Discussion on Convert Html5 Game to Android APK

Discussion on Convert Html5 Game to Android APK

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Unfortunately I thought this project helps convert Html5 games to apk by just a link of game I didn’t know I should have a full html5 game project Can I request a refund and thanks

Of course I downloaded the file Because I knew in the pdf file that I must have the html5 game code to convert it to apk

I’m sorry for this But I cannot work on this project Kindly, I hope for a good response

Sorry, I can’t approve refund requests for downloaded projects.

If you know Java, you can also convert using the URL.

I bought it now. if i want to remove admob ads and put applovin ads.just give where can i put script of banner and inter

hi, If you know java you can do this. Follow Admob ads. You can delete them and add applovin instead.

every file qive me lot off error when i check them to add applovin or custom keyboard in the down of giving me more than 69 error

Check your e-mail address!

hi wir can we use link without file html !!!

mean webgl link

Hi If I understood correctly, you want to use html5 files without embedding them in the application. Yes, you can do that but this project has customized it to work offline. You may need several functions (eg internet control). If you know Java programming, you can do it yourself. Or I can do it for you for an additional fee. You can send an e-mail for more information.

I bought it now. on this software Please tell me a tutorial or a YouTube video introduction about it.

Follow the reskin documentation. If you have any problems, you can contact us via e-mail. I will help you solve the problem.

Does it come with step by step documenation?

Yes, all reskin details step by step.

ok, thanks

Hello, do I need the game files, or does it work with the links to game?


Almost 99% of games support offline play. You can convert all games that can work offline to an android application through this project.

please add GDPR , To buy this project, because it is very beautiful ❤️ Also, don’t forget to add screen rotation!!

Screen rotation feature already exists. You organize it according to the game you add. There are details about this in the Reskin document. I hope to add GDPR in future updates.

The application does not support android 11 at the moment. I hope to do the necessary update soon.

I find an error, if I deactivate the database by setting it false the intertitial ads do not work, the banner ad does work but intertitial only works if I activate it in the firebase database there is the screenshot. is well configured, but if we set the database to bogus, Interstitial ads don’t work, only banners work. fix it please !!! try it yourself by deactivating the database

I want the two ads to work without reading the database and for now only the banner works

I’m still waiting for a solution!!!!!.

Sorry for my late reply. The reason for not showing ads may be related to your admob account. Or there may be a simpler reason. The interstitial ad shown at the opening depends on the internet speed. If the user’s internet speed is not good enough and the interstitial ad is with video, the ad may not be shown.

I am working as an affiliate for online HTML5 Game Company. They just provide me link to game which functions online. Can I use this code to make a game app?

Yes you can. But as I mentioned in the description, this project is customized for offline games. A few additions may be required for online games. For example, internet connection control.

I dont have the source code. I just have an affiliate link like this :

Can I still use this code? If yes, i would like to buy.

Yes you can. But as I said, some changes will be required on the source code. I can give you paid support in this features. please send me mail

I just bought your script but I don’t know how to convert html5 into application

You must copy your html5 source code to the assets folder as described in the document. After this, just build the project!

Nice app, good luck with sales ;)


Where can I find html games?

Hello!! html5 games generated of construct v2 if they work but those generated with construct v3 do not work. now the new html5 games are already in V3. What could we do to solve it?

It should work with v3 version as well. The sample game in the project is written in v3 version. what kind of error do you get?

I have a problem. The html5 files generated by construct v3 are very different from those of v2 !!!. It is the same project but when generating it with v3 in your application it does not even run.

Send me your project please.

Is it a software which can convert any HTML5 games to an uploadable Android App apk?

Yes, You can convert all html5 games that can work offline.

Is it reusable? I mean can I create as many games as I want?

Yes you can.

Hi, seems promising. Google actually allows such kind of ap (with encapsulation and I guess webview) in the store ?

Yes. It is not against google policies. The application is working offline.

Congratulations! Nice Work, Good Luck with Sales :)



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