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Hi there

Just a quick pre-purchase question.

When I click on one of your showcase items in the demo – say “what the thinker thinks (one minute) it take me to the post and at the bottom of the post there are what like similar showcase images – are these generated by the plugin?

Thanks so much for your time


Not really, that is the single template/page for the product, this template contains code to show the prev/next post image/link . Regards,

perfect – thought it might be – no problem at all – thanks so much for getting back to me so quickly

no problem, best of all!

Hey man. Awesome plugin that i got up and going in under 10 minutes. KUDOS! A few things though. _

- If i add images to the standard post they go outside of the sites content width.

- So i’ve added custom URL redirect to pages. Works a treat!

- But i get ‘no posts found!’ error if i try and add a filterable setup.

Any tips?



p.s. site is not live so cannot add link. Happy to let you login though.

Hello, i don’t want a refund. I’d like this issue to be fixed please. All i’m asking is that you take a look at why the default page is wider than my site. It looks like a css issue. You have not even logged in to take a look. You simply offer me another plugin that i donot want. I’m confused.


I didn’t see any login info within the email, just sent you an email back. Sorry, kinda got you confused with another buyer.


So i paid a developer to fix your plugin. Awesome. There were commas out of place through out.

Anyway its live here http://goodpeoplerun.co.nz/good-people-run-photographic-stories-and-adventures/

As you can see. There is another issue with “could not resize image” any ideas?

I have a couple of presale questions:

1. Are the portfolio items managed under a separate taxonomy?

2. Is there an option to add padding/spacing between each portfolio item?

3. On hover, is there a way to add a little transparency instead of making it a solid color?

4. Can you customize the link for each portfolio item to go to any page?


Hello, I will answer below: 1. yes, 2. No, 3. No, 4. Yes


Had this issue with one of your past plugins too I think… the background or page structure isnt loading whatsoever for me, all I see i black text and the images.. not even the left/right arrows exist, just empty boxes…

Can I have some help please?

Hello Kevjo, sorry for the delay, please send me an email using the contact form from my profile page http://codecanyon.net/user/jayc (bottom-right). Also include the link to your page. Alternatively if you cant use the plugin you can include your paypal email, I will offer you a refund. Regards,

This thing keeps breaking, says page not found every once in a while. I was able to get it to work again by deactivating the plugin then reactivating it again but now that won’t even work. http://kustomdesigner.com/

Hello, this is caused by the theme or another plugin. The solution is to go to Admin > Settings > Permalinks and click Save. The permalink gets reset automatically when you change the theme, it is not a good practice a plugin or the theme to do that since might cause troubles. Basically I suspect some other plugin or the theme might trigger it as some point. As I said before you can go to Admin > Settings > Permalinks and just click Save (you don’t need to change permalink options). Regards,

Hi there, I have over 200 images that I need displayed.

Will this gallery be able to support that number?

So i paid a developer to fix your plugin. Awesome. There were commas out of place through out.

Anyway its live here http://goodpeoplerun.co.nz/good-people-run-photographic-stories-and-adventures/

As you can see. There is another issue with “could not resize image” any ideas?

Hello nzkulture, if it can’t resize the image is because the images are not on the same server, therefore it can not resize the images that are located on a different server, unfortunately I do need the resize function on the fly, otherwise images could only be resize upon upload, if you can’t make use of the plugin you can send me your paypal email and I will offer you a refund. You can send me a message using the contact form from my profile page ( bottom- right). Regards,

I’ve had some basic requests due to your buggy plugin and so far you have avoided them, not answered them, happy for a customer to pay someone to fix your sloppy code, and the final result is a refund. Do you even develop these plugins? Good luck with this approach.

[contempt_category cols=”two” category=nike” items_per_page=”12”] no posts found message. i see someone else had this issue and it wasnt fixed. refund please

[contempt_filterable categories shortcode is not working. shows error no posts found!!

Hello, please make sure you don’t have that category slug elsewhere, alternatively send me an email with your paypal email. Cheers!

