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Keep up the good work! DCSF

Thank you. Appreciated!

Nice Work :) GLWS

Thank you all! Appreciated

very nice work :)

Thank’s folks, appreciated!

Thank you. Appreciated!

Cheers bud, appreciated!

I have created an extra small form that only uses name, email, message & captcha. Feel free to send me an email for more information. I’ll update the script as soon as I can with the new example.


I really like the previews. But they only work on the PC, not on the iPhone. On the iPhone, it says, “Wow! You must enter a valid CAPTCHA code”, even when you entered it correctly.

Will that be fixed?

Best regards, Lars

Hi there,

I’m glad you like. I did run the script on a mobile browser emulator. The 4, 5s, 6 and 6Plus worked perfectly. We should get to the bottom of this though.

Sorry about the slow reply.

Thank you, appreciated – There’s another example. This design is not included however, I could help you achieve something like it or possibly the same. This is for inspiration purposes

Little notice: If anyone is having trouble with the captcha its probably because your putting an 8 instead of a 0. They kind of look the same because of the font. I’ll probably add googles recaptcha at some point.

If anyone needs help though send me an email, I’m happy to help.


as53 Purchased

I do not understand why my form does not work and gives me no error codes. Does it have to be linked to a database?

Hi there,

You must either add the files to your localhost or hosting in order for the PHP to work. If you don’t when you press submit you will go straight to the PHP file.


Hi. I need somethinf very similar to this , but without captcha if is possible. I bught the script, but I have not idea how to delete captcha and other items.

No problem at all,

Please keep in mind if you’re using contact plus on your clients website’s you will need the extended license.

I got back to your email however, I’ll only help if it’s for personal use rather than for your clients.


Yes, thanks. I tried to apply on my website, but it doesn’t work. My hosting support tell me it need SMTP authetication :(

It does, once the SMTP is running. If you contact your Hosting provider they should be able to help you out with that

Could i have your help? i sent an email

Sorry bud I’ll get back to you

Still needing help

I’ve got back to you. Hopefully your issue is resolved. You were only missing a couple of things


I have purchased your ContactPlus+ PHP Contact form, and I have noticed that it is not functional when uploaded to my web hosting server. Is there anything else I would need to complete prior the contact form to work?

I have uploaded your organic code to my website and it not allowing it to go past the CAPTCHA code.

helpme! error Wow! Not sure what happened there

For the error “Wow! Not sure what happened there”

This usually only appears if you test it on localhost, once you upload your files to your web hosting this should disappear.

Also make sure your Web Hosting has SMTP. You might need to contact your provider to get this done but most Web Hosting has it already.

Notice(for purchased/buyers):

I’ve nearly finished designing my website’s template, once it’s done and live, I’ll begin working on CPLUS and release another update.

If you have any issues just check the above comments. If you can’t find it or have a completely new problem, send me an email.

Thank’s guys

Hello, thank you for your contact form. Could you please tell me how can I add more values in the Input Style Select. Now you have ‘support’ and ‘sales’ values. I need to add 3 more values. Could you please tell me how to do it. Thank you in advance. P.S.Sorry if my question is silly, Im not smart at PHP.

Hello, again. When sending the message to myself via your contact form on my email adresse I receive this message:

You have been contacted by Leslie with regards to Support, their additional message is as follows.


You can contact Leslie via email, or using the information provided below:

And actually, there is no information anymore. So no additional information. However I entered all the fields – adresse, telephone and so on..

Could you please tell me how can I see this additional information on my email.

Thank you in advance

Hi there,

Inside the contact forms folder you should see multiple files in the includes folder. You can open these files up to find the right one or you could edit cplus_es.php to suit your needs.

Could be done using notepad it’s fairly simple. Add the meta tags for your text boxes then assign the error message for that textbox. This file also contains the email, just at the bottom. You can modify that too.

If you need help just send me an email as I will receive it quicker and will be able to reply sooner. Remember to keep a little backup of the file your editing just incase something goes wrong.


For editing the select box (support/sales) simply add more fields to the input on the form in the html. It’s that easy no need to edit anything else. Any value will automatically be added to the email.