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Is it possible to have this set to email a user on their birthday? If it has this, I’ll buy.

Nope it doesn’t have this feature.

Can you have as many dropdown selections as uou want?

great job!

Yes you can have as many as you want but you need to alter the php codes in contactsetting.php and contact.php files for that.

I want a form that the contents are then sent back to sender as autoresponder, as well as to me. Is that possible?

It’s an order form. If not can you advise?

I didn’t read the description carefully and didn’t realize that only the autoresponder has the attachment feature. Can the script be modified to have a file attachment field with the form?

You can do that if you know PHP . Currently we are not developing / extending its features.

I purchased this script a while ago and have it up and running on a website for a client.

I would however like to support the Turkish Charset. Whenever a email is sent with special characters like ç, ?, ?, ? etc. it will send the email but the received email will have characters like ü, ç, ÅŸ etc. instead.

I tried changing the charset in both contact.php and class.phpmailer.php but this did not help.

If you would please help me or point in the right direction how to fix this.

I will take a closer look at it n let you know

Have you been able to find anything to fix my issue?

It’s been a month since your last response.

Sorry for the delay in response again if you don’t get response here please use my profile page contact for or contact me through email so that i can get back to you. But i have no idea on setting, i tried charset to utf-8 but no luck

hey – Ive been trying to set up the SMTP to go through a different sever, not the default (I think what the php mail uses) – but im not having look. No errors but the smtp does not change.

Can you give an example of code that will work, just the few pertinent lines, as I did not find anything about smtp in the documentation, just the code


Drop me an email from my profile page contact form with your FTP Logins so that i can take a closer look at it.

Are you able to customize this form to have the, “name”, “e-mail” etc inside of the typing area instead of beside it? Also can you change the form opacity and size for small area? If not could you make me what I need? Thank you!

I have altered the coding to get the name, e-mail, message text inside of the textarea, and changed the opacity and size. What I am having trouble with now is changing the subject field to a regular text area like a name field. Also the part in the instructions where you change the uploads part. Please help with this issue when you get a chance. Thank you.

Any possibilities with a response?

Email me from my profile page contact form so that i can take a closer look at it

i can’t get this to work. i removed the combo box and deleted the phone # field. i keep getting this error: “Invalid address: You must provide at least one recipient email address.”

Hi, i was wondering if I would be able to remove the subject fields in this form?

Yes you can remove but you need to remove the required field also in the contact.php file.

hey. Great work. <3 Is it possible to add some more fields?

thx ind advance

Hi, i have been looking for an auto responder that will allow me to automatically attach a PDF attachment and this seems to do it. Any reason that it wouldn’t work in Wordpress.

This is not designed for wordpress but i will do that soon and release a new WP Plugin.

Never worked. To bad you could reply on time!

this rocks so much I am so impressed, this is the only form on here I can say is the best form selling right now! I need a question in integrating theme options and I have been playing around with the code.

$replyto= stripslashes(get_option(’’,’‘));

I know this doesn’t work, can you tell me the general layout to make this happen? Thank you again!

hello, am using a previous version without smtp for testing only, i have changed the contactsettings.php emails , all i get is the respond email but the message is not delivered to the departments, can you advise please, i think i’ve done everything correctly. Thanks

Can you email me the script in a zipped way so that i can test it on my server.

i install this today,when i submit i get this: “item could not be found or has been deleted” i have all files in /myscript/contactform/... also i have changed the files: php,java,flash in contactsettings,and uploaded ,but when i go on main site,they still there… any help will appreciate! thanks

Email me the FTP Logins and URL so that i can take a closer look at it.

okay i sort some out ,now have other problems!

1. when i receive email if i look where is “from” in tab at “from and to”

it say: ?! why is that?

2.after filling the form out and submitting it goes here: then it say “OK” how do i fix this to redirect to home page?

3. how to eliminate “phone” ,as i dont need that there.


1) Elaborate your question please as from is the address of the form submitter and double print for that i need to check what went wrong in the coding at your side.

2) Redirection! you can add that any redirection script in contact.php file

3) Remove the validation function from the contact.php file.

“Invalid address: You must provide at least one recipient email address.” Is the error I receive. The emails I’m using is good, so any idea what can be causing this error? Any help with this would be great.

Email me the ftp logins so that i can take a closer look at it.

how do I get it to

$replyto = ‘


$replyto = get_option(‘premiumwd_contact_mail’);

I need help.

You can do by adding some php code for it. As it was not designed for WP so i can’t help it out.

Please help I get the following error. Yet I have the correct UN and PW how can I fix this as I need to send form details to a gmail account my php looks like the below:

SMTP Error: Could not authenticate.

PHP // smtp configration $smtphost=””; //NOTE have also tried ssl:// and ssl: //smtp e.g. with space? not sure if that is correct $smtpport=465; //NOTE also tried port 587 $smtpusername=’’; $smtppassword=”*”;

If you can email me the FTP Logins without your gmail Account details in it i will then check it with my email account details and let you know.

Can I make the phone number field work with spaces. I.E. 03 5746 5674 This is a standard Australian phone number layout. Thanks

Phone number field should be removed from validation as it may conflict as different people uses different input methods for the numbers. Remove the validation from contact.php file