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Hello there. I like the plugin very much but i’m running into a problem. I want the images to be a single image element. But when I convert it shows an empty single image element. How to fix this?

Hi there, glad you like the plugin. Is the image attached to the page or post? Single image elements in Visual Composer require the attachment ID of the image which usually comes from the image being attached to the page or post. If the image is coming from an external source or is from your site but isn’t attached to the page or post then that could be the problem.

After the conversion its worth looking at the shortcodes created in your page or post to see exactly what was generated. It can be difficult to sift through all shortcodes Visual Composer creates for a page but worth it to see exactly what was output. Feel free to send it over and I’ll analyse.

yes the image come from an external site.

That will be the reason then. Visual Composer can only do single image elements for local images. I recommend importing all external images and storing them locally. It will speed up your website too. There are some handy plugins for importing external images to Wordpress.

Hi, I would like to second the notion of adding a reverse VC-> Standard WP Content option or separate plugin. I bought you plugin last year and it worked great. I have a client now pretty serious about Facebook Instant Articles and Google AMP mobile pages and niether of them play well with WP content with shortcodes. If you know of another way to do this, or “mirror” post content to render differently for mobile views, I am all ears. Thanks.

It would be quite a big job to create a VC to standard wordpress converter. I’m not sure how much of a need there is for that but I will look in to it more.

I know the Total Cache plugin has the ability to direct specific agent types (say for smartphones) to a different theme. So you could use that and it would render different for mobile viewers. But its not really a recommended practice.


my website is currently using the Advanced Custom Fields PRO as a builder on my website.

You think it is possible to use your plugin with it?

No the plugin is specifically for Visual Composer as it converts standard Wordpress formatting in to VC formatting. ACF Pro uses an entirely different system which isn’t as powerful as VC. I would recommend using VC over ACF Pro for page building.

Hi Matt! I recently installed the “convert page & post content to visual composer” plugin. However, whenever I try to click on “add row” or “add text box”, it’s not letting me do so. it freezes and doesn’t create a row/text box. I’m not sure if it’s a wordpress problem, or a plugin problem. I bough this plugin, but I initially had visual composer as part of a envato theme I installed, but have since switched over to a different theme. It doesn’t let me know the visual composer on new pages I created so I wanted this plugin to be able to do so. Thanks for your help!

Hi, The problem you have is related to your themes and to the Visual Composer plugin. My converter plugin could not cause the problem as it doesn’t directly access any of the parts you’re working with. It merely creates shortcodes that VC uses. Its likely your problem is related to switching themes and possibly different versions of Visual Composer. I recommend contacting the theme creator with your problem. Sorry I can’t help you further.

Thanks for your reply. Looks like there’s an issue with the theme and visual composer. Would it be possible to receive a refund because it doesn’t work for my wordpress?

Technically my plugin isn’t at fault and is working perfectly. I would recommend speaking to the theme developer to find out what they have done to break visual composer as it seems the fault is there and thats where the refund should come from.

Hi, your plugin seems to not be compatible with my theme, I’ve got the support page under the “settings menu” but the button doesn’t appear on the editing page below the vc buttons (front/back end editor) . Do you have any idea, how I can fix this issue? I use https://themeforest.net/item/total-responsive-multipurpose-wordpress-theme/6339019.

That link didn’t work. Can you send me another and I’ll take a look. I’m happy to help support my plugin and its actions. Its worth remembering my plugin creates standard Visual Composer shortcodes which your theme then displays in pages. So as long as your theme can successfully convert them (with VC plugin installed) it should work. Let me know more details and I’ll see what I can do

why does your plugin assume that every paragraph should become a row? I have about a hundred posts I need to convert, and happy for each of them to be one big text blog in one big row, rather than heaps of separate rows.

The plugin assumes this as if you look at almost every theme that uses visual composer formats the content like this. Usually because you can then animate rows and elements within them. It also allows for more flexible mobile friendly responsive layout because images can be the “single image” element rather than all text and images bulked into one text box in one row.

I would recommend this approach because it will give you more options.

We have salient theme and visual composer to go with it. Twas working AOK until a few days ago. Now all the visual composer items like blocks and items are gone but left the code for under the classic editor. Will this product work in converting everything back to normal and if it didn’t is there a money back guarantee? What is the limit of the support you provide with this product? Thanks

Well it would be impossible for me to tell if either was causing your specific setup any issues. Like I say my plugin just lets you convert standard Wordpress content in to VC’s short-codes which the VC plugin can display as rows and items. So there’s nothing my plugin can do to fix a problem with someone else’s plugin or theme. It just does one job and does it well.

that’s great. so in short it will create those rows, items, text boxes and elements based from the standard code right? and on all pages?

You can do it page by page or you can select a bulk group of pages and convert them all at one. It adds a column to your list of post or pages so you can see which are visual composer ready and which have yet to be converted. Any problems you just restore an old revision and you have your old page back.

Hello, I have some old content in HTML tables that I need to convert to Visual Composer. Will your plugin work with this?

The plugin will seen non standard Wordpress content (like tables) as HTML that it needs to preserve. So your table will be kept inside a text block.

Just wondering why it says this is on sale for $14, but it’s charging me $19 + $2? I can find no way to purchase for $14…

Hi Apologies for the delay in getting back to you. The price has been updated. You can now purchase for $14.

Hi, Please update the price from $19 to $14 as you advertise on the page and I will buy it. Thanks

Hi Apologies for the delay in getting back to you. The price has been updated. You can now purchase for $14.

Thanks, already bought it

If you have a moment it would be great to get a review & rating from you. Always appreciated as it helps spread the word :)

Hi Matt,

Do you think your plug-in might help convert my very extensive site to VC, particularly with its use of Floatbox for images? The images are stored in various folders on the site, but not in the conventional “uploads” location: http://www.voicesfromthedawn.com/ Thank you for your advice. Howard

Hi there. The plugin understand all conventional wordpress formatting methods. So that includes gallery shortcodes, H1, H2, H3, etc. It also understands image HTML and for everything else it puts it inside HTML elements so that they are preserved.

So if you’re using any of those you’ll be fine. The conversion tool is essentially your starting point for using Visual Composer. It’ll do its best to convert what it can, then its up to you to refine the layout. You may find you want to add padding, fix some elements that don’t work to your liking, etc.

Without my conversion plugin you’d have to manually create every page again so it will definitely save you time, even if it doesn’t convert everything to your liking.

Hope this helps.

This module allow convert pages made in muffins builder to visual compositer?

This plugin converts standard Wordpress formatted text and headings in to Visual Composer shortcodes which can then be understood by Visual Composer. So you would need to remove the muffins builder shortcode first.

Hi I have a website based on bootstrap 3. Does your plugin convert elements such as rows and columns into visual composer code?

There is no Batch Conversion option in the drop down. https://dojmt.gov/wp-content/uploads/Screen-Shot-2017-09-27-at-3.08.58-PM.png

Hi. It seems that your “convert page & post to VC” plugin may be just what I need. But since it seems that the last update was a couple of years ago, I thought it best to ask you if the plugin is compatible w/lastest versions of WP and VC. Thank you!