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I’m the same issue as the guy two places up with the “array” issue. How do I fix it? Best Regards.

Hello thanks for your purchase :)

Please check carefully your en.php file if message text that goes to you if was the correct class created by you and check name of input created in your index.php file if it have [] brackets if have just deleted

If you have also the problem persist just let me know what are your url and send me script for i check that


Great the issue has been resolved, thanks! :) However, one question. I require a form with multiple fields of the same kind and I thus I was wondering, how would I go about creating that? Does the “name”, “id” and “for” name matter? Meaning for instance in the documentation you create a “PHONEUS” field, but could you theoretically just have followed all the other steps and instead called it “PHONEUS3442” and have another further down called “PHONEUS122” (while also obviously changing the name in the rest of the steps)? Thanks for the great support and work! Also, do you do custom work for a fee? Best regards,

Hi, great to know that issue has been resolved :)

About multiple upload in this forms you have two multiple upload options

1- You can use the drop upload feature and you can also add minimum and maximum requirement for your multiple uploads

2- You can use the multiple upload feature with only three inputs (this is limited if you need more)

By using this ready features you can go to settings.php and go to upload section and choose

for multiple upload choose multipleupload = true for drop upload choose multipleuploadfiles = true

just remember that if you turn one feature true add false in the others otherwise it can give problems

NOTE :: You can also use this all upload features with dropbox and amazons3

So let me know if you need any other Support for any doubt you may have


Please send me email with extra services do you need for i check my time at moment is not too much but if service(s) are within my reach maybe i can help you

Hello again, we are using mathcaptcha right now, but we are getting error message in Safari browser. Although the right sum (captcha) is filled in in the field, the field is marked as invalid captcha. This only happens in Safari (and the same happens with alphacaptcha, too). What could be wrong? How can we solve it? Thank you very much for your support. Best regards.

Hi, can you please snd me your ur for i check that myself


HI! How i can add russian language inputs in form ? All inputs require A-z alphabet but i need russian. Thanks for help and my english :)

Hello thanks for your purchase :)

Please let me know if you need create a new language file like en.php or pt.php by translate it one of that files or you are talking about validation of inputs


Yes, i talk about inputs validation.I need put russian alphabet text in input . At now validation require “A-Z” letters but i need “А-Я” letters in my inputs.Thans for help!

please remove this lines at inputs you need

data-rule-letterswithbasicpunc=”<?php echo $firstnameerrorfield;?>” data-msg-letterswithbasicpunc=”<?php echo $lang[‘form-error-firstname’];?>”

Let me know if it helps

Hi there. I got a little problem … i downloaded your Contact Framework and wanted to upload it on Wordpress to install it… but the Size ist to big. My Max File Site Upload isn´t so high… and my host Support told me that i cant set the max upload size higher… what can i do now?`thank you

Hi, thanks for your purchase :)

Can you please tell me what are example form you are upload Remeber that from form package you need only to upload one example form

So choose the example that fits your needs and upload it to your web host

After that just let me know if you need any help with something you need

thank you very much for the quick answer. oh yes now i know what the failure was xD hehe.

Maybe you can tell me which in which folder i have to put the ” form-contact-with-theme-flat ” do i have to convert it to a .zip or just upload the folder ” form-contact-with-theme-flat ” into the web host . ?

Hi, just remember that this form is not a wp plugin so upload the form-contact-with-theme-flat to a folder that you can create outside wordpress and upload the content to that created folder

Next step go to your settings.php and add a baseurl You can also consult docs to see first steps

If you find any other problem just let me know


I would like to add a linebreak in my following sentence: ‘form-datenschutz-label’ => ‘Ich habe die Teilnahmebedingungen und Datenschutzbestimmung gelesen und akzeptiere sie.*’,

and this is my code for the checkbox: <label for=”datenschutz” class=”group hover-group”> <input type=”checkbox” name=”datenschutz” data-rule-required=”<?php echo $datenschutzfield;?>” data-msg-required=”<?php echo $lang[‘form-required-datenschutz’];?>” class=”checkbox” value=”<?php echo $lang[‘form-datenschutz-option-1’];?>” id=”datenschutz”> </label>

Can you let me know how I can add a linebreak in the sentence above?


Thank you for your fast replay, but it solve not my issue. I added also
to the line ‘form-datenschutz-label’ => ‘Ich habe die Teilnahmebedingungen und
Datenschutzbestimmung gelesen und akzeptiere sie.*’, but nothing happens. Have you a solution for this break problem?

html code for break added

did you solve problem? if not please give access to your script for i check it

Hello, first of all… congratulations to the script! Really excellent and perfect at every point!

I have a small problem… I’m using the form in the folder “form-contact-with-alpha-captcha” ...

In the email that is sent (admin), the field ”$supportfield” (SELECT YOUR DEPARTMENT) is not displayed.

I tried to add ’.$finalsupport.’ in en.php // VARIABLES ABOUT MESSAGE TO ADMIN OF SUPPORT FORM!

... but it does not work.

How can I fix the problem?

Thanks in advance.

Regards, Maurizio

Helo thanks for your words :)

Can you please check what are name variable that you have in index.php at support select field like name=”support” also please check in processor.php at post variables what are the post variable $finalsupport = $_POST[“support”]; if correspond to name=”support” from index.php

Thanks a lot, the problem was on index.php name=”support []” ... I removed brackets… Now works!

ok, good to know everything is fine Thanks

Not sure what’s wrong with the download file but attempting to open it just locks up my system for a minute or two. Other ZIP files (even larger ones) open just fine, so something has to be wrong with this file.

Hi, good morning,

I check the file with winrar and seems fine Can i know what are your decompressor?


I tried again this morning and it works now. Weird! But thanks for the quick reply.

Good to know, Regards

Great amaizing templete: i get this error messege when trying to test the payment form. Attention there is an error with defined Payment Method

Hi, thanks for your purchase can you please allow me to check your ul and your ftp to see what happen


hi i am back i was trying to get it done myself but i can seem to figure it out, how can i sand you my url and ftp privetly

Hi, send me your info from my profile page



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Hey, I was in contact with you a month ago and didn’t respond to my open inquiry and it closed. I am no longer able to send you direct messages. Is it possible to contact me in regards to what you had mentioned in the ticket.

hi click at button in top of contact framework description to send me an email and explain what are your doubts since i dont see any email with your id at my email


Hey there.

Awesome script. Could you integrate the form into my own web template and configure it a little bit for me? For sure for a nice fee :-)


Hi, good morning, :)

At moment i can only provide support, for product since i dont have time to frelance work or customizations, so if you have any doubt related to product please let me know…

Kind Regards