Contact Framework Pro

Contact Framework Pro

Contact Framework Pro Description

Contact Framework pro is a robust framework with multiple types of forms and at same size lightweight to construct your secure contact form in your website with a lot of options and examples, with this framework you are making the smart choice for your contact area with a lot of security, flexibility and with scability necessary for you improve it where you need.

Types of Forms

Normal Forms
Modal Forms
Multistep Forms
Side Left Forms
Side Right Forms
Slide in Forms

Features true or false at settings file

New Captcha with Reload Option
New Signature in documents
New Five colors in Header
New New Upload style like Drop
Forms with multi column Support
Forms with Icon font with over 1600 Icons 2017
Forms Js & Php Validation with Ajax Submition
Forms Improved NOSCRIPT Feature
Forms with SMTP, Mail with Authentication or NOT
Forms with Email Priority HIGH – NORMAL – LOW
Forms with Email Charset UTF-8 – ISO-8859-1
Forms with Uploads with Dropbox and Amazon S3 Integration
Forms with Multiple Uploads Files like DRAG & DROP
Forms with Multiple Uploads Files with MAX UPLOAD FILES rule
Forms with Merchant Support – Contact support form
Forms with Merchant Service – Sell services without Payment
Forms with Merchant Payment- Sell services with Braintree & Stripe
Forms with One Time Payment and Recurring Payment
Forms with Credit Card, Paypal and Stripe
Forms with Three Theme Option
Forms with NON-intrusive Validation with Data attributes
Forms with Turn True or False rules for Client and Server Side Validaton
Forms with Multiple Administrators
Forms with Single Upload & Multiple Uploads
Forms with Customized Notification Messages
Forms with Customized Redirect Messages
Forms with Message Top & Bottom
Forms with SMS Notification Message
Forms with Dinamic Alpha Captcha Included
Forms with Dinamic Math Captcha Included
Forms with New Recaptcha included
Forms with Loader Option
Forms with Attachment
Forms with autoresponder
Forms with Custom Email Template
Forms with Integrate Database Option with mysqli connection
Forms with Four Different SQL Tables
Forms with Multilanguage Option
Forms with Mailchimp and Campaign Monitor integration
Forms with Send Copy to me option
Forms with Excel Reports Integration
Forms with Protection against SQL Injection, XSS, CSRF, Etc
Full Responsive
50 Features ++
& Many More

Shortcodes Folder

Add Remove Elements
Color Picker
Country-State-City via google API
Emotions in any Input or Textarea
Responsive Center Maps
Masking Plugin
Other Elements HOT
Parent Elements Plugin
Placeholder plugin
Show, Hide, Disable Elements (Conditional)
Sliders Plugin
Social Buttons plugin
Stepper Plugin
Slick Elements
1600 Icons List
Grid & Offsets Plugin
Static Captcha Included

Inside Package

Contact Framework Pro Default

  • form-contact-with-administrators
  • form-contact-with-administratorsbcc
  • form-contact-with-administratorscc
  • form-contact-with-alpha-captcha
  • form-contact-hidden-left
  • form-contact-hidden-right
  • form-contact-modal
  • form-contact-multistep
  • form-contact-slide-in
  • form-contact-with-amazons3-multiple-files
  • form-contact-with-amazons3-multiple-files-without-attachments
  • form-contact-with-amazons3-multiple-upload
  • form-contact-with-amazons3-multiple-upload-without-attachments
  • form-contact-with-amazons3-single-upload
  • form-contact-with-amazons3-single-upload-without-attachments
  • form-contact-with-campaign-monitor
  • form-contact-with-dropbox-multiple-files
  • form-contact-with-dropbox-multiple-files-without-attachments
  • form-contact-with-dropbox-multiple-upload
  • form-contact-with-dropbox-multiple-upload-without-attachments
  • form-contact-with-dropbox-single-upload
  • form-contact-with-dropbox-single-upload-without-attachments
  • form-contact-with-excel-reports
  • form-contact-with-excel-reports-without-attachments
  • form-contact-good-for-html-themes-with-emotions
  • form-contact-good-for-html-themes-without-emotions
  • form-contact-with-loader
  • form-contact-with-mailcharset-iso-8859-1
  • form-contact-with-mailchimp
  • form-contact-with-mailpriority-high
  • form-contact-with-mailpriority-low
  • form-contact-with-math-captcha
  • form-contact-with-message-bottom
  • form-contact-with-multiple-files
  • form-contact-with-multiple-files-without-attachments
  • form-contact-with-multiple-upload
  • form-contact-with-multiple-upload-without-attachments
  • form-contact-with-mysql
  • form-contact-without-automessage
  • form-contact-without-csrf-security
  • form-contact-without-multilanguage
  • form-contact-with-signature
  • form-contact-without-mysql-duplicate-emails
  • form-contact-without-responsive
  • form-contact-with-payment
  • form-contact-with-payment-administrators
  • form-contact-with-recaptcha
  • form-contact-with-recurring
  • form-contact-with-recurring-administrators
  • form-contact-with-redirect
  • form-contact-with-sendmobile
  • form-contact-with-sendtome-copy
  • form-contact-with-services
  • form-contact-with-services-administrators
  • form-contact-with-single-upload
  • form-contact-with-single-upload-without-attachments
  • form-contact-with-smtpauth
  • form-contact-with-smtpnoauth
  • form-contact-with-support-administrators
  • form-contact-with-theme-flat
  • form-contact-with-theme-minimal
  • form-shortcodes
  • documentation

Contact Framework Pro Flat

  • With same Forms examples above

Contact Framework Pro Minimal

  • With same Forms examples above

Change Log

- January 18 2017
- Fix Code Injection on PHPMailer
- March 27 2016
- Fix noscript message
- Fix an issue open with modal form
- Fix an issue open with slide in forms
- Fix an issue open with hidden forms
- Fix upload issue with margin
- Improve shortcodes folder
- March 20 2016
- add signature library for admin send documents to sign to customer when he/she pay for a service
- add better organization and clean more a bit css files
- add new color picker
- add plugin to add and remove elements
- add a folder called other elements with some stuff like typography, grid, tables, etc...
- add new tooltip
- add new type of validation highlight, with messages or messages with tooltips
- add errors in a div at bottom and top
- fix z-index of datepicker
- add client side validation in recaptcha v2
- add clean php rules for server side validation
- add new style for multiple files upload ... like drop upload
- add new css loader
- update js and php libraries
- add reload in math and alpha captcha
- add social buttons
- add new stepper plugin
- add new design for some elements (form-with-slick-elements) at shortcodes folder
- add carousel slider on services module this way if customer need to add more products it can be touch and scroll
- add five colors to header
- add js rule to disable elements on submit form
- made new documentation
- December 16 2015
- Version 3.0 Inicial Release


Icons Used in Project – 59$ Value IcoMoon Ultimate Font
Fonts used in Project Google Fonts

It´s much appreciated if you can read documentation and contact me if you have any problem before give low ratings … Thanks for understanding… Enjoy…!!! :)