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This looks promising, any chance of a live preview?

hey man any idea on how to load different webview requests on each subsequent page? any help would be greatly appreciated !!!


Each page isn’t using a UIWebView. It is using a UIImageView to display a local image. And I dont think you will be able to put a UIWebView in Content Slider because that would consist of putting a UIWebView in a UIScrollView which Xcode does not allow (because it doesn’t work).

Hi, i have xcode 4.3 and iOS 5.1 and my project has 2 screens with buttons so i would like to have the exact UIScrollView as the iPhone Home screen, is this code what i am looking for?

Yep. With this code, you can easily implement into into any type of iOS application. Its easy to implement and this project also comes with an easy to understand Implementation Guide (PDF).

Thanks :D i have done the implementation on my project the support files explains everything its very useful,, however i didnt know how to make the page control white dot go to the second page when sliding only if pressed i would appreciate if you guide me on how to do this?

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Hi SauDev,

Thanks for purchasing Content Slider, I’m glad you like it :D

Make sure you connect all of the outlets properly to your UI. The reason the page control dots are not working properly is because ether your UIPageControl or UIScrollView has not been connected to all the outlets and receiving actions.

Basically, make sure:

- Your UIScrollView is connected to the “ScrollView” outlet. - Your UIScrollView is connected to the Files Owner via the delegate outlet. - Your UIPageControl is connected to the “pageControl” outlet. - Your UIPageControl is connected to the “changePage” received action (via Value Changed).

Check those and your problem should be fixed :D

Yup its solved the problem it was the delegate, thank you so much for the codes and your help

Your welcome :D

Is your project ARC enabled? Is it easy to implement into a storyboard project?

Hi magnett,

It has to be edited to support ARC , but the editing is very simple and I can do that for you free of charge.

Yes this can be implemented into any kind of Xcode project, including a Storyboard project.


Nice project, is it possible to make it autoscroll and rotate always.

Hi danruane,

Currently no, but I will work on an update some time to support this feature.

Thanks for your time :D

obj-c or html+ js ? Because i want to use in android

This app is written in Objective-C.


can the images change automatically for every few second?



This will require some work. It’s not something which is currently a feature of this app. Content Slider is exactly what it says on the tin; its job is to slide content (images, buttons, etc…).

Thanks for your time :)

Just curious why the slider size is half screen and not full screen (as seen in screenshot and video demo.)?

Also, is the content of the slides internal within the app or can I load them from a server? It would be nicer to be able to load them from a server so I can update the app images without resubmitting the app to Apple!

Hi psychoguy911,

The slider can be set to any size. Just edit the size of the slider in the interface file. I have set it to half screen size due for demo purposes. But you can change it to any size you want.

The slides can be what ever you want. If you want the images of the slides to be loaded from a server, it will require some work. Not hard though. The images are currently locally loaded.

Thanks for your time :)

I was ready to purchase your code until i saw that it doesn’t support ARC and Storyboards. Are you going to update it sometime soon?

Hi magnett,

Yes I am working on an update to add ARC and Storyboard support. I will let you know when the update is ready.

Thanks for your time :D

I just purchased this and it works great! Great documentation too! My only question is I’m trying to add this to tab bar controller object and do not know how. I just need to be pointed in the right direction

Hi cbg,

Thanks for buying Content Slider :D

Well do you want the Tab Bar Controller Object in the Content Slider itself? This can be don manually via the Interface Builder in Xcode.

Thanks for your time :)