Discussion on Context Menu Class

Discussion on Context Menu Class

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hi sunnyat1,

I wasn’t aware of that plugin when I created the script, but it does look very similar. However, context menu class doesn’t require jQuery.

lacks of the folder “icons”

could you upload it?

offri un servizio di merda! ...come si fà a non mettere tutti i files! :x

Hi jolunavi,

I’m sorry or the late reply, the icons are from the famfamfam silk set which can be downloaded here:

Thank you for the purchase!

Does the plugin support nested menus? I can’t seem to locate any info in the documentation yet the “Item Details” page seems to hint this capability exists via the “Has smart nesting” comment. Help?

Hi esheri3,

This plugin does not support nested menus, the “Has smart nesting” comment is saying that even if a parent element is assigned a context menu, its children can also be assigned a different one.

This looks exactly like what I’ve been looking for. In your demo, you show “Email” on your context menu. Does that actually work with the local email client (such as Outlook)? If I put this context menu over a pdf file on my site, will it allow me to attach that document to the email?

Hi webfrogs,

All of the menu items in the demo don’t actually have any built-in functionality; they are only there to show possible uses of the context menu. I don’t believe JavaScript will allow you to attach a file to an email from the local email client.

Hi. I can apply the script for the entire window, so that no context menu is displayed, only the script?


any help document explains how should I go to install it perfectly ?