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Have you implemented support for two-column layout??

Also, have all elements been lined up and made to be of a consistent default width? I had great difficulty doing this for every element previously. e.g. width=xx between elements.

E.g. Text input box vs. Text area.

Can you set an option in the INPUTS section at the top of every form, set element widths to …..px Can you align elements now? e.g. Float / Align left/right/center?

When changing the width of an element, for example a Button, and you manually enter the value in the input box, the width still doesn’t update… Changing the font family also doesn’t update in the preview.

How can you add two fields – e.g. First Name, Last Name, or Reset and Submit on one line?

Thanks Jen!

My site gets hacked 3 times already, its all static html files and this form inserted. Hackers upload shells into the server.

Is there prevention to this?

Yes, recreate your form using the latest version of the form builder, it includes the proper fix for forms created with older versions of the form builder.

is possible to see a backend board where my client can see user answers?

how can i reset the password on my login, please?

I reset the password, i don’t need support about this. ty.

Flash uploader still not replaced with other solution ? IOS Apple cannot upload with this form. What do we do to fix this ?

I have purchased, downloaded, and I cannot for the life of me get it to work. I keeping getting the errors messages:

"The item purchase code can't be validated.

Set the permission to 755 on “editor/forms” on your server to solve this problem.

Set the permission to 777 if it does not work otherwise.

If your website is installed on a Windows based server, you must make it writable in your file manager.”


“The directory that will contain your new forms can’t be edited.

Set the permission to 755 on “editor/forms” on your server to solve this problem.

Set the permission to 777 if it does not work otherwise.

If your website is installed on a Windows based server, you must make it writable in your file manager.”

I have tried changing my permissions multiple times, and I can NOT get this to work. I get the same error messages every single time. I’m on a deadline and need to get this working ASAP, please help!!!! What am I doing wrong?

Please send your request using the support tab, I will send you back the license file to upload.

Hi, we can edit the colors of label outside and inside input, but only for the text someone will type. How to modify the color of the placeholder text? Because this color is still grey, not very readable on tablets, and I want it black.

Hi. Do you think it is possible to disable the automatic lighter color?

Ho sorry, my support has expired. That’s why you do not reply anymore? Or you have to admit you don’t just have a solution? Because YES, the non full black color for the placeholder text IS a problem. On a tablet or some screens, the text is just unreadable or almost. So why not use bubble “popup” technique instead?

Hi from Brazil. I’m not able to integrate with my database and also I am not getting emails. Sorry my english!

Hi, please send your request the support tab, thanks :)

Hi! I sent… now I’m waiting!

Cannot send SMS via Twilio setting. Is there any adjustment need?

Double check your Twilio credentials and double check if your Twilio account has sufficients funding to send SMS

Hi Thanks For great script but I cant upload file when I use form from mobile!! Do you can help me to fix that?


My website is built on codeigniter, my developer is telling that to use this plugin it needs to be written in codeigniter kindly clarify on this point.


ibraq8 Purchased

Hi Any Support Here?



ibraq8 Purchased

I was Talk to you to refund my money and you don’t reply!!!


ibraq8 Purchased

Please refund my money if you can’t fix upload in mobile


cbritton Purchased

Can the form be set to post to multiple SQL tables upon submission to a Database.


mort48 Purchased

A question, on date picker if one user picks a date then another user tries to click the same date does it show the date as already picked?


webosk Purchased

Hi, do you think writing a version that I can read a “table” of my database to use in fields “Droplist”? Thanks

Hi there, great suggestion, we will check if that is possible :)


webosk Purchased

Thank you so much!!

Hi. I use your software to accept orders via an order form. I am looking for ways to automate my order processing. Do you have idea/suggestions how I may be able to go about exporting form data out to csv or google sheets? Thanks much.

Hi there, nice suggestion, we will think of it.


djbenjx Purchased


I installed on my server your generator of form.

However, when I wish to create a form, I remain blocked on Ready? Create your form! Creating source files.

What do I have to make?

thank you

Hi, please send your request using the “Support” tab above :)


babacool Purchased

Good software! I like it. However, one function is badly missing. Please make it perfect by including page break to split long form into multi-steps. Think about it! Do you have any idea how I can do it?

Hi there, this feature will be added very soon! :)

is this work on localhost ? (xampp)

Yes it does, if you need any help, please contact us through the support tab :)


Realystic Purchased

Please add https://codecanyon.net/item/mailwizz-email-marketing-application/6122150 Mail Wizz api support to your forum builder.

Hi, I’m about to buy it, but let me know if you can send to different email in “dependent fields”. For example by choosing “Sales” the mail sent to sales and choosing “support” email sent to support direction