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How do I make template 8 say “Name” instead of “Username”. And why do the fields still have the name and email after the post?

Your plugin is not working at all… pls refund…

Please share your Points along with login details on Support@himanshusofttech.com, My support team will get it done for you, in case if the plugin is not working somehow there !

Hi :) Can i use multiple cf7 forms on my website sending people to different lists?

Ex. Front page to list 1 Product page to list 2 Contact page to list 3

:) Kevin

Yes possible

I thought this would add subscribers to the linked Mailchimp list automatically…am I missing something?

Yeah it will , please connect at support@himanshusofttech.com


The plugin is being weird and no matter which browser I use I cant actually click any of the tabs for this plugin on the dashboard. It lets me ‘click’, but nothing loads or changes and i’m unsure what to do Thanks. Brenda

Hello, can you please connect at support@himanshusofttech,com, things like this happen due to conflicts, we will get it work for you

What fields does plugin support? Is it just first name, last name and email? Or is there also an option to add additional line items such as physical address?

There is option to add additional fields, but the name of the field should be in proper order

I’m using Flatsome theme and this plugin is corrupting Revolution Slider.. Please help me!

please contact at support@himanshusofttech.com , they will sort out this issue

Hi, your plugin doesn’t work at all, pls refund. I have initiated a refund on 8th Feb but no reply yet.

what exact problem you are facing , can you please share at support@himanshusofttech.com ,we can resolve that issue

Hello. I am having issues with this plugin also. As soon as I installed, it broke Visual Composer entirely. Any update on this issue? Thank you.

can you please connect us at support@himanshusofttech.com

Added API its fetch all the lists fine then I hook it to one of my list and when opting in its goes in okay your plugin data but nothing in MailChimp and been over an hour. Done this 2 times and still is captured on the backend in your plugin and shows the correct CF7 but nothing gets added to MailChimp

Can you send credentials at support@himanshusofttech.com

I removed the your plugin as it was a time sensitive project that went live this am.

Ok, but if you still need any help kindly email us , so we can solve the issue for you


Is this plugin WPML ready? I have a site running in Engliss and Danish and need the embeded forms in both languages.

this plugin is addon to contact form 7 and yes its WPML ready, so i dont think you will face problem

Is support for the email sent by Contact Form being registered in a group from a mailchimp list? Can I create forms and put in different groups or different segments of 1 list in the mailchimp?

Okay. I’m making the purchase. As we combine IF your plugin does not work as I need, from full integration with Mailchimp + Contact Form 7 I will request a refund. Thank you!

Hello, Unfortunately after buying, and testing the plugin, I noticed that it does not have the integration I expected to have. I sent you an email with information and details. I look forward to the refund, thank you very much.

already refunded


we bought the plugin yesterday but it doesn’t seem to work in a correct way with Mailchimp integration and we needed it to work now.

Can you please provide us a refund?

Thanks Francesco

Thanks for getting in touch. Please provide your WP-Admin and FTP Details on support@himanshusofttech.com

We might be able to help you out in the concerns you are facing with CF7 7 Mailchimp Add-on

Thank you.


I really apologize for the delay and I request you to raise a refund request.

How to apply for refund????


You can get all the info on how to raise refund through this link -