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Contact Framework HTML

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Contact Framework HTML is good and ready to use for HTML Themes since the structure is made for it, robust and beautiful framework is made with security in mind. With three themes available, five colors and a lot of options and examples you can do anything you want, integrate your own server side language or use the default code and rest in peace about design and js validation because with this organized by topics code the simplicity is the key.

Grid System

Grid system is a awesome and robust tool for you divide your content inside form section by columns, inside this folder you have all samples for you see how grid works and all classes used to made this work.

Icomoon Ultimate Font

Icomoon ultimate font is a gift that you have inside this pack with over 1600+ icons your form will look awesome with this, add colors, animations whatever you want, inside you will have all list of icons for you choose from.

Shortcodes Folder

Inside Shortcodes folder you have samples for Typography, Messages, Call Attention Boxes, Buttons, Progress Bars, Videos, Images & Audio, Dividers, Info Boxes, Responsive Tables, Tooltips, Buttons, App Store Buttons, etc.


  • Retina Ready Forms
  • Forms Modal forms, Slide in Forms, Push Forms, Multistep Forms
  • Forms Five colors in Header
  • Forms Jquery & Server Validation with Ajax Submition
  • Forms Improved NOSCRIPT Feature
  • Forms with SMTP, Mail with Authentication or NOT
  • Forms with Email Priority HIGH – NORMAL – LOW
  • Forms with Email Charset UTF-8 – ISO-8859-1
  • Forms with Uploads with Dropbox and Amazon S3 Integration
  • Forms with Multiple Uploads Files like DRAG & DROP
  • Forms with Multiple Uploads Files with MIN UPLOAD FILES rule
  • Forms with Multiple Uploads Files with MAX UPLOAD FILES rule
  • Forms with Merchant Support – Contact support form
  • Forms with Merchant Service – Sell services without Payment
  • Forms with Merchant Payment- Sell services with Stripe
  • Forms with Three Theme Option
  • Forms with NON-intrusive Validation with Data attributes
  • Forms with Multiple Administrators
  • Forms with Customized Notification Messages
  • Forms with Customized Redirect Messages
  • Forms with Message Top & Bottom
  • Forms with Random Captcha
  • Forms with SMS Notification Message
  • Forms with Loader Option
  • Forms with Attachment
  • Forms with autoresponder
  • Forms with Custom Email Template
  • Forms with Integrate Database Option with mysqli connection
  • Forms with Mailchimp and Campaign Monitor integration
  • Forms with Send Copy to me option
  • Forms with Excel Reports Integration
  • Forms with Protection against SQL Injection, XSS, Etc
  • Full Responsive
  • & Many More

Change Log

- October 4 2017
- Fix Require Fields Spacebar Clicks
- Add Server Side Validation
- August 28 2017
- Add Multistep Form
- Add Random Captcha
- Fix Services Module on Mobile and Tablet
- Add Close Button on Push Forms
- Add Bullets on Push Forms
- August 15 2017
- Version 1.0 Inicial Release


Icons Used in Project – 59$ Value IcoMoon Ultimate Font
Fonts used in Project Google Fonts

It´s much appreciated if you can read documentation and contact me if you have any problem before give low ratings … Thanks for understanding… Enjoy…!!!  :)