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How can I change the html template of a contentbox?

There are many ways how to change the output of the contentboxes.

The template function uses many arguments to alter the output of the plugin. Use the callback argument to use your own function. If you use the widget, simply open the advances section and change the output format.

the_contentboxes() arguments

the_contentboxes( array(
    'area' => 'Standard', // Area to display
    'id' => get_the_ID(), // Contentboxes for the post object with ID
    'class' => 'contentbox',
    'callback' => FALSE, // Use callback function for output
    'container-id' => 'contentboxes-%s', // Container ID; %s is replaces by the area name
    'container-class' => 'contentboxes', // Container class
    'before-contentboxes' => '', // Output before contentboxes
    'after-contentboxes' => '', // Outout after contentboxes
    'before-contentbox' => '<aside class="%s" id="contentbox-%d">', // Output before each contentbox; %s is replaces by class; %d is replaces by contentbox id
    'after-contentbox' => '</aside> <!-- #contentbox-%d -->', // Output after each contentbox
    'headline' => '<h3 class="contentbox-title">%s</h3>', // Headline of a contentbox; %s is replaced by the title
    'content' => '%s', // Content; %s is replaced by the content
    'thumbnail' => '%s', // Thumbnail; %s is replaced by the thumbnail
    'thumbnail-size' => 'full', // Thumbnail size
    'echo' => 1, // Echo output
) );

I want to use my own template

If you don’t want to use the arguments, you could add a file `single-contentbox.php` to write your own contentboxes template. Each contentbox post format uses it’s own template file `single-contentbox-{$post_format}.php` with `single-contentbox.php` as a fallback. Use the_title, the_content, etc. tags

I need more then one contentbox area

Ok, go to the options panel and add another area

I want contentboxes for another custom post type

Use the `add_post_type_support( $post_type, ‘contentboxes’ )` function

Any hooks that might be useful?

the_contentboxes_options: Change the options that are passed to the_contentbox(); the options array is passed as parameter

the_contentboxes_query: Change the query arguements that calls the contentboxes; the default arguments are passed as first parameter; the options array is passed as second parameter

contentbox_areas: Change the available contentbox areas; the areas are passed as parameter

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