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Man your code is not working wtf???? fix the code and send it back to me to

Mr. suzaid2011 , where the problem ! Please send to me your problem’s info and if you have an screenshot about that send these to me and I will do my best , sorry about any problems

I sent email to you today please check your email

Mr. Zaid, Everything’s Okay ? if you have any other problems please tell me.

Great layout…

thank you.

Good luck with selling! :)

thank you, and you too

Good luck with selling! :)

thank you, and you too

Great job..! Does it work on mobiles ?

Thanks, yes it’s full responsive , you can test it

Good work ..! GLWS :)

Thank you and you too

Wooo great job bro , Good luck with selling! :grin: :grin:

Thank you , and you too

very good work ! all the best for your sales ;)

thank you Eric, and you too

Hello, first i want to thank you for the great job. I bought the script and installed it on my server. The theme is not responsive, right?? How can i integrate an Logo in the header-middle? Thx for your help and good luck

Thank you very much , about responsive no it full responsive , about logo what do you mean about “header-middle” you mean top “contact form” or “contactbox” in left top nav menu ?

if you want to change a text in top “contact form” , you can change it from customize menu from to > Style > Contact Form Message ( html tags are available)

if you want to change a “contactbox” word in left top nav menu , you will find when you go to script files “contactbox> application>__auto.php” line 56 you will find it

Hello Thank you for your contact box. I have two questions: 1. Where can I correct the contents of the fields? 2. Where can I change the order?

Thank you too to wait , please don’t forget rate “contactbox”

What is the best way to embed the contactbox form in a HTML-Website? iframe?

I added a code in “contactbox” page below “Embed Code” can you check it


I need a set of account password can be replaced ,Sign in to see video playback ,This program can be done?

I can’t understand your idea but if you mean the members system with register , the contactable not support this

Sorry My English is terrible. Member login time limit(One month) ex: account and password can only be deleted after a month.

never mind it’s not problem , unfortunately contactbox not has this .

Forms are not sending without error. I’ve read through the documentation and made sure it is enabled in the settings. Please advise.

Never mind, I figured it out.

You may want to consider disabling SMTP by default. Not everyone intends to use with SMTP out of the gate and those that do will have to go to the SMTP settings page to configure so might as well have them enable at that time as well. Thanks for a solid piece of scripting.

I’m happy to get it ,preferred sending with SMTP it’s more stability , Thank you for purchasing my script , if you have any question tell me

Please , don’t forget rating the contactbox

Nice, Good job.

thank you ,