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Awesome Plugin, GLWS :)

Thank you Jake :)

Nice work! Good luck with sales!

Thank you, I really appreciate :)

Nice work Val, keep up the good work.

Thanks a lot :)

Interesting! As soon as I finish my site I will definitely try it! I have a serious amount of original content that took many moths to produce so this fits the bill nicely.

Awesome, I am very happy that the plugin will help you to protect your work

hi some questions

Does plugin work with any language? What keyboard shortcuts does plugin detect? “ctrl + c” and “ctrl + v” what about “ctrl + u” (to see html code of the page and then copy content)

thanks for respond

No, because after “CTRL+U” scripts no longer run and have no control over the page.

Hi, I’m interested in this plugin, but I have a question You have in mind in future upgrades add the option to protect images? Thanks for your answer Regards

We add a new feature that will help you to protect the images, plugin disable right click on images without any warning by javascript

Awesome! thanks Hungryweb team, I purchase the item right now.

Can i only use the Exact Match Search Google Phrase?

Because i already have other plugin doing the content protection…


No, because “Exact Match Search Google Phrase” is used for the copied text only and if the plugin don’t record any text you cannot use “Exact Match Search Google Phrase”

Is there a non-wordpress version? Thanks.

For static html is not working, because you need a standalone version with dashboard and right now we are working to develop for other platforms like joomla, drupal, magento and after that a standalone version

Awesome! I’m looking forward to the standalone version. Thanks!

I guess you are the only one :)

Awesome plugin! But does the plugin hurt SEO in any way? For example, does it stop search engine crawlers?

No, will not hurt SEO and will not have any bad effect on any search engine crawlers

useful plugin!.

I am glad that you enjoy our work. Thanks a million :)


Does the plugin emails also the link of the URL where the content have been republished?



Hi Alex, No, the plugin cannot send you the URL where the content has been republished. Copyscape will let you know but after a while, after the content has been published and indexed.


Is it compatible with the latest WordPress version?


This plugin looks very useful and blocking the “save as” on pictures is fine.

A question please: Is it possible to block the copying the text too?

Thank you!

Hi, A simple script can also be added for stopping the copy text but user notice and use other methods to copy the text like view source and copy the text he need, and in this way you will never know what text he copied.

Plugin record the text copied and make you easier to track it.


Yes, you are absolutely right. Will buy shortly :)

Hey, this plugin dont block “right click” ??? HOW block steal ?

Or how all ? What do this plugin, i dont understand but i bought :(


It’s disable right click for images, for text as I mention above also, if such script is added the user can steal very easy the content by disabling the JavaScript and you will never know what text has been copied, by leave it as it is right now you know what text has been copied and you can take action, or by searching for the thief of the ultimate solution to change your own text and avoid any google penalty


Good plugin, does what it says and no conflicts with other plugins.

Thank you, I really appreciate :)

Hey, dont work on my site ? Why ?

I installed and activeted. Try any item to copy , and get it ? What do this plugin


The add-on is recording all copied text from your WordPress website


Pre-Sales Question – I see in the 3rd screen shot a setting for Google Extension. Is this for different Google Websites (databases) like Google.ca?

Yes, you can choose the google extension


This is BAD plugin. Nothing any doing.

If i know beforebuy woudn’t buy it!

If possible pay back my money please.. really this is bad

Hi, BAD means is doing mess in your wordpress cms and ruin your work, BAD means that is not doing thinks that are in description, BAD means is stilling data from your server,

but in your case BAD means is not doing what you want or what you were expecting it ;) we are sorry if you misunderstood the plugin functionality or in our description we let you understand something else.

Please let me know what you have expected from plug-in?

In regards to refund I am sure that envato can do that ;) please ask them

Life is beautiful please don’t get upset so fast, nobody deserve ;)

I wish you a great day and waiting for your answer and questions if there are

Keep on smiling,


sinayes Purchased

Please upgrade it, what do it ? i try dont work !

seems like the latest WP update has broken this, is there any news on an update ?

Hi, please let me know you WP version because we just test it on 4.5.3 and everything works just fine, thanks

Copyscape have monthly limit per URL and when you hit that limit you will need to purchase a premium account. How does your plugin work?

Please check the plugin description ;) and you will found out that the plugin is only used for monitor what text is copied from your website, copyscape is an external website that we create a direct link and will help you to check were that text is copied

... With its help you will be notified everytime when somebody copy your original content.

Plugin will monitor the copy-paste activity from your website. If you have a website with unique content, its protection must be the most important point of your strategy.

With the help of this plugin, you can see, in the real time, which are the latest copied articles and what the people searches on your website…

lol thanks

you are welcome