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Amazing idea, nice job! :)

Thanks man :D

Hey looks great, couple questions, can you have multiple passwords for one lock? and is their a system built in where it remembers loggedin users have already used the password?

Thanks, -It is designed to lock content with one password, you can assign one unique password per content, or create one password that will lock multiple content. So on one page you can assign only one lock for specific content. -This is a content locking solution, there is no login, or membership option, it is a simple but powerful replacement where you can collect emails, instead of asking users to go through multiple steps of registration and login. It monitors statistics of unlocks per days, and total statistics of every lock, along with statistics of subscribers on daily basis.

Your script it is very interesting, but… I’ve to use it to block Videos, played by Video.Js player… apparently video.js is not compatible with your script… can you fix it? I’ve just sent to you a message through your Codecanyon profile… thanks for your support

Hello Again :)

I just saw you posted comment here too, I’m sure we will resolve this very soon ;)

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You just send me the solution ;) great support! thank you!

No problem, you are welcome :)


I am looking for a plugin to content protect a central training page and all child training pages content under it.

I would like to assign each of my real estate agents a unique username and password to access the training area. No front end registration, levels, social media, or payment required.

Logging in with their assigned user/pass should go to the main training page, and provide them with further content protected options – all at the same level 1 access.

Would your plugin work for this?

If I set up training content pages under the main training menu page, will all child pages be automatically protected, without having to protect each one individually?

For my purposes, would it work out of the box, or would any custom work be required?


Hello, Thank you for your interest in ContentLock,

ContentLock can lock whole page – in your example training page with password – meaning your agents will need only password to unlock it, no usernames are included. Now as I have understood you want to lock main page and it’s subpages which are separated and accessible via navigation menu as submenus, right? You can for example create one password per agent, and lock training page and subpages with same password , so it can be accessible only by the agents with the passwords, but they will need to unlock each page again every time they visit it. If you want to use username-password solution where agent enters his credentials and then have access to all the pages without re-unlocking them at every visit, you will need to integrate some front-end registration-login system.

Is it base on cookies or server session? For example, I have dynamic page and will frequently refresh by reload it. Will the user only fill ONE TIME password? or, every time same page reload, user asking for password always?

Hello, Thank you for taking interest in ContentLock

There are no cookies or server session, it is simple jquery locking for those who do not want those complications, and yes, whenever page is reloaded content will be re-locked meaning user will need to unlock it again. I might include this feature in the future.

good idea but it will be great if user can create an account too to test the software and a basic pay plan to create more protected content :)

Does this integrate with industry leading autoresponders like Aweber, Getresponse or Mailchimp? Exporting emails and uploading to another service is a PITA.

Well, this is basically a stand-alone project, at this time. All emails are stored internally, and emails sending is regulated through admin dashboard. Collected emails can be exported as a list. In future update I could include option where user would be subscribed to the one of above mentioned service also when subscribing for password. Your point is right exporting emails can be PITA, I just didn’t think in that direction when making this project, but is definitely something I must consider in next update :)

Yes..that would be a great update. The reason it is a PITA is not only the function of actually doing it, but most autoresponder companies want other supporting information as to how you acquired the email addresses, IP addresses, etc. Plus, you can send automated messages to your list with an autoresponder and send broadcasts…each of the top autoresponders have an API that are well documented.

And if we are talking about features for a future version… What would be uber cool is if you could add social locking to it i.e. FB Likes, Tweets, G+ and LinkedIN….that would make it the most complete locking package out there.

Hey, thanks for suggestions :) I never thought in social locking direction, I might add it one by one, subscription services first, than expanding to social locking :)

This software is still working and supported?


Thank you for taking interest in ContentLock

Yes it is :)

As I matter of fact I am intending to make some update soon :)

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Please check the mailbox, I send you my problem. Please help me! Thank you

Hi there,

Thank you for buying my item, I have just replied to your email, check your email inbox, it should resolve your problem.

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Hi, i’m interested to purchase your script, may I know if it is does support a post back? to fire conversion pixel.

