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Could it works fine with WP ?

There is no installation process for the plugin, you need to have basic JavaScript & jQuery knowledge to integrate it into your site. You would also need some knowledge in WordPress development, since you’ll need to modify your theme.

I can assist you with it, but since it is beyond the scope of your purchase, it will be for extra charge, through the Envato market.

okay, what does it cost & time ?

Please send your enquiry through my Envato Studio page:

Please provide a detailed explanation of what exactly you want to get done, and I will give you an estimate of the cost according to it.


Hi, I like this plugin, I need to add custom data to click event, for example data-id-item, and I want to use this data inside click handler, thanks.

We are talking about the same topic ?? I have a table, each row has a context Menu with many options, I need to know which row’s contextMenu was clicked, each row has an ID.

Oh, i’m sorry, I was talking about the wrong product :)

You can use dynamic item rendering for that:

$('table tr').contextMenu({
    items: function(e) {
        return [
            {type: 'title', text: 'Row #'+$('id')}

Ok, I solve the problem, thanks :)

Great script. I have one question, is there item type for form or input element? I just showed your demo and all they are text elements.

Let me know before I purchase. Thanks

The only available input type is a checkbox. Future release may include support for more input types.

Excellent ContextMenu… thanks. I can’t quite see how to get the value of the item selected. Where does item Id or text get returned? Given this code, I can’t figure it out. Thanks. jQuery(’#myMenu’).contextMenu({ event: ‘click’, items: [ {type: ‘title’, text: ‘Title’}, {id:’1’, type: ‘item’, text: ‘Item’}, {type: ‘item’, text: ‘Item with submenu’, items: [ {id:’2’, type: ‘item’, text: ‘Submenu item 1’}, {id:’3’, type: ‘item’, text: ‘Submenu item 2’}, {id:’4’, type: ‘item’, text: ‘Submenu item 3’} ] }, {type: ‘divider’}, {id:’5’, type: ‘checkbox’, text: ‘Checkbox’, checked: true} ]

I believe you can rate it on the main product page:

I think it’s on the right hand side. Thanks!

Version 1.0.3 supports menu-wide click & hover events. Also, the this variable points to the item’s settings. Refer to the updated documentation for more info.

Excellent… really excellent… thanks.

Hi, How can I get the attribute data of the right clicked element? thanks.

thanks i have get this work, it get the nested child’s element.

No problem, thanks for your purchase!

Why submenu on bottom page create scrollbar ? It`s bug!

I see. I added the issue to our bug tracking system. I’m working on a fix right now, it should be solved in the next release (1.0.4)

We’ve released ContextMenu.js version 1.0.4, which fixes the above issue. You will be able to download it once it is reviewed by CodeCanyon.

Hi there!

maybe you can helo me here… Apparently the tumblr timeline disappear from one day to another. I checked the settings configuration and everything is just the same as the first days when everything worked fine…

What may have happened to the plugin? Its because Tumblr changed his API or something like that ?

Here is the website :

Thanks in advance!! And congrats for this awesome plugin!

Hi! I’m sorry, but I don’t see ContextMenu.js included or called anywhere. What are you trying to do?

Hello, I just bought it but I have a question. I have a list of elements. Each list must contain a contextmenu. How can I get the element data-id from the contextmenu?

I have used this: $(’.context’).contextMenu({ autoHide: 500, click: function (e) { // ‘this’ refers to the clicked item alert(‘The item ”’ + this.text + ’” was clicked’); }, items: [ { type: ‘item’, text: ‘Item 1’ }, { type: ‘item’, text: ‘Item 2’ }, { type: ‘item’, text: ‘Item 3’, click: function (e) { alert(‘Click event overridden by ’ + this.text); console.log(; alert($(‘id’)); } } ] });

but that doesnt give me the element on which I used the contextmenu on. It gives me this: Item 3

Any help please :)

Its the same question as: Hi, How can I get the attribute data of the right clicked element? thanks.

Hi, thank you for your purchase. The item’s ID can be retrieved from the this variable:
    autoHide: 500, 
    click: function (e) { // ‘this’ refers to the clicked item 
        alert('The item "' + this.text + '" was clicked'); 
    items: [ 
        { type: 'item', text: 'Item 1' }, 
        { type: 'item', text: 'Item 2' }, 
        { type: 'item', text: 'Item 3', click: function (e) { 

Perfect thanks!

Hi I did buy this great context menu – however i would like to add my own icons. Is there a simple way of doing that`?

Thx Sascha

Thanks! Yes, anything you set as the ‘icon’ attribute is just a CSS class. So, instead of using icon: 'fa-users' use your own CSS class to point to your icons.

Hi. I have a context menu on a table cell, and then another on a nested table cell. When I click the inner (nested) cell I want only that context menu to fire. As it is when the inner one has closed the outer one is there (not wanted), having also fired. I have tried cancelling event propagation on the hooks/show function but to no avail. Thanks & regards

Hi, one of the demos show exactly how to achieve that. Please take a look at the “Actions Hooks” and “Dynamic Items” demos here: If that’s not what you were looking for, please further explain your question.

