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Demo does not seem to be working for anything other than Youtube?

All other services working fine.

If you want to check the rest of the service, select one of the available and I will add it to the demo :)

it me does not work ….. the documentation is awful …. I am can return me my money..

Please give me link to Your website.

it me does not work: Popup addon for Media Widget automatically detects link with supported content. After click on supported service link, plugin open a popup window with loaded service content.

a question?, in the version that costs a dollar that comes included?

his file comes included only mediaWidget.jquery.js in the it is possible that he returns me the money. I looked for another solution for joomla

Hi. You can buy popup addon on following page:

If you are not satisfied please send me e-mail with reason and we’ll see what we can do.

Thank You.

Nice, Good job.