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Hi, i liked your form, can i redirect the page to another once the message sent?


Sorry its not there currently but you if you know coding you can do it via javascript

That’s ok! i like the current one, anyway thanks

Hi there, If i have removed the drop down subject and defaulted it to the default email with i have entered in contact settings.php how do i add a custom subject that will show up in my emails?


You need to customize that in the contact.php file as well


$email =’


$email = $variable;

$variable = all emails from my data base

If I say that you can… I buy this script right now and then explains to me how I do it, ok?

i need put emails from my database i want not from $email=’ ’ i want $email=$variable (all my emails what are in my data base

i want to buy …but first i need if i can this in the script … is possible to do this?

Sorry not possible

i added it to my website and doesn’t worked, support team told me the problem is not about script, then he/she asked me to pay extra for getting script works. That’s a shame.

They’re here for your money only, not for support.

You don’t know how to integrate the form.

You didn’t pasted the code as guided in the documentation atleast. and you have around 3-4 jQuery core library files which is a biggest conflict and you have already used another form i think and i can see the coding for that form exists with the same ID which is another conflict.

Why should I look into the code for free for what he did wrong integration or so.

I get error when submit (email send to user and submitter fine = deliver. images get broken for submitter) And show I’m alert box this

OK Warning: fopen(/dev… failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home25/myhost/public_html/developer/v4/Main Files/contactform/autoresponde.php on line 34

Warning: filesize(): stat failed for /dev… in/home25/myhost/public_html/developer/v4/Main Files/contactform/autoresponde.php on line 35

Warning: fread() expects parameter 1 to be resource, boolean given in/home25/myhost/public_html/developer/v4/Main Files/contactform/autoresponde.php on line 35

Warning: fclose() expects parameter 1 to be resource, boolean given in/home25/myhost/public_html/developer/v4/Main Files/contactform/autoresponde.php on line 36

Than you

Please contact us via support forum so that we can take a closer look into your issue.

Hello, great theme

Quick question.

I have taken out the Subject, Comments and Catchap on the index.html

Also disable the required field for these 3 in contact.php

It was sort of working when i did this but once i made this edits it wont submit and it just stays there. Any ideas??

If you can contact us via our dedicated support forum we can take a closer look at it.


Great Form, but What needs to change in jquery to work with “use strict” ?

Thank you :)

Thanks for the headsup I will take a look at it and update the script to work with the strict mode.

Hi i just started to use this script is awesome

I have 2 questions for the support team is it possible

1.- How can I receive the email sended by the form in two or tree email directions ?

2.- How can set autorespondcontact.php the message input field to allow HTML code for response email ?

I really preciate your help

thank you

Thank you for purchasing the script.
1) you can add more emails each by comma separated.
2) Its not possible currently to have HTML code supported for the response message. We will see if its possible to add in future.

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How can I add calendar field there with pop up calendar. ?

You need to hire a developer to do the customization for it

I want a .pdf in the auto responder. I put brochure.pdf in the folder

Itried several things but it is not working. What more do I need to change in the script?

Regards, Suzanne

Read the documentation its there. You need to attach the files from your web browsers not manually. Point your browser to script_path/autorespondcontact.php

Any chance of an update that would allow the user to attach files?

Sorry its not there currently but we will consider adding those features in the future updates.