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TopStudio does not currently provide support for this item.

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is ist possible to have sliders introduced into this guys

is ist possible to have sliders introduced into this guys

I have purchased the Code Form Generator and activated it. Here is my purchase code: Purchase code: 00d2a512-91d1-4fd6-885a-c88ac56e777f , Yet, each time I used the Editor on the web, I get to download source and the page says: You Have a Trial version. I wrote ENVATO several times and dropped messages everywhere. No help at all. Can anyone help? I want the product. (I even requested a refund and got no response at all).

The tool dosn’t recognize my purchase code.

We have updated the item and are waiting for envato’s approval, meanwhile I have just accepted your refund request.


unk_me Purchased

Hello TopStudio, can you help me with activation. It doesn’t work with my purchase code. I will change my rating after that. Thanks.

Hi TopStudio, I’m also getting an error when i try to activate with my CodeCanyon username and the Item Purchase Code from the LICENSE CERTIFICATE:

Invalid item purchase code: please try again.

If you think your purchase code is valid but you can’t validate it, send us a message here: http://codecanyon.net/item/contact-form-generator-form-builder/1719810/support

We will get back to you in less than 24 hours.

I need help with activation.

Hi Top Studio – same as the people above, I’m trying to activate my form generator. Have emailed you TWICE now and got NO reply.

Please help! Thank you!

If you can’t help, can you please refund as the product is unusable in its current state.

Hi Top Studio same issue for me.

Please fix it ASAP!!!

Please send a support message, we’ll fix that for your

What is happening with the activation? To charge the script there has been no failure, so I feel a little cheated. Do not sell something that does not work, it’s called scam.

Please send a support message, we’ll fix that for your

I sent you an email 4 hours ago, is there any other way to get in touch with you? I do not see anything in the support area. Thank you.

I just purchased this for a job I need done TODAY and I can’t even activate it! What am I supposed to do??

And you don’t even offer support through here? How am I supposed to send a support message like you’re telling everybody else to do?