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I keep getting this error. (Wrong Details) Please ReEnter Database Details. I tried creating database and user twice. Details are correct. And when i enter the same details again, then it says “Notice! Your Database is already configured”

Contact me on my email: lemonadeflirt@gmail.com

I did send you email there.

Okay I got it Gmail sent your mail to spam.

The script is not working correctly, the downloaded mp4 is nothing, the mp3 comes with nothing, I am having several complaints from my users that can not download through the site.

Not even on your DEMO site is working, what’s going on, do I need a solution?

Yup MP3 is not working as it is in process of improvement but video conversion and download is working properly on your site http://www.uploadkr.com/users/wajahat/pico_39.png


I wonder why some videos do not download, several videos are not converted, my clients are complaining, can you help me?


Yup it happens with some videos sometimes they get converted at first attempt and sometimes after refreshing the page and if not getting converted it means video is restricted by google

hi i just bought it its showing me (Wrong Details) Please ReEnter Database Details Refresh M

heloo i m facing problem for instalation please fix it to me every thing is well like db

Check you site I just fixed it


raefben Purchased

heloo there is same problem in downold pleas check it for me

Please update me on mail so I can see details.

helloo please i need your support urgent because my url is under reveiw please fix it the script is not working downolf file is not worjing i need ti fix it else refund please my site is www.videobref.com to acess to my site www.videobref.com/cpanel FTP/cPanel Username: videobre FTP/cPanel Password: 6lUfxj198S

Why don’t you talk to me in email It would be better to talk there?

sir i ve sent to you email from benraef@hotmail.fr please fix that for me you have all information thankyou

Check your mail :)

Only video files can now be downloaded?

Yes only YouTube and Facebook videos can be downloaded

Does this script convert video file to mp3? i didn’t see mp3 option

Nope no MP3

geat support after purshase thank you

My pleasure :)

Ta complicado utilizar este script, 99% dos vídeos não convertem, acho que deveria ver alguma atualização, pois esta me gerando muitas reclamações!

Contact me on my mail: lemonadeflirt@gmail.com

Ta complicado utilizar este script, 99% dos vídeos não convertem, acho que deveria ver alguma atualização, pois esta me gerando muitas reclamações!

There must be a problem with your installation. Contact me on my mail lemonadeflirt@gmail.com so that I can check for the issues

php 7.1 ?

Nope PHP 7.1 not supported

but when will it be supported?

Can’t say anything about it.

hi just put google adsense ADs , in desktop computer ads and every thing look perfect but mobile ad space in not responsive . plz check here : http://kaisekamaye.com/videodownloader/ Screen shot : http://www.kaisekamaye.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/10/video_ads001.jpg

Please contact me on my mail with details lemonadeflirt@gmail.com

Any plans to bring back MP3 support? Without it the script is pretty useless…

I’m planing to do so but it will take time

I am facing issues 1. https://ibb.co/f1AvxG

Plz help me in solving this error

Please contact me on my mail lemonadeflirt@gmail.com