Hi! Can i add white spaces between pictures in portfolio? http://www.sakuraplugins.com/showcase/contempt/three-cols-pagination/

Hello, I’m sorry, for this plugin you can not. Regards,

Looks like you now offer ZERO support but hey i’ll give it a go. The featured image quality is terrible. How do you ensure it is the right size for the page? I’m set to 1200px and it is scaling up from 1024px. I’ve set in wordpress and regenerated thumbnails and no fix.

Example is here: http://goodpeoplerun.co.nz/stories/the-measure-of-grit/

Hello nzkulture, you have some JS errors within your website ( don’t know if it’s related – http://ctrlv.in/709501 ) , I’m sorry is not working for you as expected, if you wish I could offer you a personal refund, please send me a message with your paypal email, you can send me a message using the contact form from my profile page. Regards,

Is it possible to have each portfolio item link to another website from the grid view?

Hello, yes, there is a checkbox for each item “Use custom URL redirect”, you need to check that and insert the desired URL. Cheers!

Hi, can I add multiple galleries on the same page for specific categories? (Single or multiple categories in one gallery) Please check this for reference – http://saketindia.org/wp/.

Hello, sorry for the delay, multiple galleries on the same page is not possible, this is more like a portfolio. Regards,

Hello, using shortcode: [Contempt_filterable categories = “web-design, graphics” label_all = “all”] I have a problem:

slugs Some categories are not valid!

Which may be a mistake ?

it is solved Sorry about spam

Hello filip123456svk,

I could not see what the problem is, might be a page with the same slug, I don’t know, I will investigate within the next days, try to reproduce the exact slugs, if you can’t make use of the plugin you can ask for a refund with Envato, I will approve it. Regards,

Hi we would a specific filter to our project protfolio

For exemple we would on portfolio page (http://www.architecte-interieur-boulogne.fr/realisations/) a filter like this:

Line1: Filter 1 – Filter 2 – Filter 3 – Filter 4 – Filter 5 Line2: Filter A – Filter B – Filter C – Filter D – Filter E

For exemple: When we click on Filter 1, we have Filter A and Filter D When we click on Filter 2, we have Filter B and Filter C

When we click on Filter A, we have Filter 1 and Filter 4 When we click on Filter C, we have Filter 2 and Filter 5

Hello Litocom,

I can’t access your website, it seems that you need to be logged in to see the content. Anyway, I really don’t know if the plugin will do what you want, however if you wish, just send me an email, I will send you a demo installer so you can test it yourself.


Hi, you can send me an email from my profile page ( https://codecanyon.net/user/jayc ), bottom right form. Regards,


I purchased your plugin specifically for the category filter view, but it won’t work on my website. The “contempt_all” shortcode will work but not “contempt_filterable”. It just says “No posts found!”

I disabled all other plugins and tried a different theme, but it still doesn’t work.

Please advise.

Hello, please go to Admin > Settings > Permalinks and just click save. This should make it work, if not please ask for a refund, I will approve it right away. Regards,

Yeah, so that didn’t work. How do I request a refund?

Can I have an external link inside a light box with your plugin? If yes, where can I see that? Tks.

Hello diegpl , you can see the demo here: http://www.sakuraplugins.com/showcase/contempt . Regards,

Sorry, but I didn`t find any external website being opened inside a lighbox on your demo, as I did here: esites.pro/escolher-site/ Is not it possible to do that with your plugin? Thank you.

Hello, sorry it does not support this feature. Regards,


Brth Purchased

Hell it’s possible to center the filter tag ? instead to have it on right like in the demo

Hello Brth,

I think you need to modify it from the javascript file ( under js/sk_contempt.js ) and look for that class name and adjust it with your own ( see screen http://snpy.in/7lxud2 ).

Also in JS if you want opacity to be 60% you would say 0.6 or .6



Brth Purchased

Thanks for your reply , OK i will check. I also have 2 questions : 1/ is it possible to put the all posts filterable from categories BUT in TWO columns and not in three ? and also to add pagination ?

2/ how i modify the size of the thumbnail ? if would like it higher

thanks by advance

Hello Brth, I’m sorry currently I do not have the time for small modifications, if you can not make use of the plugin please ask for a refund ( https://help.market.envato.com/hc/en-us/articles/202821460-Can-I-Get-A-Refund- ), I will approve it ASAP.