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Thanks for the awesome work! Could you please describe a little in detail of what this plugin is capable, also do note which users will benefit from this, who can use it, also do remember that your item page is searched by robots all over the internet and from the content you’ve entered I don’t think too many will understand what this is all about. Thanks ;)


Thank you Nenad, i will add more info soon.

Hello and great concept! I have a few questions and share the concerns of the previous commenter. Here is a short list of some questions/ requests that come to mind.

1. Super admin only capabilities 2. display incoming posts/ taxonomies with a short code on a chosen page. i.e. blog posts 3. One of my main concerns is the aesthetics of the displayed content. Will the plugin adhere to theme styles on the site you are displaying the content?

Kindest, Shane

Thank you Shine for comment, displayed content should keep current theme styles on that network site. Look at plugin documentation on this link I will add more info here soon.

hello fantastic work, we’re trying to look for a solution that doesn’t the opposite, which means we have multiple websites we would like every post from the website to be distributed into the main website, e.g.

on we would like to have the profiles of pepsi, coca and sprite

is it possible to do it with your plugin ? Thanks UOU

Hi, if you have WP multisite instalation with 4 sites (,, and ) you can distribute posts between them as you like. From coca to pepsi, or pepsi to company, coca to company … etc. Posts will be distributed when you publish them or edit if you have selected network site. You can look video preview in documentation to see how process work.

In Content Distribution there is no ‘main’ site, you can publish or edit from any network site while posts are in group. So that mean that you can publish post from to company. There is settings for each network site where you can set role permission to use this plugin.

Great work! Perfect, just what I needed! Bravo

Thank you Coyote!

This looks great – looking for one point of clarification please. Let’s say there are 10-sites and user BOB has regular Admin access to only 4-sites (dev1, dev2, dev3, dev4) – Does BOB only have the ability to copy posts, etc to dev1, dev2, dev3, dev4 OR does BOB have the ability to copy to all 10-sites?

Hi, in this case BOB will be able to copy only between dev1, dev2, dev3 and dev4. BOB can use Content Distribution only on sites and for sites where he is admin or any other allowed role. Plugin settings allow you to select multiple user roles and give them right to use Content Distribution,.

can we use it to copy woocommerce products on different subsites on a multisite ? and does it reuploads the image on the 2nd site or only links the image ?

It did not tested with Woocommerce products, but should work, since all custom post type and custom fields are allowed. You can reupload image on other sites or use same image from first site, you can set that in plugin settings.


tobot Purchased

no quick guide… my themes are not copied. nothing is working for me… may i can have my money back ?


tobot Purchased

ok. you say it does not copy themes… and i say, it does not copy anything… and it is looking like, it is not compatible with other javascript plugins too…


tobot Purchased

the guide is currently not working too,,, sorry for the trouble i make… :-)

Hi, no trouble, check this documentation Next, to investigate problem i will need your wp-admin access.

Hello there, thanks so much for your plugin it helps us a lot. Now i need your help, we have a really big site network, and i need to insert more sites now, but they are not showing on sidebox checkboxes to distribute content anymore. Is there a limit on how many websites i can handle with your plugin? can you help me to make it work for 200 sites?

wow! could you do this? i’d love you forever and ever.

Send me your email address so i can send you file to replace.

Hi, turns out your plugin renders all WP admin tab navigations within settings (i.e. visual composer settings) unusable. The tabs are not reacting unless you plugin is disabled. Can you please look into this and fix whatever functionality clash is causing this so we can use your plugin and give you a good rating? Thanks.

Hi, we didn`t notice this behevior so far on other sites, can you give me access to wp dashboard to check problem?

Hi ttmtake, in the first video of the documentation ( I can see in the upper right corner an additional checkbox for selecting all sites. The version I’ve purchased hasn’t this feature.

Is there a reason why the feature doesn’t exists no longer? The multisite system I’m working with, has more than 100 sites. Extremely laboriously to select each site with a single click.

Thank you for your advice.

Hi, option is remove since there is some problems with unlinking posts and pages, it will be back in next update, right now we work on that fix also.

Hi, I was trying to view the video for more info in this plugin, but it’s no longer working…. So maybe you can answer the questions for me.