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Thank you for raking interest in my item,

I am not sure what you mean by post back? Once user subscribe you will have statistics in the back end, like how many unlockes are there and how many users subsribed, if that’s what you mean.

All the best

Please help me because I cannot implement this software. The documentation is a little vague.

1-How to protect content in a wordpress blog?

2-How to call the software in a external website hosted in other domain?

Please I need a detailed explanation because I already tried following the documentation without any success.

I think you forgot to tell me the file I need to edit.

I think it wont work. Please can you give me your skype?

You need to edit that in the only javascript file which came with the plugin – contentlock.js, you can see it in documentation under the section “Initializing” where those parameters are explained. You can email me the FTP credentials so I can take a look into hierarchy of files.

Let me understand the logic of the software:

1- If the domain is then the admin directory must be at


2-In case I want to rename the admin folder then I need to edit the javascript file right?

I sent you an email

Hi there,

Yes, that’s basically it. I have received your email. I will post answer here, so that maybe other people can find it in case they have similar questions:

1. Yes. Let’s say on your website you have following hierarchy (inside the myweb directory):

- content folder

- some other folder

- content lock admin folder

- Main webpage file

And you implement the front end of content lock – included css and javascript file and initialize the jquery plugin. The main jquery plugin will look up for the certain dynamically generated file inside the admin folder, so it means the front-end script needs to communicate to the admin part. Since the script is called on the main page, it means when a main web page file is loaded inside the browser and all js and css files loaded, the content lock’s starting point is the web space root directory – meaning the same space where the web main page is located. And when it starts searching for the admin part – it will be looking for the /admin/ folder inside the myweb directory – meaning (speaking with url’s) it will search for myweb/admin, or . And if you place this folder inside another folder, then you need to point it properly, like Point is to always have the right path so that contentlock script can find the admin folder and extract necessary information.

2. In case you rename admin folder to something else, than when contentlock start searching for admin fodler in main directory, or it obviously won’t be able to find it. If it can’t find it, it can’t read information, and script can’t work properly. So, the logical solution is to tell contentlock where to search for the admin files, so you need to rename “admin” url parameter when initializing plugin – , as shown in the documentation. Also as mentioned, this is the part taken from options section – you just need to enter the relative path, or folder name, no whole url. So if your new-folder is located inside the main directory root folder, then just rename url: “new-folder”, and contentlock will search for myweb/new-folder for the files, or

I hope this clarify things.

Other problem here. The software wont to send the email with the password, I think due in the settings of the software , the software truncates the email address after you hit “save changes” .

For example if I enter when I try to save the changes the software truncate the email and now it shows “admin@”

Please help me asap.


The email configuration should be done with gmail account ,as noted in documentation . You should use your gmail username and password. Change that, and emails should be sending fine.

All the best

I have used gmail with the same results. The email address is truncated.


Email me the credentials of the contentlock admin and FTP credentials so I can take a look.

All the best

I have used gmail with the same results. The email address is truncated.

I have answered to this on your other comment. Emailt me provided credentials. Support is coducted either through email or my support forum

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I sent you an email with all the login and FTP info. Please fix it today because I purchased this tool long time ago but I am still without uses it.

Thanks for your support.

Hi there,

I have answered to your email.

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Thanks but the software still dont send the email with the password. I sent you an email, please fix it.


I have replied yor your email. As mentioned it seems your gmail credentials are incorrect. But I have modified the main functions to send emails regardless of that, and now emails are sent, you do not need to edit anything.

Hello, Is the item still supported? I have pre-sales doubt?


Sorry for late reply,

Yes it is. But it will require some knowledge of php and basic knowledge of html to use it. What you are your questions ?

Best Regards

Presale – is it possible to create a 1 time password ? For example I give the password and you can unlock only one time? after unlock the password will expired. Thank you

Hello I sent you a message. I bought your script but I need your help because there is a little bug ;-) Thank you


Thank you for buying my item,

Regarding your presale question – Unfortunately there is no feature for expiring passwords :/

I have replied to your email :)

Best Regards