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The facebook integration its not working neither on your demo site, I have the same error

You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near ’s of very cool prizes! Check this out!’, fbImage=’’ at line 2

Please I need help. thanks.

is there a way to whitelist a couple of computer ips so that the software lets unlimited participants enter emails and generate codes on those 2 computers. Would like to use this at a trade show.

thanks :) Al


I need a little help, maybe its the permissions but im not sure, when I try to log into the admin panel it goes to load index.php?p=start but then redirects me back to the login screen

Thanks in advance

Did you removed the install directory?

Hello I would like to know if it’s possible to create contests where the user will find out right away if he won any prize(winning moment) and at the same time where only users with a special code can participate. Thanks

Hey there! That’s not the normal behave of this software. I invite you to test our online demo to see it for yourself :)

Has there been any update since May 2012?

Is this contest script still working. It looks like it’s not being updated or managed.

Yeah any update if this is working?

Is this script still supported? Because i would like to buy it. But i wonder if these changes can be made;

1.Make the facebook settings to only accept some one to participate after liking a page.

2. Make the system allow more than one contest such that several people can add their contest and the users decide which one to go for.

3.Make the system show the contest expiry date to the participants.

4.If possible, also make the system to only allow each contest manager access his or her own account and not all accounts

5.Also if possible make the system allow each contest have the configuration for facebook so that each contest has its own contest page its promoting.

Kind regards, Ronnie

Administrator Login doesn’t seem to work.

hello I need help with this script. I had it installed and working for awhile, but for some reason it stopped working, so I uninstalled the script and re-installed it. But I still am getting the same error.

Direct access not allowed!

when I click on enter contest.

also when i click on the prizes link it gives me a dbase error

couldn’t test it also there is a validation issue when you add your email address after the key in generated. if you enter email address incorrectly, the form validation breaks.. when you fix some of the bugs I’ll buy it

broken link for demo