This app supports only AdMob, but you can modify it and use something else, but customization or installation is not a part of our support – it is a paid service. If you are interested in the customization, please contact us via e-mail. Thanks.

Hi, I have purchased this app. when im trying to delete current recipes and add my recipes, it still showing old recipes.how to add my recipes and delete current recipes.

Hi. You have to increment a database version in the config. Please read the documentation (Chapter 6: Prepare Database and Images). Everything is described there. Thanks.

Hi, What is the difference between your app and this one https://codecanyon.net/item/bon-appetit-recipes-app/19231529/ ? :)

Hi. It seems that the app is plagiarism of our Cookbook app. I contacted my lawyer. Thank you for letting me know.

Hi, i bought this app but the categories section does not show any recipes. how can i fix this?

Hi. You have to add recipes in the SQLite database. Please follow the documentation. Thanks.

I already added recipes but it only show up in the “All Recipes” section. Documentation followed properly. Also, i added the proper “category ID” to the each recipe in the “recipe table”...Even with this all categories remain empty. Infact..the first time when i ran the app without editing it..the category didn’t display any anyrecipes…but the All recipes section had recipes listed. Please advise.

Please double check your category ids and other columns. Also keep in mind, that when you update your data, you have to also update database version in the config. Please follow the documentation for more info. Everything is described there. If you still have problems with the database, you can send me the SQLite file and I will check it out. Thanks.

Hello I want to buy this template, but the problem where there is no category

Hi. I am sorry but I don’t understand. What exactly do you mean? You can add your own recipes and categories.

Did you always update this template Do you add categories

Hi. Yes, we provide updates of the app, but it is your responsibility to add data (recipes and categories). This app is just a template, you should add a content.


1.) java.lang.NullPointerException,”Attempt to invoke interface method ‘void java.util.List.add(int, java.lang.Object)’ on a null object reference”,MainActivity.java,

2.) java.lang.IllegalStateException,You need to use a Theme.AppCompat theme (or descendant) with this activity.,AppCompatDelegateImplV9.java,android.support.v7.app.AppCompatDelegateImplV9,createSubDecor,351

these error occur quite often. any solution?

Hi. 1) Make sure that your database is correct a there is at lest one category and one recipe. Make sure that all mandatory data is filled (not null). 2) Make sure that the theme in manifest file is correct. Also make sure that you have installed all necessary support libraries. Thanks.

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Please can you send the manifest file on my e-mail? Thank you.

hi there!

1-) does it comes with any tutorial about how tô customize this app?

2-) does it suport admob?

3-) can i make all the changes that i want?

Hello. 1) Sure, we provide a step by step documentation. Everything important is described there. 2) Yes, AdMob is supported. 3) Sure, you can change the app as you need. Thanks.

one more thing: i dont need a server tô püt the récipes, right? does it eork only with android or also with ios? also, do u have a quiz app?

Hi. Yes, you don’t need any server. Data is stored in a local SQLite database. This app is a native Android app. It is not compatible with iOS. We don’t have a quiz app. Thanks.

I’m trying to index the app and following the instructionfor adb command to verify the app but the app doesnt open. can you help? My app is already ready for public release but just need to index it properly before releasing


Hi. Please make sure that the URL matches with the intent filter. Can you show me your manifest file and the URL?

Hi . When I try to run app in android 4.4.2(Real Device), some errors appearance in android studio. One of this warning is ” Avoid using bundled Google play service SDK ” but I don’t know when I can’t use Google play service last , how solve google play .

and next Error is for library support v4 . I use last version in my Gradle, but red line appearance under line library support v4.

Please tell me, for this 2 library, How versions can I used for this library match with the project. I use last version Android studio 2.3 and last SDK and Android repository .

I used everything in Internet from, clean project and invalidate and restart, but still errors appearance in project.

Thank’s for reading dear.

Hi. We don’t provide a support to users who did not purchase the app. We protect ourselves against potentional warez this way. Thank you for understanding.

hello, How to automatically find result, in the same time we are typing keyword in the search bar?

actually, you must press enter to search.


Hi Youssef. This functionality is not supported. It would require some changes in the code. Thanks.

can you guide me to make this changes ?

Hi. Customization is not a part of our support. It is a paid service. If you need the customization, please contact us via e-mail. Thank you.

Thank’s for reply dear . But I can’t pay for this project, because we can’t access to Paypal or any national card.

I am so sad for this problem.

Thank’s Dear. If User can pay with local card , I can pay for this project.

But the way, I apologize from you.

What do you mean that you cannot access PayPal or card? Where did you get the source code if you have not bought it? Your app will not work anyway, because it checks the purchase code so you have to buy it legally. I am sorry, but we don’t support piracy nor warez so you will not get any support until you buy it. Thanks.


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i have purchased this app and I try with cookbook 1.2.1 with adding 1 recipe only and then install it in my android phone. It’s good and success

After that i add 200 more recipe and try to build it with coobook 1.3.0, when i install it in my android phone, the app not appear. It’s just blink and then force close every time I open it.

Hi. Could you send me the error log so I can help you with this? Thanks.