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Yo, error in your demo page: Error: PostController could not be found.

Very sorry, should work.

That seem to be cool, but like dilab just wroted there is some error! Maybe something wrong with your connection! :P

Oh by the way… Welcome on Envato!

Very sorry, should work.

yep it’s not working… :(

Very sorry, should work.

Wow this might be just what I need.

1) So can this be used as a CMS that can be plugged into EXISTING sites that I have created with DreamWeaver?

2) If yes, does it keep my clients from editing areas that I do not want them to alter (IE-so they do not mess up the site)?

CakePHP is a framework through which the start sites. In addition, this item is not a full-fledged independent web site and the only plug-in framework that extends its capabilities, focusing on concrete actions.

The plug is designed to manage content pages, but not for restricting access to some features of the Site.

Great job bro ;)
Good luck with sales!

I think I might be more likely to purchase this if the creator of this code said something more helpful than “Very sorry, should work” as a response to issues.

In the world there is nothing ideal. And this case is no exception. There was an annoying overlay, but I apologized. And tat how questions are asked, I had nothing more to add to the answer except that the demo site is already working.

Would it be possible to extend your script to include an automated menu tag, so that new pages created within the administration could be added to a front end navigation menu automatically?

IE: I create a new page called “page”, when it is saved the front end navigation menu is updated with a new link for the new page?

This would be a fabulous cms script with some way of automating a navigation menu? :)

I plan to release a plug-in front end navigation menu. Most likely it will be one of the first in the near future.

Hello cake_digger

I wanted to ask if I can also Please install the site already exists. ?

Hi likaweb, I do not quite understand the question. You need to install this plugin on an existing site? Write to me at the email through the contact form, I check it more often.

another dead one!

Perdida de tiempo, no funciona!

Learn English, no one will understand.
Totally baseless assertion.
Buy and find out what works and what does not.

Hi, I wanted to know if the project has been abandoned or is updated. I would be interested in buying, but the plugin is visible incorrectly in IE9/10

No, not abandoned. Admin section has been designed for ease of use and flexibility. But not for the deliberate sabotage. Now fixed, looks good.

Can this be implemented into existing sites?

Yes, sure. If your sites had based on CakePHP framework.