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Contact Framework Pro is most complete? more then JS version or other version of our product?

Hi good morning,

Yes, at moment contact framework pro is the most complete

I am using your form-comment form for a web site I am developing (

On this web site, I have a general contact us form and have setup individual instances of the contact form for each of the vendors we are promoting.

How can I pass a unique subject line when I call the index.php file? I’d like to have the subject line change based on where the reader might be on the web site.

Thank you!

Hi ok i understand, but today is a bit late for me so if you don´t mind I will study this case tomorow morning and send to you a link for an example

So if you don´t mind just send me this email to me by using red button in description of this product for i stay with your email and send to you tomorow an example for you

Have a nice Day :)

Thank you. I just sent you an email. Let me know if you didn’t get it (in the morning).

Hi i get it :)

Quick Pre-Sale Question: When saving form data to mysql, does Contact Framework Pro save the name of an uploaded file too?

Hi thanks for your interest, No, at moment file will be send as attachment for admin or send to respective upload folder, but with no much work we can also help you doing that if is one requirement for you

Just let me know

Yes, I would appreciate the help. I’m using “Contact with Multiple Files”. It would be great if you could provide steps, similar to docs “CREATE A NEW INPUT FIELD”. I can follow php/mysql coding. Many thanks!

Tomorow morng i will send to you an example and steps t doing that,

Also send me an email from this product description by clicking in button red for i send to you an example


Thank you very much for your great work. I have 2 problems concerning your contact framework.

1 • When I complete the form, there is no message “thank for your message”.

2 • When I send more than 1 file, I don’t receive the other ones.

Can you help me ?

Best regards,


hi i test with info that you give me and add my email and receive two files that i send also with success message

please try with two different files

Hello! Contact framework pro looks really great. Just spent a few minutes with it yet. Do you have any ready made form with both upload and payment? Also I am interested how I best change the logo. First I just want it square.

Best regards,

Hi,good morning,

sorry for late reply yes you have forms with upload and payment all forms except forms in html have upload and payments so the base is in settings.php just turn true or false, also create an url for i can check what you are doing

about logo in square you can get it by edit the theme settings.css that you have activated in settings.php

.form .pre-header-description .company-holder .company-logo{
        background-size:100% 100%;
        -webkit-border-radius:50%;  // remove it
           -moz-border-radius:50%;  // remove it
                border-radius:50%;  // remove it

    .form .pre-header-description .company-holder .company-border .company-logo:after {
        -webkit-border-radius:50%;  // remove it
           -moz-border-radius:50%;  // remove it
                border-radius:50%;  // remove it

Im using a php theme, I also see my theme has a folder which is called Framework and I dont know method to install your form to my theme. I read more times your doccument, but I dont understand what it wants to talk about. Help me for details.

sorry send your ftp by clicking in red button in description of this product

Yes I did that, my ticket is 58677A, pls check

hello what are name of page you need form also send me your url for i check page

Hi insidelabdev,

Is Contact Framework Pro affected by the PHPMailer vulnerability? More information:


Hi, thanks for let me know :) is not a big problem at all since in description he said that exploitation uses sender email and this forms use recipient email only in form

Anyway just let me know what are form you are working and i replace it with patched version without problems for now, and next week i will patch all forms with an udpade of library

You’re welcome :).

I’ll just wait for the updated version. Thanks!

Hi I bought Contact Framework pro and it’s really a GREAT scrip.

Sorry for interrupt you with possible already answered question, but I just can not find an answer.

What are the ways to get Form data? My client wants to have all data at one place not just in emails that he will receive after form submissions ..

Thanks in advance.

please go to form shortcodes folder and see form with validations

Thanks a lot and sorry if I ask too much!

im here to help don´t worry about :)

Cheap price and high quality Many Options And technical support friendly They’re the best!

thanks for feedback :) let me know if i can help with something else

can i put the script like frame ? in Template Html or index for my site ?

Hi, unfortunally i don´t test this script in iframe but you can try

try create an index.php file with an iframe linked to contact.php file to see if works,and let me know

Hello, Guys.

Is it possible for the end user to enter custom payment on the form, and pay with stripe ?

Regards, Kamil

Hi, yes you can offer to your customers payment with stripe by turn that option true at settings.php

Im here also for support your doubts :)

Hi there, are you planning to add “Invisible ReCaptcha” soon?

yes, soon i will update contact packages


interested me Contact Framework or Contact Framework Pro. My language is Croatian and I need change charset to ISO-8859-2, can you do that if I buy your product?

Regards, Marijo

hi, i can help you doing that with all pleasure for sure im here if you have any other doubts thanks

Dear Support Team,

we are working with your contact form and the version with the single upload module, but sometimes the form is not submitted and the error “Attention your Secure Token is Invalid … Please Refresh Page” is shown. Once it works, once it does not. CSRF is activated. What could be the problem? How to solve it? Please contact us.

Thank you very much.

hi can you install on my website and i pay for the service

Hello , good morning Yes if i can help you and i will do it for sure Just purchase the product and tell me more about your website :)


Vito227 Purchased

I just purchased your script and I am not able to install it successfully. I see the script does not come with an installer. Are you able to help me with this?

Hi, thanks for your purchase

Can you please let me know what are example you need to install also let me know what are problems you see in install script


Hello, I have followed everything in the documentation, uploaded the form with payment on my server (VPN/VPS with Plesk PHP 5.4.x) and it displays an error 500. Help ?

Hello good morning,

You need to add your credentials before test the form

Register at site you need your payment and get your api keys ad´nd add there at settings.php

Let me know if i can help Thanks for your purchase

Hi, Is there a way after submission of the form, to automatically go back to the top in order to read the “Thank you, your message has been sent” without to have to manually scroll to the top? Thanks!

You welcome

Just let me know if you have any doubt just let me know and i will help you for sure :)

Thanks, I appreciate it!

you welcome :)


acid2k1 Purchased

I have the newsletter enabled using mailchimp. How can I disable it to be a requirement? I can’t send a message without ticking the newsletter box.

Hi, good night,

I already understand what you need :)

You are made some confusion, did you go to settings.php at private folder and change your file to this like below

i understand you need to have newsletterbox in form so i presume you have this below if you have it like that newsletter will show at your form

$newsletter = true;

$mailchimp = true;

STEP 2 You need that checkbox in newsletterbox will be non required. Right? so you need to go to this code below and turn false this

$newsletterfield = false;  // TURN TRUE OR FALSE!

If you already have this and after refresh page the code is not like you need just send me your url for i check your form in action

If you have some problems changing the file just send me the settings.php to my mail and i will organize that for you



acid2k1 Purchased

Hi, You are right. I had a dull moment and I apologise for wasting your time. I did not change the bottom field. Thank you for helping me. :)

Hi, since the forms have some features that may be a bit complex dont hesitate if you need some help :)


presales – are payment gateways API’s integrated into your plugin? Which ones?

Hi, we have only stripe payments

presales – do you have a “gift card” form, one that sends a qrcode with gift card?

no at moment we dont have that maybe in future we add it