Hi. If I open a context-menu at the right-hand side of the visible window, it re-positions correctly in order to make all the top level items visible. But any sub-items cannot be accessed because they are off the right-hand side of the window entirely. How do I get the menu to be repositioned so the sub-items can be seen and accessed? Regards

Hi, currently submenus are positioned to the right by default. This is a known issue and we are working on fixing it. It will be fixed on the next version.

We’ve released ContextMenu.js version 1.0.4, which fixes the above issue. You will be able to download it once it is reviewed by CodeCanyon.

That’s great – thank you

because of you update we are not able to navigate via keyboard…...

the bug you solved in version 1.0.4 is now reopened.

For navigation forward and backward through mouse ::

backward for same path through mouse(without mouseleave) current sub-list should not close

if i want unbind-click(context menu must be visible on click) for parent-submenu what should i do

Didn’t understand your last question. Unbind click?

Hello, I just purchased your product and I like it very much. One question Please. How can I change the icon and text size. I made a custom class with “font-size: 150%;” added the class—> class: ‘font150’, but it did not work. Thank you

Hi, Thank you! You can use the following CSS to do that:
#contextmenu .contextmenu-menu li.contextmenu-item, #contextmenu .contextmenu-menu li.contextmenu-checkbox {
    font-size:1.5em !important;

thank you very much. That worked awesome!

Great! Happy development!


I just bought ContextMenu.js and appreciate it. However, there are some things I need to be fully comfortable with it :

1) How can we update an item’s subitems dynamically, for example to populate them with a database ?

2) Is there a way to detect that the mouse has left a specific item/subitem ? I saw that items can react to the “hover” event, but didn’t find any way to perform an action when the mouse leaves them.

3) How do you fully unbind contextMenu from a DOM element ? I tried $(”#element”).contextMenu(“destroy”), but it doesn’t seem to work completely : each time I perform it and then recreate a context menu with new data on the same element, it’s shadow becomes darker and darker – as if there were more and more instances layering each on another.

I hope my questions are clear and thank you in advance.

Hi There, Thank you for your purchase.

1) To update the items dynamically, use a function instead of an array. The function should return an array of items. See

2) There is no way to do that currently, but I will add that option to the plugin’s road map to be implemented in the future.

3) $(”#element”).contextMenu(“destroy”) should work. If it’s not, then i’ll have to test it and see if it is a bug. However, if you want to destroy it in order to create a different menu, simply recall $(”#element”).contextMenu(options) with a different options object, or if you just want to change the items every time, use a function like mentioned above.

Thank you very much !

I have just installed this plugin and I’m getting the following error I have the latest versions of jquery and jquery ui included.

jQuery.Deferred exception: $(...).contextMenu is not a function

@http://localhost/wrm/js/my.display.js:1962:9 g/</j@http://localhost/wrm/js/jquery-3.0.0.min.js:2:29586 g/</k<@http://localhost/wrm/js/jquery-3.0.0.min.js:2:29902

Any ideas?

How do I get the attributes of the element right clicked to open the menu, as I have the menu attached to many elements and need to know which one was clicked

The event object is passed to the function when it is clicked/hovered etc. You can get the target element by Please refer to the documentation and the examples, specifically the “Item Events” section:

Thanks I worked it out.

One of the functions triggered by my contextmenu dynamically adds elements to the page which also need an existing contextmenu attached. I have tried calling the whole context menu definition again, but still the menu is not attached to the new elements. How can I achieve this?

Actually that doesn’t work in my case because I am attaching the context menu to a lot of elements at once like:

$(”#favs ul a”).contextMenu({...});

So when I dynamically add an item to the #favs menu. I need to attach a menu to it and ensure all the existing items retain theirs.

Maybe I am misunderstanding.

Use this instead:
    selector: '#favs ul a',

Ok cool. However, I have other calls like

$(”#recmenu li ul a”).not(”#favs a”).contextMenu({...

I’m guessing this won’t work, guess I’ll have to put classes on everything instead,

Is there any way to make this work on IOS touch devices?

Well, there is no context click on mobile devices, but if you bind it to a click even it should work

Is it possible to tie 1 context box to the entire body, but another menu to an image that sits within that same body?


Yes, it’s possible using the .not() jQuery selector. For example:
$("body > *").not("body > #elementtokeep");



Can I use this menu to open urls as a link on my website?

Thanks Darren

Hi there, yes, you can use it for that as well.


How do I take selector attribute where context menu clicked. For example if I click right on “tr.list-row” and the context menu is shown, I tried to get data-id from tr.list-row attribute but with no success:

$(‘html’).contextMenu({ selector: ‘tr.list-row’, items: [ {type: ‘item’, “Invoice”, icon: ‘fa fa-times’, id: ‘invoice’, click: function(e) { console.log($(this.instance.ctxMenu.selector)); } }, ] });