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With your plugin is possible to have the following on my WP Multisite:

1) Website A + Website B + Website C all display their posts on Website Z by default? By “default” I mean, after completing the set up on the admin, any post written from Website A + Website B + Website C will be automatically displayed in Website Z

2) Is it possible to only broadcast some specific categories of Website A to Website B?

3) Layout: is it compatible with the Visual Composer plugin or Grid plugin?

Thanks in advance, - GM


There is no automatic publishing like in your example. You can add post to website A and you will have meta box on right sidebar with list of all sites in your WP network, you need to check sites where to distribute post. On same way you can distribute categories from site A to site B. You can read more about how plugin work on this link:

Hi, your amazing plugin has unfortunately stopped distributing after working perfectly for many months. If there a way to see why this is happening?

Hi, What WP version you use?

WP 4.7.5 but I’m about to update it to 4.8. Just to let you know that it sometimes works, so it’s not easy to tell why this is being caused. Could it be a cache problem or server memory? Any way to bug report the plugin in action?

It can be server memory limit, we need to get log file, but you need to activate wp debug in config file ( first to get error log inside wp/content/debug.log.

I need something to distribute articles to other WP sites. Can you suggest something or is this product capable of it?

Hi, this plugin can distribute articles between WP sites in same Multisite Network only. Does not work on separated instalations.

Hi, it’s a presale question. Does your plugin copy/update menu link too? Best regards

Hi, no it doesn`t update menu items.