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marek22 Purchased

does this form is accepting german umlauts like : ö, ä, ü or ß ?

Yes it does


marek22 Purchased

its great! just installed it. Everthing works fine. But i have one Question, why you can not set each Elements in Row?

This can be done using custom css code in the end form css file

upgraded my web server to php 7 will I have any issues on the re install of this?

You won’t.


1) Is it possible to include a repeater field in a form? 2) Does it integrate well with Full Calendar Js? 3) Can I see the documentation before buying it?


1.No 2.No 3.No

I’ve uploaded files to my server, created account and made my template.

After filing out settings and clicking “generate file” the page just says “creating source files” but never moves past this

You support request has been answered by email

I have not received an answer to this issue yet. Page is processing saying “creating source files” but never advances

I just replied to it

How do I prevent the IP address from being sent? We are auto ingesting the form and it is seeing the IP address as a mailing address, so I’d just rather disable it from being sent. Thanks!

Please send your request using the support tab

I have a problem . i click on Edit or View or Duplicate or send . Icon appears loading only

Please send your request using the support tab

Pre-purchase questions

1. Is it possible to create a form that has “page breaks”. That is – the ability to say ask all questions about personal details on page one. Then ask all details of what you want to do at an event. Finally a page where applicant can indicate methods of payment.

2. Is it possible to put two or more fields in rows or columns? If so where do you add classes and additional css files into fields or globally for the form?

3. Is it possible to add logic questions into the form to trigger hidden fields?

All your requests require custom code in the end form :)


I just bought this item thinking it was a WordPress Plug-in, which it isn’t.

Can I please get a refund?

Thank you!

Column support?

with custom css code

This latest update install on my server and when I press create a new form never load, it only remains blank and no loading.

please send your request using the support tab, (also consider to update the version of php running on your server)

this looked so promising – but upload button is using flash (no ajax or HTML5). so the whole script is of NO USE for me! :( iOS and mobile devices are NOT supported – and ALL modern browsern have deactivated flash per default. that makes the whole script absolutely useless and unusable!

You won’t have it working for tomorrow, you should get another form item to have your project complete.

oh, now i am surpriced! you havent been fixing this bug for more than 5 years, now…

https://codecanyon.net/comments/2404609 (that´s when you said “We are aware of this and we are currently working on a second flash uploader that will be based on HTML 5 to get full compatibility with iOS.” :shocked: )

Ask for a refund if you are not happy with the item

Up to how many fields can the form generator work with before it times out loading a saved form? I ask because I had to create a form with 94 fields and seems like its not working… I notice that you just release an update… do I need to reinstall it?

Any help in the right direction would greatly be appreciated… thank you so much!

please send your request using the support tab

your plugin work in rtl?

If I install, can a public visitor create there own contact form like the demo?

HI ,Already i have my own SMS API. do i have option to customize it


how i connect form to mysql database?

send your request using the support tab

but this script don’t automatically create database table is this true?

The table must exist, the script pushes the form data into the table

hi just installed it doesn’t work can you help me out thanks

please send a support request