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Can I add/embed in a html website/file?

In the actual version not, but I´m going to relase a new version in the next hours, where you can embed the contact form and the map with the persons sections easily. But to get this working you need a .php file, but you don´t need to modify your html code just the file extension :)

I uploaded the new update with the feature to include it into a php or html file now. I´ll post it if it´s approved.

Hi, nice webform. Can I also leave the map and only use fields like, name,email,message? I want to include it in a HTML page.

Yes you can leave the map, but you can´t leave some fields. But if you want I can customize the fields for you and remove or add some fields :)

How easy is it to change/add fields to this form?


Hey, you need some HTML and PHP knowledge to add or change fields. If you need help in that point feel free to contact me.

Bootstrap 3 compatible?

ContactZ is built with Bootstrap 3 and so it is Bootstrap 3 compatible :)

Information: Demo is back now. Sorry for taking so much time to put it back online, but now everything works and you can view the demo again.

Regards, com98

Is there a way i can translate the field to spanish?

Hi, Actually not but you can contact me then I could insert the translated Text into ContactZ

demo shows 404 error – not found. Fix it