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Hi there, I think this is a really cool plugin! Is there an option for a search within the timeline? Thanks, Bertus.

When I use the categories I get undefined..

I also tested the search option and I cannot search on my categories (that I filled in)..


Thank you for reaching out to us.

Please note that your support has expired and in order to get support you have to renew it.

Please give us some more feedback on what exactly is not working and the steps you did so we can re-create it and see if you did something wrong in the procedure. The documentation will be updated as the progress of updates go along, so please stay tuned!

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Shindiri Studio Team

Is this still using timthumb?

hi, before i purchase the plugin for a client, wanted to ask a few questions (apologize if they are naive).

instead of posts, am i able to post a featured product and on click it will bring up a more info window (similar to the examples) that contains a title, content and buttons or is it only showing posts?


You can create new cards and insert your own content in there. The “more info” window is an HTML field so you can insert whatever you want.

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zkzakhar Purchased

Hi, tell me please, can I moving elements by scrolling? What would I scroll and change the elements, If this is not possible now how can i do this function? Thanks


cshawgo Purchased

My timeline is only showing the year of my first item. All the other years are not showing up on the timeline. I have the timeline set to Group By Years. Can you please tell me why the others aren’t appearing?


It is unclear to me from reading previous comments whether or not this plugin supports custom post types. I’d like to use it to display a set of custom posts that represent write-ups on events that my society has held in the last 10+ years. Would I be able to do this? If so, could I order the timeline based on a custom field, e.g. event id, event date?

Thanks, rt.