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After following your tutoria STEP by STEP for eclipse its not compiling. many errors like this: error: Error: No resource found that matches the given name: attr ‘colorPrimaryDark’.

colorPrimaryDark attribute is provided in Lollipop api (api level 21).

if you want you can try like this. open menifest.xml change

       android:targetSdkVersion="21" />


       android:targetSdkVersion="21" />

save and then change back to older one.

check – color.xml and style.xml files which are under “value” folder

also use latest updated SDK

hi, we contacted you 2 days ago for support, nothing yet.

eclipse or android studio ?

please send package name and class name. also code in which you are getting error

can you add support for auto syncing to server cloud.. that would be great

For modifications, pl. send DM

What is this shit ? It supposed to list the contacts provided by the android api not create new database. A total waste,guys dont buy it. It’s a waste. There is no point.

Pl. check description – nowhere it says – list the contacts from phone It is a contact management database

How many contacts can it hold ? approx max limit ?

128 tebibytes

hi please help me query the sqlite to only list contacts from specific group.

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Hello , I want to buy this package . But just tell me whether this is running on parse or normal MySQL database . And also is it connecting to the database to save contacts or saving in phone ?

Hello ,

I’m waiting for your reply .

Can you integrate in an SMS gateway such that user can also send bulk sms to groups.

Can also integrate in SMTP settings such that some one can send bulk emails.

Lastly, can you make it in way that when i buy it, am able to make money from those who might want to use the app on their phones once installed

good work, awesome ! all the best for your sales

Hello I am very interested to purchase it …. Is there any calling functionality in the app

How contacts saved in DB