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Hi, I just send you an email (Codecanyon contact form) I wait for you help.

Did you get my answer?

Sure. Let me 5 minutes…

I send you an email.

Perfect. This tool It will save me time for put faster any content wherever I needed, sidebar, inside the post and reorder the content, faster. And no need to use conditionals for use it in a specific page or post.

I had always dreamed of a solution like this. Thanks for this powerful Wordpress tool. Of course five stars.

Interesting plugin, had seen other plugin type “Snippet” who did things similar but this is much more complete in every way.

One question: The content box show shortcodes, images? ... In the video (which looks pretty bad) samples only show simple content.

You could anything you want. As it runs as a custom loop you could add shortcodes or whatever you want.

Thanks for the kind words.

Hi Horttcore

Great plugin…

Is it possible to categorize the content boxes?

I need this plugin for at large website with +200 static pages and many need unique custom sidebars, therefore I need to categorize my contentboxes to have a good overview.

Its possible?

Regards Nick, DELTA

Hey Delta, sure it is possible to categorize the contentboxes. Sorry for the late reply, but I was in carnival mode :P

I just email you. I wait for you help. Thanks.

Perfect!. Thanks for you great help.

Does it work for tag pages?

Sorry not yet, but I’ll add it in a future release.


I just bought your plugin, and added contentbox to the widget, but nothing shows.. I added a new content box “post” but I don´t really understand how to display from a specific content box categorie.

I also added: <?php the_contentboxes() ?> in the sidebar.php but that did not work either.

Sorry for the late reply, I’m ill at the moment and just laying in bed. Did you saw the tutorial video?

First you have to create a new Contentbox, after that go to a page and attach the contentbox to that.

Feel free to email me and give me a link to your site, so I can have a look for it.

Does it support images? Can you you add an image in addition to any content?

Okay. Forget about what I wrote earlier. I got it to work where I wanted. Now I noticed that it also displaying the title of the content box. How do I get rid of that ? This is very powerful plugin because I can do lots of stuff

Okay never mind. I got it! Thanks for your reply. Every thing is all good ! and I’m very peachy ;)

Great news proch! If you have a feature request give me a shout.

Thank you for the excellent plugin!

Is there a way to call content boxes by content box category instead of post id? I see that it can look up/filter by category in the admin list of boxes, but I don’t see a way to do something like this for the front-end in a template:


We’re looking to pull a set of boxes that we’ve assigned to Contentboxes categories to show in the sidebar of a WP category template. Since the system is set up to add contentboxes to Posts and Pages, not seeing a clear way to add boxes to categories. If I’ve overlooked a way, my apologies, and could you explain how that would be done?

Thank you and best wishes!

Thank you!

Hello! A follow up to this – after calling the add_filter() and output the_contentboxes(), which has been working great, if I then call a plain vanilla the_contentboxes() later in the template, it’s still responding to the earlier filter.

To get around this, I’ve set up new filters and categories, but does there happen to be a clear function, similar to the wp_reset_query() that I could use to reset the effects of the filter before another the_contentboxes()?

Thanks and best wishes!

Hi redearth,

I know what is happening in your query. The `the_contentbox_query` filter is executed in every contentbox query. You simply have to set a conditional.

The second parameter in this filter is the options area for this contentbox area, so you can only set it in this specific contentbox area.

 * Alter the query output
 * @param array $query WP_Query arguments
 * @return array WP_Query arguments
 * @author Ralf Hortt
function filter_cb( $query, $options )
    if ( 'MyCustomArea' != $options['area'] )
        return $query;

    $query = array(
        'post_type' => 'contentbox',
        'order' => 'ASC',
        'orderby' => 'post_title',
        'contentbox-category' => 'contact'

    return $query;
if ( !is_admin() )
    add_filter('the_contentboxes_query', 'filter_cb', 10, 2);

If it works out for future updates, would you consider adding a sort order option? This way the query filter could be updated to sort by menu_order. Thank you and best wishes.

Hey redearth, this is not planned as the plugin isn’t mean to be used like that. BUT it is very easy to do.

# In your function.php
# This will add the order meta box
add_post_type_support( 'contentbox', 'page-attributes' );

# In your contentbox filter function
        'order' => 'ASC',
        'orderby' => 'menu_order',

Brilliant – much appreciated.

Hi Horttcore,

i am interested to buy you PlugIn …

Is your very useful PlugIn compatible with the acutal Wordpress version 3.7.x

Do you plan some functional upgrades and wordpress meantance updates?

Hi Hans Jörg, yes is working fine. I plan to update und maintain the plugin as long as someone is using it (I use it very often).

Hello, Just an idea/feature request. In the Contentboxes PRO widget, it would be great if it also had the option to select which categories of contentboxes to return, giving the flexibility to only show a set of boxes instead of all.

If there is a way to do this and I’ve overlooked it, just let me know.


Hi redearth, thanks for your input. I may add this feature, but that isn’t exactly how they were meant to be. But if there are more people using it this way I have nothing against it. Cheers

I’ve noticed on a few sites where we are using this plugin that when we click to insert contentboxes, the box that pops up isn’t wide enough – the columns are squished and it looks like this:  photo content-boxes.png which makes it difficult to use.

It doesn’t seem to be browser-specific; we are seeing the same issue in IE, FF & Chrome.

Is anyone else having this issue? Is it fixable?


Arf, yeah stupid thickbox… Will fix it tonight!

Hi, just checking in – have you had a chance to take a look at this? I’ll see what I can figure, in the meantime.