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Abandoned Plugin :o

Please let me know why ?

Do you have a video demo of this plugin? I’d like to see it in action.

Also, copyscape allows 10 free scans. Do you still have to have the premium version of copyscape with this tool? Does it work with copyscape account or its an alternative to it?

Please check video here http://www.hungryweb.co.uk/envato/codecanyon/content-theftmonitor-plugin-for-wordpress/demo.html, the add-on doesn’t scan with copyscape, it’s only redirect to copyscape with data pre-filled

I’m interested in this plug-in. So several questions would like to do.

1/ Is there a compatibility with PHP7.1?

2/ Is there a compatibility with Wordpress4.74?

3/ Is it possible that I check overlap contents in my site?

4/ I permit a copy of contents by a site. Is it possible of a list of the articles from which the site was copied to make sure that it won’t appear?

5/ Is the cord safe?

6/ Is it with a bright future in this plug-in?

Hi, I want to buy this plugin. But i have quick question.

Well, I wrote an article from a writer and posted on my website. But how can I track if the writer again publishes that article on another website in the future or few days later ? Cause he has the main article file. He doesn’t need to copy from my website.

This plugin can notify me if writer publish article anywhere in the web ?


Hi, The plugin will not search for the places were the content has been published, will only let you know that was copied and what text was copied