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How does this Ionic application tie into the Ionic system. I.e. I’d like to use the Ionic build tools. Is this possible?

I noticed the directory structure of this app and a traditional Ionic app are different.

Hello, alykhan!
What exactly tools do you want to use? A command line utility?
I did the Controlr with the official guide from Ionic and directory structure should meet the requirements. What kind of issues are you experiencing?

Thanks and best regards,

I was hoping to use IONIC build commands to build the app but that didn’t work. I was hoping to create a new project with IONIC start and then drop the template and JS files into the appropriate IONIC directory but that didn’t work.

Any ideas about how you can incorporate IONIC build into this template?

Dear Sir, Could you add check login from MySQL for me? please send email to me about price Base regards, P.Konphet

Hello, P.Konphet!
I do not know your email address. Please contact me directly via contact form on my author’s page.

Thanks and best regards, Serge

Hello, Gramatton This is my e-mail: Thank you. P.Konphet

Hello, Gramatton I have send details to you at author’s page. Thank you.

Hi Gramatton,

It a really wonderful template, i am actually interested in using this as a website initially and i have succeed in doing so by just pasting all your code on to my server (WWW folder). but my main aim is to use this as a server for my IoT (arduino) but i wanted the the code to save the user login detail and the keys they press on my MySQL server. (i noticed that they are not saved on my server database)

Can you please help me in doing this, as i am new to nodejs and HTML programming.

if you already have succeeded in doing this before (may be on wamp or any real server). could you please share the code with me it would be really helpful.

My mail id:

i am even ready to buy any other module of yours, if you have a ready made package with all these features. (like just plug and play for IoT) (ex: give the server database username and password and few customization’s for different users and then copy past into your server (WWW folder))

if you are available as a freelancer i am happy with that too.

waiting for your reply, Thanks, Arjun

Hello, your application is fantastic. I bought yesterday and am studying how the application could access MYSQL. Got any tips?

Hello Gramatton, thanks for the marvelous work you did actually and hatz off. I already purchased this template. however can you please guide me or provide an example of how to connect the application to mySQL DB. my email addr is thanks in advance.

Hello :) You can help me how i add slide out menu in webpage ? In phone menu is slide out but i want add slide out menu in pc. Can you help me ? :)

Hi Sir, I have acquired Controlr. Can you explain me how I can get data from my sql? I sem that the page no refresh any time and the get request is send only on start index.html page. Is possible create this sample: I select DEVICES item (device.html), and when the page is loaded a random number is generated and diplayed in it.

Regards Alex

Hi Serge, I understood, but I do not know how to integrate in app.js files with function. Can you send me a sample? I must recover the content from and dispay in device page of Controlr

Regards Alex

Hello, Alex.
To achieve your goal you must be familiar with AngularJS from Google and understand how is AJAX works. What technique are you using in your environment and what sample do you want?

hi Serge, thanks for replay. I use in my server side .asp tecnology. In this sample, I send post request to my server. Can you print content in devices page (devices.html)

$(“button”).click(function(){ $.post(“http://xx.xx.xx.xx/diviceState.asp”, { Rele: “GetState” }, function(data, status){ alert(“Data: ” + data + ”\nStatus: ” + status); }); });

Regards Alex

Hi Serge, have you news for me? if you cannot send me a sample, please, let me know.

Regards Alex

hi Serge, thanks for replay. I use in my server side .asp tecnology. In this sample, I send post request to my server. Can you print content in devices page (devices.html)

$(“button”).click(function(){ $.post(“http://xx.xx.xx.xx/diviceState.asp”, { Rele: “GetState” }, function(data, status){ alert(“Data: ” + data + ”\nStatus: ” + status); }); });

Regards Alex

Hi, Serger I understood the mechanism.. It is a good project.

Regards Alex

Hi Serge, can you explain how work script in $scope.actions?

Regards Alex

Hello, How can I write data from DIY SENSORS (arduino) to application? Where are these data stored?

Hello, can you help me to instal? I will give login password for my web

Hello, Serge, I need support

Are you making any new release or update for this product?

Hi, I’m using basic authentication, but it seem no work in app. http://admin:password@x.x.x.x:100 How I can solve?

Regards Alex

Have you any plan about server side?

Hi, How to connect the app with device and whish is compatible as example if i have a sonoff switch i can connect this with the app please explain thanks

I would like to use this template also on desktop, website, web. But Scroll does not work, how can I solve this?

where are you man i need to edit application and i need web sit with this app application ios and android and websit ,app multilanguage

Is it a full working app or only design?

Hi, abufahad5050.
Only design.

Dear, Is all product source code included? Can I compile it on IONIC 4?