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Implement this as wordpress plugin for better sales

It is quite easy to implement without wordpress plugin. Include plugin script in your header or footer – it will take only 2 minutes :)

Can I see a real time demo?

Nice :-)

Is the WP integration also working with something like Visual Composer? How is the percentage calculated?


we have just purchased your widget for our blog. Implementation was very straight forward.

Unfortunately, when limiting the progress indicator to a certain class it doesn’t work properly. it shows a too low percentage and never reaches 100 (not even at the end of the page).

check it out on your own:

The content-class-name is “blog-main”.

Thanks for your support, Markus

Hi, we purchased the script, it doesn’t work and we don’t get ANY feedback for 5 months!! We want our money back!

Hey !

Great script i love it !

I have a problem, i follow all of the readme, but the script work well just on Mozilla Firefox. I havent the number in the circle at the right bottom on Google Chrome, Opera or Safari …

Have you an issue ?

Regards ! ;)

Congratulations! Good luck with your sales ;)