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TopStudio does not currently provide support for this item.

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Support request sent yesterday. Hoping to resolve failed delivery issue with Godaddy soon. Please advise.

Thank you!

7 days now, and no response from support. Strange.

Form does not work because as a from it use sender email. I want to make sender email fixed. please help on that. I already send you support email.

I have already send a support mail but i didn’t get a response yet.

not getting response for mail


I have tried to get this form to work in several instances.

My site that I am developing it for is here: http://mattabron.com/update (it is in the footer) This one does not give success message…Submit button does nothing. Then I tried to create a test form without anything else here: http://mattabron.com/form

This one does give me a success message but I do not see it in my email or sender’s email so not sure f actually works…I have tried both php email and smtp…but no luck on email generation…

Neither form throws any kind of error…

What are your thoughts…thanks for your time and expertise.

Kindly, matt

Still Looking for support…

I have recreated 2 default forms..one SMTP and the other PHP…then simply loaded to server and neither of them work…?

PHP Form: mattabron.com/form1

SMTP Form: mattabron.com/form2

If I do not hear back from you soon, will have to request a refund and send a formal complaint to Envato.

Thanks for your time and consideration…I will also duplicate this email to you directly…

Kindly, matt



not receiving response for support mail . . :(


alby111 Purchased

Im using PHPMailer 5.2.2 I have to upgrade to PHPMailer 5.2.19 because the Critical Vulnerability in PHPMailer., If I do so, would I have problems with the forms sending the mails ?

have purchased, installed but cannot use I get a warning message that I have removed or tampered with the copyright notice. cant even log onto the software and the author is not picking up his emails from me. mmmmmm what does that tell me???

Hello, I am a graphic design without programing knowledge. Can I create a form with your product similar to this form example: https://i.gyazo.com/12cfadecc130654179201e2bf6762ddd.png I need it to work, mean the programing part including submit button and data will deliver and saved.

Do not purchase, there is absolutely no support, I was unable to get the application working on my server after which I sent the developer a mail. I got a response asking me to mail the details which I did promptly.

After that despite 3-4 mails & 2 months on, absolutely no response. I have wasted by money on this thing. It seems their policy is to sell & forget…

Do not waste your money and buy this product however simple to use it looks

Hello, your Contact Form looks very interesting.
Before I buy it I have a few more questions:

Is this responsive (for mobil devices)?
Can I edit it on a Mac?
Can i test all the files locally on my server (without load any files from other servers)?
Can I customize the complete form (font weight, font style, font family, color)?
Is this in German?

Best regads


Avazar Purchased

Great product. For those leaving negative reviews, you most likely installed it incorrectly, just like I did the first time when I was rushing it. The only item I would love to see is Google Recaptcha added. Then it would be perfect!

DO NOT BUY THIS. THE AUTHOR DOES NOT RESPOND. NOT EASY TO GET WORKING…IF WERE THERE WOULD NOT BE SO MANY PROBLEMS. Move On Regardless how tempting the product looks. NOTE TO Author: I set up a test form on it’s own page and checked and verified version of PHP and still could not get this to work…and you never responded.