I have a clubs ‘special offers’ multi-site portal website. One site for each club. I need a plugin that will share the same content Pages / Posts / Images across multiple cloned “portals” on a multi-site wordpress setup. The ‘Main Site’ with all the special offers, is then cloned on the multi-site, for new clubs that come on-board. Currently I have to make changes on all the different sub sites, so I need to do the changes centrally from the ‘Main Site’ and push the changes across the network. Some clubs may not have access to every offer, so I need to be able to turn off certain ‘Pages’ ‘Posts’ to certain sub sites. Will your plugin do this?

The content will need to be updated on the main site ( ) and those changes will be automatically updated on all the connected sites ( ) ( ) etc…

The main site is using FrontendBuilder for the page template layout, so will this page formatting also be moved across? or will it just change the text and images for the pages?

The other question is linked forms. Will any forms linked to the pages also be accessed in the same way as the page information or would I need to have the forms different on each site setup.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Hi, right now plugin can be used to distribute simple contents, images in time when you create or edit posts/pages. You can not clone multiple posts, pages on other sites.

Other plugin shortcodes will be distributed with content, but i dont know if will work, because it depends also from plugin. This plugin is mented for distributing news and simple content across network sites at once. But idea is to cover as much as i can, so right now iam testing and working on update for ACF plugin and WOO commerce.

Its not tested with frontend builders. But it will clone content with all shortcodes, so some simple layouts should work fine.

Guide link should work now, you can check it.

I already left a glowing review, but I just wanted to say it again… if your thinking about buying this plugin for your MU platform… get it and get it now! I was worried that it wouldn’t working properly with Frontend or visual builders, but it worked first time with not one hitch!

My only request (and it may not be viable) a way to remove distributed content from site on my MU network, from one place. Maybe next to the area where you add to domains.

Hi, thank you for trying this plugin and for great review. You asked to remove/hide sites list from some sites in network when add/edit posts? If so you can do next: There is two settings, global and per site, go to Network WP Admin Settings>Content Distribution > Post/Pages and uncheck post type or types. After you uncheck some types on global level it will affect every site in network. After you need to enter WP Admin Settings>Content Distribution for every site and check or not post types. That is only wey for now to do this. If you have many sites and you can not go through each site and change settings tell me so i can see what can we do.

Hello ttmtake,

Pre-purchase question : Does it work with ACF Pro version if the fields are syncronised between sites ?

Thank you, Nicolas


This version does not have support for ACF. Support for ACF Pro is planned and will be added in next version. We have beta plugin ready, but its not full tested yet.

Thank you.

I need to connect the sites as follows: I make a post on the site X that is connected to the site Y. However, when I access the site Y and click on the post link, I want it to redirect to the site X, to the original Post. Can the plugin do this? Until now I could not


I dont think you can do that. This plugin is used to post same content on multiple sites at once, it does not redirect to other site post. If you add post on X site and select Y, post will be visible on site X and Y, if you go to site Y and want to change from there site X and Y, then you need to edit post and save it. Plugin does not recognize ‘original post’, every post is simple post on that network site, they are just connected with each other so you can edit that posts together at once.

Does this plugin work with WPML?


Its not tested with WPML. So i can`t confirm that work in this moment.

Thanks for the prompt reply.

Hello! Please can you give me to understand, I want to use to send property on many websites such as okay? Thank you…


This plugin is used to clone/duplicate posts from one network site to other network site, in the same WP installation. I am not really sure what you want to do, but if you explain a little closer i will tell you if this plugin can or not do the job you need. Thank you.


My version is 1.0.0. how can update it to the latest version?


Hi, did you download new version? Just download plugin again and upload over old one.

I have around 12 sites, and I have a problem with featured image. It is not distributed will across the sites. I need you help please. thanks


We have a problem with the plugin, when we distribute the posts across the sub-sites the featured image change to another one .. we need your help. thanks

Hi, featured image get copy by name, so if you have 2 same name images that can cause problem. I need more info to give you a help, maybe wp admin account to check what happens.

we double checked that .. names of featured images are totally different.

please send me your email .. so i can send you the creditionals

Hi, I would need the plugin to push all news from my subdomains to the main page. Can I global force the main blog as the target? Does this work automated (publishing)? Thank you

Hi, you need to edit every post, select network site/s and click update. There is no option to do mass move from site to site. This plugin distibute identical posts on multiple network sites when you add or update post.