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Also another problem See this link : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_Ih1XRPRFBI after download it redirects google error page, not downloading. 03. That’s an error.

Your client does not have permission to get URL /videoplayback?mm=31&mn=sn-nx57yn7s&ipbits=0&sparams=clen,dur,ei,gir,id,ip,ipbits,itag,lmt,mime,mm,mn,ms,mv,nh,pl,ratebypass,source,upn,expire&expire=1483786432&mt=1483764748&mv=u&clen=5520000&ms=au&lmt=1318552297519690&dur=0.000&ip= from this server.

Tempo error and causes mostly by browser

It’s error coused cz there is signature! :)


I am trying to install your script, but i continue to get error. Here is the script placed : myseeu.info When i fill database infos i get 404 not found


redw0rm Purchased

i cant install help pls

Check your mail

I am trying to install your script, but i continue to get error. Here is the script placed : youtubetomp3.mx i set the songs folder 777 with your requirement. When i fill database info i get 404 not found

Check your mail

.mx domain not issue. its your script issue. i install your script on other domain .com still this error “Sorry This Video Cannot Be Converted” check this domain i installed your script here: http://www.freethemes4u.com/youtube/

Your issue is resolved. Thanks

Video download is not working. It works when you change http to https. http(s)://redirector.googlevideo.com

Change browser and check again

But the most used chrome. Other sites work on chrome :(

Update is in process it is fixed in Update 1.4

Does the script work with NGINX? With the server that is apache for a server that works with NGINX

You can check if it works but it is not recommended.

My script is in trouble, I updated the version of it to see if the problem was solved and still it continues, can you please help me?


What is your email address so I can send my FTP data?

New Update is in the queue just wait and redo the update 1.4 which will be available in few hours after codecanyon approval. Also contact me on my mail: lemonadeflirt@gmail.com

not responsive

hello sir i want buy your script plz send me you facebook id than buy your script

I need help, my script is not working!


Contact me on my mail lemonadeflirt@gmail.com

What changed this update ?

There was a little bug in update 1.4 just Replaced “download.php” file

1) hi there can it convert from MOV file to MP4?

2) do they put the mov file url then download it to any format they want? is that how it works?

3) they cannot download from youtube videos right? (i dont need that)

4) will i get into trouble as a site owner if the user rips off any online content? (my ip is logged when they go and put the url of the video as my server downloaded it?

5) does this delete uploaded files periodicaly to clear storage space?


Nope it’s main purpose is downloading Online videos like YouTube.

hi, i tried the demo and when i download it return

Your client does not have permission to get URL /videoplayback?mv=u&pl=21&mt=1488450570&beids=%5B9452306%5D&ms=au&id=o-AEiiiwnQpgIFFj6JWKC0IgFiYs4pIogBCDuuyW7Q_MEE&ei=d_S3

can i make it so i have ads in between mp3 button and download button on download page?

Yes you can customize it however you like it by yourself but customization is not included in the support so you have to do it yourself.

Hi, How price if you script “Support for ConverTo Video Downloader & Converter ” have added script download from indonesian video the url is www.vidio.com ?

tell me about the price?



downloading from utube and facebook not working… Other places I haven’t checked

YouTube works only facebook is removed

Hi, I cannot install your script on my site https://vevoo.co/index.php I put db info, but shows Not Found when I press submit button.

I add manually db name, user and password on config.php file, but same problem

Check your email.

Hello, refund my money if you cannot fix this problem.

As you wish just request for refund anytime.

bro I created the db and everything with SQL however it (Wrong Details) Please ReEnter Database Details Refresh

I double checked everything

Thanks :) well done. What CSS can I change the green button, the height of the header and the fonts?

I just updated the profile through admin the website no longer works I m telling your code has a problem. I just wasted time creating a logo creating ads and all that now is completely blank. You’re selling something that has a problem. Create something that works 100% not with all these problem. Please issue me a refund I rather buy a code that works without wasting weeks.

Actual problem is not with the code it is with your version of PHP as you migrated directly from PHP 5.6 to 7.1 many functions missed and I tried to customize the script for your server but still if you are not satisfied you will get your refund as money is not important for me customer satisfaction is important. Thanks

DEMO facebook video can’t download

Facebook is not available

in Demo, mp3 download is not working. How you manage to provide mp3 download. Does FFMPEG is required for this?

Currently Mp3 is not working it is API based not FFMPEG