Content Network Distribution

Content Network Distribution

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Content Distribution

Publish post on multiple network sites at once!

What is Content Distribution plugin?

Content Distribution is WordPress plugin for multisite installation which gives you ability to publish post or page across sites in your network. With this plugin you can publish or edit posts and pages from any site in network if you have right role.

How does it work?

After plugin activation, on admin post/page new meta box will appear with list of all sites in your multisite installation. After publish or update, post will be distributed to selected network sites.

Content Network Distribution - 1

Content Distribution can distribute posts of any post type.

Content Distribution will distribute with post all elements including:

  • Title
  • Content
  • Content Media
  • Formats
  • Featured Image
  • Categories
  • Tags
  • Custom Taxonomies
  • Custom Fields

When one creates post, categories and taxonomies will be automatically created on other network site/s if they don’t exist there. This capability can be updated from settings page.

Media files can be distributed to other network sites or stored on origin site. Moreover, you can use images from origin post on other distributed posts without copying them. This is setting’s option and can be set for both cases.

Working with connected posts

Once you publish your post and distribute to some network sites, those posts become connected with each other and any change on that post will reflect on it’s distributed clones. You can uncheck network site any time when edit post and that post will be unconnected from others.

Content Distribution and post connection stage.

When posts are connected actions like trash, restore, delete or status change, they will reflect on all connected posts. On example, this gives you capability to delete distributed post from all network sites at once.

Content Distribution and taxonomies

Content Distribution has capability to distribute taxonomies, including categories, tags and custom taxionomies.

Content Network Distribution - 2

Once you add your taxonomy term and distribute to some network sites that terms becomes connected with each other and any change on that term will reflect on his distributed clones. You can uncheck network site any time when edit taxonomy term and that term will be unconnected from others.

When taxonomy terms are connected, action delete and bulk delete will reflect on all connected terms, Similar to posts. For example, this gives you capability to delete taxonomy term from all network sites immediately.

Content Distribution user access

By default super network administrator can always use Content Distribution on any network site. To get access to Content Distribution, user roles can be set on settings’s .

Default WordPress capabilities work by default, so if contributor have access to Content Distribution on some network sites and wants to distribute post from one network site to another, his post will be pending on each site while some editor approves it.

Content Distribution settings

There are two levels of settings. Global or network level is set for all network sites. Each network site has their own settings that will overwrite global settings for current site if is set.

You can find plugin documentation and video guide on this link.

v1.2.0 updates:

+ Function changes for WP 4.6 +

v 1.1.0 updates:

+ Bulk delete/untresh fixed.
+ Problem with distribution on publish post fixed.
+ Distribution of featured images with simular word in there names fixed.
+ Problem with site selection on 100 + network sites is fixed.
+ Limit extended to unlimited network sites.
+ Visual Composer conflict fixed.